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Comment > Karl and Susan: The Future? by Billy

There are some things Neighbours has done in its glorious history that, in my opinion, haven't worked. Lance's seven labours of love, Saxon Garvey, Susan's amnesia and of course Hannah Martin's hairdo. However, there are other things which have made the show what it is today - splendid turning points that have helped Neighbours move forward and turn it from one thing to another. Scott and Charlene, Jim's death, Karl and Sarah's affair and the arrival of the Scullys/departure of the Martins. Neighbours is now at one of those stages that is set to change the programme forever - Karl and Susan's separation.

When I first heard this was happening I went through a vast multitude of mixed emotions: shock, worry, fear, anxiety, denial, happiness, sadness, and then finally acceptance. And you know what? Karl and Susan being separated has been some of the best viewing I have ever seen in my entire life. Karl and Susan have essentially been together now for ten years, give or take. They've had hiccups and set backs but overall they've always been one unit. You could never say the name "Karl" without the name "Susan" leaving your lips a few seconds afterwards, no matter how hard you tried. Ten years. That's a long time to be together without getting stale, and let's be honest for a second here: slipping on some milk and developing retrograde amnesia? Yeah, I could hear that barrel being scraped as well.

So what do you do with a couple that have reached the point of no return? Well, you have several options. Send them off to Darwin for eternal happiness in the sunshine, kill one of them off resulting in the standard two week grieving period, or split them up. Luckily for Karl and Susan fans, they chose the latter.

I know Karl and Susan have a big following. I'm aware several fans are probably just waiting for them to get back together. I know at the beginning of this storyline I flounced around saying there was no point in even trying to get involved in the storyline as we all know that, in time, they'll be back together again. After all, they're convincing as a couple, they have fans, and they've become Neighbours stalwarts in their own right. But stop for a minute and think what it will be like when they do get back together. More "ad-libby over lappy", more waifs and strays, more bickering, more of what we've witnessed for the past ten years, no? Now think of them never getting back together. Both heading in different directions, both with new partners, both with new lives.

This is what I'm asking for. Hoping for. Praying for. I want Karl and Susan to stay apart forever. Get divorced, get over it, and badda bing badda boom you'll be looking at the happiest Neighbours fan in town. Sure some people will hunt me down for this, and I'm sure some fans will want to see me shot down quicker than Cody Willis, but the point I'm making is that they are so much better apart.

I have never, ever enjoyed Neighbours as much as I do now. A large part of it is because of the new cast members, new "feel" shall we say, and the fact Karl and Susan are no longer joined together at the hip. Since being apart they've become their own characters, which can only be a good thing, surely? For years Susan swanned around with her long hair in maternity dresses and old fashioned cardigans being second fiddle to Karl, and now look at her. Glamourous, confident, sexy, a new wardrobe, sexy, new hairstyle, sexy... you get the picture. And look at Karl -- the relationship with Izzy is fantastic and I cannot wait to see everything blow up in his face. It's going to be such fantastic viewing.

The thing is, once they get back together, and we all know they will, where's the fun? I think they've both changed too much to ever be "Karl and Susan" again. Their relationship was great, there's no denying that, but it's come and gone. Get over it. We had ten years of them being together - be adventurous, let go, and move on. Where's the fairness in having ten years of them together and, say, two of them being apart? It should be equal both ways. I want both to re-marry, Karl maybe move into Number 32 (after the Hoylands move into 26, which they should do if the scriptwriters know what's good for them), Susan can live a "footstep away" at Number 28, and they can have an amicable relationship with each other. It would be so good. Please, don't waste this opportunity. For me. For the fans. For Neighbours.