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Comment > Continuity Watch: Episodes 6076-6095

Soap operas are often infamous for forgetting important details or, with one sentence, completely changing the course of history, and Neighbours is no exception. But it's also capable of dropping in subtle references to past characters and storylines to give us a better idea of a character's motivations, or simply to bring back memories for long-term viewers. Our monthly column, Continuity Watch, looks at the continuity issues, both good and bad, episode by episode. We've also incorporated Lou Watch, our monthly look at the antics of the much underused Ramsay Street veteran Lou Carpenter, just so we can all be sure he's actually still around.


Episode 6079

* Reference to Ringo Brown.

Episode 6080

* Mention of Ringo Brown and Stephanie Scully.

* Billy Forman and Lindsey Stace return.

* Reference to Lucas' motorbike accident.

* Mention of Saffron Jankievicz.

* Reference to Carmen Nixon.

Episode 6081

* Lie plays in Harold's Store.

* Mention of Lyn's sewing skills.

* Reference to Rebecca's past experience with domestic abuse and her law studies.

Episode 6082

* Reference to Malcolm and Billy Kennedy.

* Mention of Ben Fitzgerald.


Episode 6083

* Reference to Sunny Lee.

* Mention of Sunny and Zeke having dated.

* Reference to Donna kissing Sunny and her writing Donna letters from Ringo.

* Mentions of Ringo Brown, Elle Robinson and Bridget Parker.

Episode 6084

* Reference to Sonya's Police record.

* Harold Bishop's Ramsay Street history book seen with photos of Toadie.

* Reference to Toadie's mullet.

* Mention of Harold Bishop.

Episode 6085

* Mention of Lucas paying of his debt to Libby.

* Reference to Ringo and Steph's bike accident.

* Mention of Lucas' gambling problem.

Episode 6086

* Reference to Lucas having been in rehab after ending up in a wheelchair following his bike accident.

* Mention of Lucas having worked for Reyada, racing for them and as a mechanic.

* Reference to Elle Robinson.


Episode 6087

* Reference to Lucas' gambling problem.

Episode 6088

* Reference to Lucas' gambling problem.

* Michael's phone shows the date as 28th October 2010, however the episode aired in Australia on 2nd February 2011.

Episode 6089

* Karl refers to Erinsborough Motors as Carpenter's Cars.

Episode 6093

* Mention of Harry Ramsay being in Sydney.


Episode 6079

* Comments on Donna's designs

Episode 6080

* Insults Toadie's shirt

* Speaks to Sonya and Donna, commeting on Lucas having been out all night

* Works at the car yard and fetches coffee for Lucas

Episode 6088

* Inducts Toadie into the Blokes Club

* Works at Harold's Store.

Episode 6089

* Advertises for a new Sales Assistant at the car yard.

* Interviews Kyle Canning.

Episode 6093

* Complains about Kyle's lack of sales ability.

* Works at the car yard.

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