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Back in 1987, Neighbours saw its first on screen birth, with Des and Daphne becoming proud parents to little Jamie. Newborn SJ Dey took on the role of Jamie, with those two initials concealing the fact that Daphne's bouncing baby boy was being played by a girl - Sarah Jane. Here, over twenty years later, Sarah took some time for a brief chat with us about spending the first few years of her life on the Neighbours set.

Do you know anything about how your parents first got you the role of Jamie Clarke on Neighbours?
My grandma's, friendís daughter worked for Channel 10 studios. It was either my cousin or myself, whoever was born first. They were looking for a premature baby to fit the role of Jamie Clarke. I was 8 weeks early.

Do you have any memories from playing Jamie?
Not a lot, but I do remember a few things - I remember Daphne dying in the hospital. I also remember bits and pieces of things around the Clarke house. Itís amazing because I canít remember what I did yesterday!

Do you know why you stopped playing the role for a few weeks in 1989? Or why you eventually left?
I stopped playing the part of Jamie in 1989 for a few weeks because they wanted to cut my hair short. I came back after a short time because the other baby wasn't working out and I didnít have to cut my hair short.

What are you up to these days?
I did hairdressing when I left school then office admin. Iím juggling up a few things at the moment.

Have you ever considered an acting career since your early days in front of the cameras?
Acting would be my ultimate dream job. I would love to get in front of the cameras again.

Have you ever been a fan of Neighbours since appearing in it?
I watch Neighbours religiously at 6.30pm every night. If Iím not home, my dad will tape it for me.

With Neighbours now in its 24th year on Australian television, why do you think itís been so successful?
I think a lot of young people relate to the lives of the characters.

Interview by Steve. Added on 8th March 2008