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Christian Clark joined the cast of Neighbours towards the end of 2006, to play the part of Will Griggs, joining the show as one of the four new housemates who moved into Number 30. Will was involved in some fantastic storylines during his stay on Ramsay Street, Christian, however, had already finished filming by the time Will first appeared on screen. Here, Christian shares some of his experiences and tells us what he has been up to since his time on the show...

Can you please give us some background on your career prior to joining Neighbours to play Will?
I had spent most of my 20s living overseas, doing modeling everywhere and studying acting in New York. I had done numerous tv commericals and one feature film, Gabriel, prior to Neighbours.

Had you been a fan or regular Neighbours viewer in the past?
Whenever I can, I watch it.

Do you recall how the role of Will came about - your audition, getting the news you had won the role?
I just got back from LA and my agent asked me if I wanted to audition for one of the new characters.. I thought it could be fun... auditioned, had callback and then was on set... all happened very quickly.

Can you share with us your memories of the first day of work on set and what were your first impressions of starting work on the show?
My first impression was how professional it all was and how friendly everyone was.

You entered Neighbours alongside new fellow Number 30 residents, Pepper (Nicky Whelan), Rosetta (Natalie Saleeba) and Fraser (Ben Lawson). Did this help at all to make working within an already established cast on the show a little easier?
Well, it is hard to compare as I didn’t know what it was like starting by yourself, but I found it great starting alongside three other great actors and people.

How would describe the character of Will? What do you think of him?
Will was a great character to play, who had a lot of depth and past...

Were you aware of the direction that the character of Will would be taking after entering the show?
No... only had a clue for first few weeks.

Once it was revealed that Will was the mysterious silent partner in Lassiters, "Mr Two Percent", this provided some fantastic scenes. Did you enjoy working in the unravelling story, with Will trying to protect his secret wealth from the Ramsay Street residents?
It was a lot of fun... felt like a mysterious crime thriller... haha.

Did you enjoy working with Natalie Blair (Carmella), once Will and Carmella became an item?
Nat is fantastic and gorgeous and such a professional actor.

Have you been receiving any memorable fan mail or had many encounters with your fans?
Hahaha… many funny ones.

Do you ever envisage a return to Ramsay Street for Will?
Mmm… I'm really into my film career now, so hard to say.

Can you tell us what you've been up to since finishing on Neighbours and maybe provide a hint as to what's in store for you next?
Just wrapped on an American psychological thriller and doing two other films this year... loving it.

Lastly, with Neighbours now screening for over 21 years, what are your thoughts on its enduring success and the future?
I think it will be around for another 21 years, as it is a great show.

Thank you very much Christian for taking the time to share with your fans. Looking forward to seeing you on the big screen.

Interview by Darren. Added on 31st March 2007