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Having played British traveller Ruth Wilson in 1986, the widely-respected actress, Stephanie Daniel, returned to the show in 2002 to play spiky new Lassiter's owner, Chloe Lambert. She took some time out to chat to us about her experiences on the show and that infamous relationship between Chloe and Darcy...

Can you give us a little background on your career?
I trained for the theatre in London, worked in theatre in England, then travelled around for a few years, doing movies and television in Germany, theatre and documentaries in Canada, before arriving in Australia nearly twenty years ago. I did six months in a series called Prime Time, then played Ruth Wilson in Neighbours, within a year or so of arriving here, but had a telly hiatus after that. Have spent many years doing voice-overs - radio and book narrations etc, a few bits in movies and odd telly bits, and in 1995 started to do theatre again. So I do a mix of everything that actors get called on to do.

How did your first role on Neighbours as Ruth Wilson come about? What do you remember of the character and that time on the show?
Through Prime Time - a recommendation from a director who worked on both shows. Too long ago now to recall anything about Ruth, sorry. Anne Haddy was terrific to work with.

How did the role of Chloe Lambert first come about?
I was called in to audition for it.

How would you describe Chloe?
Strong, knows her own mind, very intelligent & on the ball - and wealthy!! Love the wardrobe!

How had things changed on the Neighbours set since your first stint?
All goes really smoothly now - after so many years of doing it, and with cast and crew who have worked together for such a long time, it has a great sense of being a relaxed and confident team and production.

After the Marc/Stephanie storyline, Chloe returned later in the year for her own storyline with Darcy. How did this come about, and what are your thoughts on the Chloe/Darcy relationship?
The writers came up with the idea, which was a nice surprise. I thought it was a great storyline - a groundbreaker, having a younger man/older woman relationship happening.

Were you pleased to see a more vulnerable, softer side to Chloe during the Darcy relationship, as opposed to the harder Chloe we saw during the Marc/Steph storyline?
Yes, it's good to be able to play a more rounded character.

Who did you most enjoy working with on the show as Chloe?
I loved working with Carla (Stephanie) and Janet (Lyn).

What have you been doing since filming your final scenes as Chloe?
Book narrating, voice-overs and making a major change in my life by moving out of the city to live in the country!

Have we seen the last of Chloe? Are there any plans to bring the character back and would you be interested in reprising the role again?
I hope not - I don't know if there are any plans, but I would love to reprise the role.

Interview by Moe. Added on 18th July 2003