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Pippa Black joined Neighbours in 2005, playing the role of Elle Robinson, one of Paul and Gail Robinson's triplets. It didn't take long for Pippa to establish Elle as one of the show's most popular characters. Here, Pippa takes some time out to share with us a bit about her time on the show so far and explain more about the wonderful Elle Robinson...

Firstly, can you please provide some background on your career, prior to joining the cast of Neighbours?
Guest appearances, tv series, short films.

Do you recall how your audition for the show arose? How did you feel upon recieving the news you had won the role of Elle Robinson?
I was very excited on learning I had the role, and started on the show 3 days later.

Were you ever a fan or regular viewer of Neighbours beforehand?
I watched it on and off over the years - yes I was certainly familiar with characters and stories.

Can you share with us some of your first impressions as you began work on the set of Neighbours?
I was a bit nervous because it's such a huge production, and there are a lot of cast and crew names to learn!

How would you describe the character of Elle? Are you enjoying her journey and what do you think about her?
I love playing Elle I really love the character. She is strong-willed, ambitious and unafraid of standing up for what she believes - even if others dont see things her way. Loyal to her family in any circumstance and has no worries about bending rules to get where she needs to be - she never provides a dull moment!!

Are there any particular scenes or storylines in which Elle has been involved that you have enjoyed filming most so far?
Every day working with Natalie Bassingthwaite and Stefan Dennis was fun - so the love\hate relationship with Izzy was great. Any time Elle gets an idea in her head and begins scheming are times I love playing. Elle is evolving and there are some interesting developments that I think viewers will love about her - she will act more with a good conscience but will not loose her competitive streak - she will grow. Elle will never ever be a walk over!

Can you describe what a typical day in your life at the moment may hold?
Early mornings, late nights, learning lines, performing scenes...work work work!! But it's fun and I love it!!

From an actor's point of view, which do you enjoy most; portraying Elle when she is being very bad or very good?
When she's bad she has an agenda and whether it's right or wrong she'll go through with it. I like her because she's not a quitter. Anyway , I don't like to call her bad...she's misunderstood!!

How have you found the public recognition that comes with working on Neighbours, in everyday life and taking part in publicity events?
People are usually really cool, if they recognise you, they just want to say hi.

With Neighbours undergoing a revamp during 2007, what are your thoughts and are you enjoying the changes taking place?
Definitely! It will improve the show over time - it's more about technological changes and updating production and this will filter further down the line to things like new sets and more location scenes and more realistic storylines that people will relate to and love.

Can you maybe provide a small hint as to what's on the horizon for Elle?
Ha ha! If I tell you it will spoil things for you!! Watch this space. There are definitely some changes surrounding Elle....

When (and if) you decide to depart Ramsay Street sometime in the future, what direction would you like to take your career?
I'm really enjoying where I am right now.

Lastly, with Neighbours now screening for over 22 years, what are your thoughts on its enduring success and the future?
I'm proud of this show and I wish it loads of success!

Interview by Darren. Added on 3rd November 2007