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Between 2003 and 2005, Ramsay Street youngster Summer Hoyland got into many scrapes, mostly involving her best friend, and occasionally worst enemy, Lisa Jeffries. Here, actress Rhiannon Fish remembers her days on the Neighbours set...

Had you done much acting before appearing in Neighbours?
Actually I hadnít. Neighbours was my very first professional acting gig.

How did your role as Lisa Jeffries come about? Was it just a typical audition?
My agent just sent me out the script and then I auditioned. So I guess it was pretty typical. I remember the audition scene was a conversation between Lisa and Summer about her mum.

Did you enjoy playing Lisa? How would you describe her?
I loved playing Lisa. I got to do lots of awesome things every time I went in. I loved getting to go horse riding but my absolute favourite time would probably be when Lisa turned into a total b****. I would describe her as selfish and mean. However I think that there may be an element to Lisa that makes people feel a little sorry for her. I remember there were quite a few scenes that indicated that it was her mother that made her into such a horrible and rude little girl.

Was the character always supposed to be Canadian, or did they write that in after they cast you?
No, actually Lisa was meant to be Australian and they did change it after they cast me.

Was there anyone you particularly enjoyed working with during your time as Lisa?
Marisa [Summer] was awesome. I loved getting to know her and working with her was fantastic.

Would you ever consider a return to Neighbours, either as Lisa or a different character?
Absolutely! If they ever wanted me back I would definitely do it. It was such an incredible experience. I learnt so much while having so much fun.

Did you keep in touch with any of your co-stars from your time on Neighbours?
Yeah, it has been quite a long time but I talk to Marisa occasionally.

Do you ever find yourself being recognised these days, thanks to your Neighbours role?
Yeah I do. Itís really weird that it still happens. Just last Saturday night about 10 different people came up and asked me if I was Summerís mean Canadian friend from Neighbours.

Have you ever been a Neighbours viewer yourself?
I sure have, I love the show.

What are you doing these days?
I actually just filmed a pilot for a new Disney TV series As the Bell Rings which Sianoa Smit McPhee [Bree] from Neighbours is in too. The pilot is currently being sent to America for approval, and then hopefully we will start filming later this year. Itís a childrenís show with some really talented and funny teens in it so I canít wait to start. I have to put on an Australian accent and the character Iím playing is so incredibly different to Lisa. Sheís a fairly unattractive sporty tom boy called Rocky. So itís a really fantastic opportunity to try playing someone completely different.

Finally, as it continues its 23rd season on Australian television, what do you think accounts for Neighboursí enduring success?
I think that the show is so successful because not only are the actors wonderful, so is everyone else that works there. I mean the directors, the lighting people, the sound people, scriptwriters, hair and make-up and everyone else all work so well together. While I was there I never saw anything go wrong, the production of Neighbours is pretty much flawless. Thatís just one of the reasons why I think it is such a success.

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Interview by Steve. Added on 28th July 2007