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Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours... With a little understanding, you can find The Perfect Blend...

Neighbours: The Perfect Blend is an extensive reference and information site celebrating the worldwide phenomenon Neighbours. With informative commentary, accurate and detailed factual research and a broad range of multimedia, we hope to bring fans of Ramsay Street the Perfect Blend for Neighbours on the Internet! We welcome your comments, contributions and suggestions and hope you will visit regularly.

Bringing together fans of Neighbours from two continents, we aim to create the most accurate and comprehensive information source ever assembled on the show. Many of the site's contributors are long-term fans of the show, and, in 2003, were proud to act as factual consultants to the official BBC Neighbours website.

We pride ourselves on the originality and accuracy of materials and information on our site, and we are thankful for the notes which remind us how much fans recognize and appreciate the hard work we do.

If you or any of your friends or relatives have been associated with any aspect of the show, by offering your input, you can make an especially valuable contribution to preserving the legacy of Neighbours on the internet. We are also always interested in hearing from visitors with photographs, memories, articles or stories to share.

If you have any questions, comments or something you'd like to share with us, please do get in touch via our contact page.

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This website is not endorsed from any official party respresenting the show, nor from any subsequent holder or distributor of the rights. This website is strictly non-profit making and has no commercial gain in operating. The site is created for the sole purpose of entertaining and informing viewers of Neighbours, and does not intend to supersede any copyrights relating to the show.

The pictures on this site are used solely for illustrative purposes and it is not our intention to claim or infer copyright of any of them. As a non-profit site, we believe that the inclusion of these images does not deny the copyright holder any economic advantage that could be earned from them.

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