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Comment > Continuity Watch: Episodes 6196-6215

Soap operas are often infamous for forgetting important details or, with one sentence, completely changing the course of history, and Neighbours is no exception. But it's also capable of dropping in subtle references to past characters and storylines to give us a better idea of a character's motivations, or simply to bring back memories for long-term viewers. Our monthly column, Continuity Watch, looks at the continuity issues, both good and bad, episode by episode. We've also incorporated Lou Watch, our monthly look at the antics of the much underused Ramsay Street veteran Lou Carpenter, just so we can all be sure he's actually still around.


Episode 6196

* Reference to Dan Fitzgerald and Lyn Scully.

* Mention of Lennie, Chop and the chickens in Number 28's backyard.

Episode 6197

* Reference to Karl and Susan having been together at university.

* Mention of Lyn Scully.

Episode 6198

* Mention of Libby being with Ben.

* Reference to Susan preferring her full name rather than Suze (or other abbreviations).

* Reference to Angie, Shane and Stonefish Rebecchi.

Episode 6199

* Reference to Malcolm, Libby, Billy and Jackson Kennedy, plus the twins.

* Mention of Rachel and Zeke Kinski and Ben Fitzgerald.

* Reference to Lou having been Captain of his school football team.

* Out of date establishing shot of Number 30 used.

Episode 6201

* Reference to Lyn Scully.

* Mention of Chris being on the school basketball team and working at the gym.


Episode 6202

* Reference to Sonya's criminal record and having to hit rock bottom before turning her life around.

Episode 6203

* Mention of Andrew's middle name being Benito.

* Reference to Susan having three children.

Episode 6204

* Lucas calls Dan.

Episode 6205

* Mention of Mark Brennan.

Episode 6206

* Malcolm Kennedy returns.

* Mention of Catherine O'Brien, Alex, Rachel and Zeke Kinski, Anne Wilkinson, Libby and Billy Kennedy plus the twins.

Episode 6207

* Mention of Harold starting the Community Garden.

* Out of date establishing shot of Number 30 used.


Episode 6208

* Reference to Toadie having started his own business.

Episode 6209

* Reference to Stonefish Rebecchi and the Rebecchi roadhouse.

Episode 6210

* Reference to Paul's family.

* Mention of Catherine O'Brien and Libby and Billy Kennedy.

Episode 6211

* Reference to Kate Cornwall

* Reference to Grace Smith and Alex Kinski.

Episode 6214

* Mention of Jim Robinson.


Episode 6196

* Asks Kyle to fix the shower at Number 24.

* Borrows a shifter from Lucas for Kyle to use.

* Takes a shower at Number 26 and puts off a potential new housemate.

Episode 6199

* Asks Jade about the gym's water aerobics class as a plan to pick up women.

* Declines breakfast with Kate as he is off to his class.

Episode 6200

* Complains about the lack of young, beautiful women at the water aerobics class.

* Gives Kyle a lawnmower he's found and asks him to fix a leaking pipe in his kitchen.

* Highlights a clause in his contract with Kyle that states that he will do a reasonable amount of maintenance for Lou, but is annoyed when Kyle turns the tables.

Episode 6208

* Organises a launch and hands out fliers for Dial-A-Kyle.

* Threatens to withdraw his investment in Kyle cancels the Dial-A-Kyle launch.

Episode 6209

* Hands out fliers for Dial-A-Kyle.

* Tells Karl and Susan that he's going to East Timor to volunteer as a Project Manager overseeing the building of schools.

* Goes for dinner at Number 28 and is thrilled to see that Malcolm Kennedy is back in town.

* Visits Number 26 to speak to Kyle about the business before he leaves.

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