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Comment > PB Loves and Loathes... May 2007

Our latest monthly feature, offering the PB team's highlights and lowlights from the past month on UK screens (episodes 5154-5174)

PB Loved...


• The return of Catherine Hill as Sandy Allen, it's really nice to see more and more people reprising guest roles such as these rather than them being recast.

• Kerry's entire extended family pulling together in the wake of her leukaemia

• Harold's summer hat during the Timmins' robbery. Kate Moss, eat your heart out.

The fact that Lou's fear of heights hasn't been forgotten during his flight attendant storyline

Rosetta & Pepper are one of the best friendship groups we've ever seen, alongside Lyn & Susan, they're so genuine, so it's great to see Susan becoming involved now that Lyn has gone

• Naked trenchcoat antics of Pepper and Frazer...

• All the recent cast additions - Pepper with her random one-liners, Frazer and Rosie and their dry delivery and on-off relationship, Ringo just being the boy-next-door and Lolly delivering some fine drama in a story that's pulling in several other characters. Even Oliver's proving a decent cast addition, despite the awkward introduction

• Paul and Elle becoming addicted to a computer game - a nice nod to Paul and Gail's similar addiction 20 years ago

• Karl and Susan in London, particuarly The Ritz Hostel, Karl's proposal and Julian Clary's cameo


PB Loathed...

• Paul and Elle's evilness especially the stupid bomb stuff

• The stupid pink scarf Elle decided to wear on her head for one day, just so Paul could find it at Ned's flat

Karl's beard. It is classic hilarity from the couple but we agreed with Susan - it had to go!

Boyd - he doesn't deserve Janae, or Glenn for that matter. He has just been selfish and greedy during the whole incident. As Steph said, he is just like his grandfather. He deserves to be alone until he finally grows up

The whole street apparently having a secret obsession with model railways. Mildly amusing for ten seconds, but now it needs to die and never, ever be mentioned again

The sudden appearance of a memorial plaque for Kerry by Lassiter's Lake, and then it got her surname wrong...

Ned (but he's growing on us... like mould)

Neighbours leaving the BBC after 21 years. But things could be worse - it could be moving to ITV

Izzy sleeping on a park bench. You'd think she'd at least have found a bus shelter to protect her from the harsh British climate