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Factual articles from the past decade of Neighbours: The Perfect Blend, written by various team members, as well as guest writers from the Neighbours crew.

Neighbours' 18th Birthday
A celebration to commemorate 18 glorious and dramatic years on our television
The Wedding
We take a look back at one of Neighbours' most successful episodes
Many Happy Returns
On Perfect Blend's first birthday, we take a look at birthdays on Ramsay Street.
It Takes Two
We celebrate Perfect Blend's second birthday!

The 20th Anniversary
All of our 20th anniversary content on one handy page

Three's A Crowd
We celebrate PB's third birthday with a look at love triangles...

Neighbours Goes Fourth
Celebrating PerfectBlend's fourth year online...

What If... Helen Daniels Special
We mark ten years since Helen's sad passing

Fifth Birthday Week
PerfectBlend celebrates five years online!

Six Years Later...
PerfectBlend hits its sixth birthday!

The Magnificent Seven
PerfectBlend celebrates its seventh birthday!

Happy 25th Birthday Neighbours
Some special back stage stories for the silver anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years!
PerfectBlend celebrates a decade online!

Our Favourites
Our highlights from 30 years of Neighbours

Remembering Helen
In loving memory of the late Anne Haddy
Esme Melville: A Tribute
We remember Esme, who passed away in September 2006
Simply Susan!
Our tribute to Susan and Jackie

Robinson Returns
All you need to know about returnee Paul

The Kennedy Comeback
A look at the returning Kennedy daughter
Remembering Myra
20 years on from her sad death, we remember Myra De Groot
Cheers Charlene!
Everything you need to know about 'Lennie'
Here's Looking At Lou!
A tribute to the wheeler dealer, 20 years on from his debut
Unsung Heroes
Our picks for Neighbours' unsung heroes
The Wonder Of Lou
Marking 25 years of Lou Carpenter

... Break Down
A look at breakdowns in Ramsay Street
... Get Naked
A look at incidents of neighbourly nudity
... Repeat Themselves
Stories that we sat through twice
... Become Good Friends
Remembering our favourite Neighbours friendships
... Crash Their Cars
A look at Erinsborough's driving disasters
... Take A Gamble
We examine the Neighbours and gambling addiction

Only A Footstep Away: The Ramsay Street Bus Tour
Our review of the official Backpacker King bus tour
Only A Footstep Away: Memoirs of a Neighbours Night
Claire reveals all about a night with the Neighbours
Only A Footstep Away: The Melbourne Museum
We pay a visit to the Neighbours display at the Melbourne Museum

Only A Footstep Away: The 2005 Panto
PerfectBlend goes to see Aladdin!

Only A Footstep Away: The Waiting Room Tour
Members of the PerfectBlend team recall Alan Fletcher's tour
Only A Footstep Away: The 2006 Panto
PerfectBlend pays Ian Smith a visit in Hastings
Only A Footstep Away: The 2007 Panto
PB takes a trip to see Natalie Blair in Shrewsbury
Only A Footstep Away: Ben Nicholas Gig
Edd visits Ben and his band, Lucas
Only A Footstep Away: Queensland Flood Fundraiser
Mark reveals what happened at this special Neighbours night

The E Street Connection
Those who have moved from Westside to Erinsborough
The Home and Away Connection
Those who have moved from Summer Bay to Erinsborough

The A Country Practice Connection
From Ramsay Street to Wandin Valley

The Prisoner Connection
The short road from Wentworth to Ramsay Street...
The Sullivans Connection
A look back at the Melbourne suburbs during World War II
The Sons and Daughters Connection
From Sons and Daughters to Neighbours...

Arrivals in Ramsay Street
Jan Russ discusses the key characters set to make an impact on the show in 2004
Neighbours And Me
Hugh Stuckey discusses his long history with the show
A Neighbour is Born
Helen MacWhirter talks about the scripting of Oscar's birth
A Brief History of Neighbours
Script co-producer Luke Devenish's exclusive feature

My Life As An Extra
Neighbours extra Leon Fleming shares with us a few days in his life...

Ramsay Street's New Neighbour
We chat to Helen MacWhirter and Luke Devenish about Lana

Meet The Timminses
Luke Devenish discusses Erinsborough's newest family

Reg Watson
Series creator Reg Watson shares his birthday thoughts...
Exit Exclusive
Luke Devenish disscusses the latest departures from Neighbours

The Royal Variety Performance
Peter Pinne takes us back to the 80s...

Neighbours at the Logies 2003
Video footage and images from Neighbours' triumphant evening at the 2003 awards
The Perfect Blend Season Finale Factfile
We look back at the season finales on Neighbours
Is there a Doctor in the House?
We examine Neighbours' handling of medical issues
Robinson Syndrome: Re-casting on Ramsay Street
We take a look back at the major recasts on the show
A Ramsay Street Wedding
Every wedding throughout the show's history in detail!
A Nightmare In Erinsborough
Spooky happenings and crazy people in Ramsay Street...

A Very Ramsay Christmas
How the neighbours have celebrated the festive season

Perfect Match
We celebrate Valentine's Day with a look at Erinsborough's enduring couples
Neighbours at the Logies 2005
Video footage and images from Neighbours' triumphant evening at the 2005 awards
Rockin' The Suburbs
Growing up in Erinsborough!
Alan Fletcher 2005 UK Tour
A full guide to Alan's 2005 tour of the UK
Alan Fletcher 2010 UK Tour
A full guide to Alan's 2010 tour of the UK
Double Take
Which actors have played more than one character in the Ramsay Street saga?
The 20th Anniversary: 20 Embarrassing Moments
The moments that made us all cringe

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Signs You've Been Watching Too Much Neighbours
Are you an addict?

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Comedy Moments
20 of the funniest moments from Neighbours' history

The 20th Anniversary: 20th Anniversary Quotes
Cast, crew and fans share their memories...

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Predictions
20 predictions for Neighbours' future...

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Tearjerkers
Moments that had us reaching for the tissues...

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Arrivals
20 of our favourite Ramsay Street arrivals...

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Departures
20 of our favourite Erinsborough farewells

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Accidents
20 of the best Ramsay Street accidents...

The 20th Anniversary: 20 Fashion Disasters
20 of Erinsborough's biggest crimes against fashion

Waiting Room UK Tour November and December 2005
A full guide to the second Waiting Room UK tour
Christmas With The Neighbours
Some of the Neighbours discuss their Christmas plans
Waiting Room UK Tour May and June 2006
A full guide to the third Waiting Room UK tour
Top Ten Neighbours Mums
We look back at some of the best maternal figures...
More Tea, Vicar?
A look back at some of Erinsborough's more saintly residents
Not Such Good Neighbours
We look at some of the neighbours who didn't quite hit the mark
We Hardly Knew Ye
A look at some neighbours we'd have liked to know for longer
Top Ten Neighbours Dads
We look back at some of the best father figures...
Be My Guest
A look back at some of the guest characters who ended up sticking around for good
The Odd Couples
Some of Ramsay Street's stranger pairings, in love and friendship
A Look To The Future
A tongue-in-cheek look towards episode 6000...
I Should Be So (Un)Lucky
A look at some of Ramsay Street's most unfortunate residents...
Where Are They Now?
What happened to those 12 original Neighbours?
Haven't You Grown...
Ramsay Street's cases of radiply ageing neighbours...
Death Is Now My Neighbour
Every Ramsay Street death in detail...
The Twelve Features of Christmas
Looking back at some of Perfect Blend's new features for 2006...
Hair-Raising Stuff!
Ramsay Street's top ten worst hairstyles
In The Line Of Fire
Gun crime in Erinsborough...
Going Down Under
A look at those who came to Ramsay Street from overseas...
Neighbours Goes Camping
Our run down of Ramsay Street's top ten camp icons...
A Neighbours Christmas Carol
Our version of the festive tale, starring Paul
The Features of 2007
A look back at some of Perfect Blend's new features for 2007...
Fifth Birthday Week: Five Facts
Five interesting facts relating to Neighbours characters and the number five

Fifth Birthday Week: Five Alive!
Those presumed dead that came back to life

Fifth Birthday Week: Five Of A Kind
The things Neighbours and channel Five have in common

Fifth Birthday Week: Here's To You, Mrs Robinson!
A guide to Paul's wives

Fifth Birthday Week: Take Five
What the Neighbours do when they're relaxing

Fifth Birthday Week: Five Gold Rings!
The women who've got down on one knee

Fifth Birthday Week: A Bunch Of Fives
Fisticuffs in Erinsborough
Kylie & Jason at 40
The careers of two of Neighbours' biggest stars
Unseen Christmas Tales
Some festive stories featuring Neighbours families
The Features of 2008
A look back at Perfect Blend's new features in 2008
Bring Back...
Our ideas for bringing back past characters
The Stalwarts
We look at the longest-running Neighbours characters
Now & Forever
We look at the longest-running characters - now and then
Recurring Dreams
Our story ideas for some recurring characters
Why They Had To Die
Why some characters couldn't just move away
The Kennedys' Magic Moments
The landmarks in their 15 years
Scully Scandals
When the Scullys caused raised eyebrows
The Story Of Unforgettable
A look at Neighbours' music sensation of 2008
Ten Years In Numbers
A numerical look at the last decade of Neighbours

Missing a Matriarch
We discuss the need for a matriarch in the show and the campaign for Rosie's return
The Best of 2003
The PerfectBlend team discusses their favourite moments from 2003
The Best Of 2004
The PB team review their highlights of 2004
The Best Of 20 Years
The PB team remember the past 20 years
The Best Of 2005
The PB team review the events of 2005
The Best Of 2006
The PB team review the past twelve months
The Best Of 2007
The PB team review the events of 2007
All-Time Loves & Loathes
Our highlights and lowlights from 24 years
The Best Of 2008
The PB team review the events of 2008
The Best of the Kennedys
Our personal Kennedy highlights
Going For Gold 2011
We encouraged our readers to make their 2011 Logie nominations
Going For Gold 2012
We encouraged our readers to make their 2012 Logie nominations