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Comment > A Few Words From A Man Of Few Words by Carol Ann Wood

What if Nate Kinski, played superbly by Meyne Wyatt since 2014, put his thoughts into an open letter, before slipping quietly away in one of the infamous yellow taxis? Heís never been the type to wear his heart on his sleeve but if we Ė and the Ramsay Street residents Ė were to read his innermost thoughts, they might go something like this.

ďAlright, so by the time you guys get to read this, Iíll be on my way to Darwin. I know I didnít get the chance to say a proper goodbye. But it all happened so fast. I had to make a snap decision when I got the go-ahead for re-enlisting, and there was no time to waste. And you know me. Donít like a fuss.

I know I haven't been the easiest person to get along with since I rocked up in Erinsborough. Karl and Susan, I reckon you thought I was a bit odd. I wasnít in a good headspace back then. If youíd seen what Iíd seen, been where Iíd been, believe me, youíd have known why. And youíd have known why I didnít talk about it much. Death was a daily thing. Civilians and soldiers being blown up. You lose one army mate, then another, then another. Thatís why I was here, a mateís funeral. Anyway. That was then.

I didnít know you Kennedy guys before I came to stay. What can I say about you, Susan? Youíre the best. You even forgave me for nearly burying you alive. Thatís PTSD for you. You think youíre done with it, then it comes back to bite you. But Susan, you really helped. I shouldíve thanked you more, but Iím not one to be demonstrative. Well, not unless it involves a remote control car or a game of cricket. Then youíll see me get emotional alright! Yes, I owe a lot to you both. And Karl, youíre alright, apart from the music. And the MAMIL gear you wear on the bike. I liked living with you, except for that blue box stuff. Iím all for a bit of sauce if itís a spunky guy in a high vis vest and not much else, but when you catch your aunt by marriage and the local doctor dressed as Ö Wait, enough. Letís not go there.

Yup, Iíve made some good mates in Erinsborough. Had a couple of big romances too. Shame they didnít work out. Chris, he was just desperate to be a dad. I wasnít. Iíve seen the horrible things that can happen to kids, I couldnít cope with having one of my own and worrying about them all the time. And Aaron, well, I hope you know I love you, dude. But you choose family over me. And I suppose I get that. Youíve got two brothers in Erinsborough. You reckon youíve got a career going. Though, come on, mate, I donít see being a PA to a girl of sixteen and a crim like Paul Robinson as a career. You need to find your own path, just like I have. One day you will.

I needed to come to Ramsay Street, to work out what I wanted out of life. And now I know. Aaron, we had our good times. We got off to a rocky start, didnít we. There was the Boys In A Box thing. Not one of Naomiís best ideas. I felt like a total jerk, but I can laugh about it now. Then there was the time when I tried to make cocktails to impress you. I made a right pigís ear of it and you didnít even like cocktails, as it turned out. But we got on the beers and had a good night, once weíd got rid of the olds. Karl just doesnít pick up on signals when he gets chatting about The Right Prescription.

Aaron, I know you donít totally get why I had to go away last time. Well, there was one reason but thatís between us. And by the time I came back, youíd moved on. You didnít know where you stood with me, and you had every right to have fun. But now Iíve seen that guy, Tom, the one you thought was dead in the explosion, I know heís a phoney. Please stay away from him, heís trouble. Iíll miss you a lot, Aaron. Iíll miss your cute smile, your crazy ideas, hell, Iíll even miss you calling me ĎEyebrowsí. And not many people could get away with that!

Sheila, Iíll even miss you. Youíre a bossy old coot, but youíve got a good heart. You didnít like it when I was your boss for a while, though. You thought you knew better than me how to run a bar. Iíll let you into a secret, Sheila. You do. But I never told you that, cos I didnít want you getting big headed. You always stuck up for the gay customers, and I appreciate that. You even became a gay icon. But Sheila, what you know about being gay you can write on a beer mat. You stereotype us, which is a bit daft when you remember that Iím an army guy. You wonít catch me acting camp or wearing bright clothes. Youíve taken on a lot looking after that granddaughter of yours. I know you miss Kyle and it fills a gap. Kyleís another person I liked. We had some laughs. I feel sorry for Amy being dumped like that, but he must have still been in love with Georgia, all along. Sheila, you should think about yourself a bit. Youíve got to take care of your ticker. Rest up and donít be a martyr.

Tyler, me and you have been great mates. We have that man bonding thing, if thatís what you call it. I guess you needed a buddy, and before Aaron arrived, you only had Mark. Mark, youíre a good guy but you can be a bit stuffy. You should chill more, instead of fussing about cleaning and putting the spice jars in a neat line. Surely a cop wants to relax off duty. But then again, youíd lost your girl, and you havenít exactly had much luck in love since, have you.You need to find the right woman and have a few kids, then youíd stop worrying about mess.

It didnít matter that I was running from my army past, I still saw a lot of loss and destruction in Erinsborough. A tornado, a car accident, a school fire, and now an explosion. They were the worst ones. Jeez, Iím gonna tell everyone I meet, if you want a quiet life, donít go to Erinsborough. I feel a bit bad leaving right now, what with people going through such a tough time. Poor Sonya, youíve only just dealt with Toad being paralysed and getting mobile again, then Steph rocked up. No offence, Steph, but you do have baggage. And now this Walter. I know Toad will look after you, Sonya, but just watch yourself, donít get taken for a ride again.

I donít suppose Paul will get to read this. Iíd hedge a bet that heíll be behind bars by the time Iíve got my camouflage gear back on. Canít say I have much sympathy there. You all know what a bad time me and Aaron had over trying to find out what he was up to before he went bankrupt. Maybe his past has caught up with him at last. I canít see who else could have caused that explosion, to be honest. Amy, Iím sorry, I know itís harsh, but I think youíre going to have to get used to jail visits. And Steph, you believe heís innocent, but youíve got to think about yourself now, and getting your boy back for good.

As for you Willis folks, I cant tell you how sorry I am for what youíre going through. Youíd dealt with enough already, but losing Josh and Doug, thatís just awful. Iím glad that Chris and Josh made their peace after Josh coward punched him when he was out of his tree on grog. Josh was a decent guy. Got himself in a few sticky situations but, hey, we all make bad decisions. I wish Iíd got to say goodbye to him. Should be used to that, shouldnít I, not getting to say goodbye. This is it, then. Iíve learnt a lot from Ramsay Street and I wonít lose touch, what with Karl and Susan living there. The army was calling me. And maybe thatís just it. I left the army, but it never really left me. Itís a gamble. But I know itís the right thing to do. And I owe you folk of Ramsay Street for helping me get my head straight.

So long. And for Godís sake, no more disasters. Stay safe.Ē

I know Iím not the only viewer who will really miss Nate. Heís been a very different character to any others I remember. I would love to think that he might pop back in the future, with his comical expressions, his monosyllabic responses and his droll sense of humour. Thank you, Meyne, for dealing with some very heavy storylines in such a sensitive way. Good luck in whatever you do next. Donít forget about Nate, though, because the viewers definitely wonít.

Sílong, ĎEyebrowsí.

This article originally appeared on Carol's blog, Levelling The Playing Field.