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Comment > Golden Couples: Stingray and Serena by David S

A modern day 'Romeo & Juliet', Scott 'Stingray' Timmins and Serena Bishop have captured the hearts of Neighbours fans around the globe, and managed to turn Ramsay Street upside down. After arriving in Ramsay Street with her parents, Liljana and David, Serena quickly fell into some sticky situations. She's had problems with the law, problems with her family, and problems with strangers, but the one person Serena turns to when all of these things become too much to handle, is her boyfriend 'Stingray'...even if her parents occasionally disapprove.

Serena and Scott first met after he decided to steal Boyd's skateboard and Sindi's video camera. Riding down the street, Serena caught the eye of the new bloke in Erinsborough. Soon, Scott became smitten with this 'girl next door' and was determined to make her notice him. Chaos ensued as he attempted to catch the attention of Serena, even performing a dangerous stunt involving Paul McClain's BMX bike, flips, and the Bishops' swimming pool. Though Serena thought Scott nothing more than a clumsy bogan, she couldn't help but be flattered by his actions. Slowly but surely they took to one another, and the two decided to go on a date. The date was set in the park, and both Serena and Scott were having a genuinely good time with one another, until Jack Scully and Stuart Parker arrived. Serena, acting oddly at the sight of the two men, caused Scott to assume that she was embarrassed to be seen with him. Devastated, he pushed Serena away, even as she tried to help him in his time of crisis, when his cousin Toadie went missing.

Scott became unruly and volatile during Toadie's disappearance, even going so far as accidentally hitting Serena when she attempted to talk him out of leaving Erinsborough in search of his missing cousin. Having seen the unfortunate incident, Liljana and David developed nothing but disdain for the 'delinquent', which kept him and Serena apart. During this time, Susan took Scott under her wing, giving him a place to stay at No. 28. Scott's situation seemed to improve as he gradually won over Liljana and David, and Serena's grandfather Harold, by performing gracious acts and presenting the Bishops with the best image of himself. As conditions improved with Serena's family, so did her and Scott's relationship. The couple went on two more dates, both of which didn't turn out as planned. But the dates were nothing more than missteps, which was clearly evident after Toadie was found. After Toadie resurfaced, Serena and Scott became an actual pairing, pleasing Scott immensely.

Having finally realised his goal, Scott cherished the moments spent with Serena. As the two grew closer, Serena took it upon herself to send in an art grant application for Scott. Having confidence in his artistic abilities (having seen his collage work before), Serena knew that her boyfriend would have a fair go at nabbing the award. Having not known of her actions, Scott was shocked when he was notified that he would be interviewed by the council. Unfortunately, his practice with Serena wasn't enough, because poor Scott stuffed up the interview. Ultimately, the grant was awarded to Serena's cousin, Sky. Again, Scott became unsure of his place in Ramsay Street, even though Serena tried desperately to explain that his artwork was heaps better than Sky's. Finally, Toadie gave Scott the fish name, Stingray, to help Scott cope with his problems.

Their relationship was tested once more when Serena insulted Scott at a fancy party. Serena, Sky, and Boyd were invited to the mansion of Serena's old mate, Simon Ferguson. After Simon witnessed Scott's odd behaviour at The Coffee Shop, Serena promised that he wouldn't be attending the party. Serena had a slight change of heart when, unbeknownst to Scott, she saw how sweet he could be when he comforted Sindi after she had an argument with Toadie. Nevertheless, Serena made sure Scott didn't go to the party, though he showed up anyway. Whilst at the party, Scott announced his nickname, Stingray, proudly to the guests. Serena, who was embarrassed, dragged Scott away and explained that the people there were laughing at him, not with him. This was the final straw for Scott, as he decided to end the relationship because of Serena's 'snobbish' ways.

Serena felt awful about their break up, and attempted to try to win back her scorn ex-boyfriend. She enlisted Sky to help her win back Scott, though her cousin wasn't of much help. Ironically, Serena finally decided that the only way she was going to accomplish her goal was to dress 'bogan-esque', and to impress Scott. Quite reminiscent of Scott's ploys to catch the eye of Serena. Anyway, her feeble, but genuine, attempt was enough to win Scott over, as he took Serena back and the two resumed their relationship.

Recently, after a humourous storyline involving Boyd and Scott, Serena discovered a tattoo on Scott's bum that read, 'Shazza'. Unnerved by this, she was desperate to find out who Shazza was, even if Scott refused to reveal the identity to her. After giving him the cold shoulder, and refusing to speak to him unless he told her who Shazza was, Scott caved in. Scott explained to Serena that the mysterious name tattooed on his bum belonged to...his pet guinea pig. Relieved, Serena quickly forgave Scott. And that takes us to today...

After David witnessed Scott and Serena planning a dive into a dumpster, Serena's uptight Dad forbade her to see Scott. Upset, but clearly not deterred, Serena secretly met with Scott without her father's permission, and plans to continue this justified act of disobedience...

Will love conquer all, or is this the end of the line for my favourite couple?