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Last week UK viewers saw Korean exchange student Sunny Lee return home after an eventful eight months living in Ramsay Street. Here, actress Hany Lee returns for a second interview with Perfect Blend to share some of her highlights from her time with Neighbours...

Having spent 8 months playing Sunny Lee, what was your favourite memory of your time on Neighbours?
Although I was only screened for 8 months the rest of the other months starting last November 2008 were all part of a great experience/memory and one of my most favourite memories were when we started the REAL THING... getting on set and filming... it was better than rehearsals and got your nerves running. That feeling... I'll never forget. Haha.

And what was your least favourite thing that you had to say or do?
"Working" was always the best thing about waking up everyday... BUT... not when i had to wake up at the BREAK OF dawn, waking up through the freezing Melbourne winter winds and on your way to studio learning lines in the car when you are half asleep... not the best... haha. And the awkward moments and awkward feelings after a kissing scenes with Matthew (Zeke). After all, like my girlfriends/girl fans ALWAYS tell me, he is one of the HOTTEST Neighbours actors right now and which girl wouldn't be a tad bit intimidated.

What was it like to work so closely with such experienced actors as Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne?
The amazing thing about working on Neighbours was the fact that you were going to be working with EXPERIENCED actors and PROFESSIONAL tutors. Actors such as Jackie and Alan are so talented that I learnt a lot from them and even watching a few of their scenes/other cast's scenes or even having a little conversation about one of the future storylines we were given really helped me improve from when I first began on the show. So it definitely gave me a hand on stepping up to another level in my acting skill. To be a TRUE actor... it takes a lot of time and work and hopefully I'll be able to achieve that goal just like Alan, Jackie, Ian, Tom and other casts of Neighbours have achieved.

Have you made any good friends in the cast and crew?
I have fallen in deep love with the crew who work on the show. Every single one of them starting from the cameramen to the prop designers etc... Just like every actor/cast who have been in and out of Neighbours, i have built a kinship with these guys... It was easy for me to bond well with the elder actors like Stefan, Tom, Ryan, Kym so forth.. ALL of them are like a family to me and this love goes to every single person who has worked behind the title "Neighbours".

Were you disappointed when your time playing Sunny came to an end?
Indeed I was disappointed. I felt like there were more stories, more chaos, more of SOMETHING that Sunny could have done/shown. However with the role ending very quickly I felt as though people/fans.. even ANTI fans who were beginning to like Sunny only had a short period to know her.

What kind of feedback did you get from the public about Sunny?
Public feedback was FULL ON. There were sooo many great supporters out there who "most of them" I couldn't even thank. Also because i was a "multicultural" actor on the show, after a long break of not introducing many to the set, there were good and bad sides to everything I did. But regardless of how many anti fans I had or how many Facebook groups disliked me I always did what I did, stood my ground and performed for those who were watching me, supporting me, loving me and also for me. This feeling, this experience is priceless so why waste it!!!

What did you think of Sunny’s final scenes and the reasons behind her departure?
When I first read Sunny's final scenes on script, I was in awe. It was so.. perfect. Yet there was a side of melancholy mixed with refreshment/relief in the end. It was extremely depressing for myself saying those LAST lines in that "farewell/suprise video for Zeke" as Sunny.

Would you ever like to return to Neighbours if the opportunity arose?
Definitely. I would love to take another experience in Neighbours and that "next" time would be better for me as, for that time I would be ready for it.

What have you been doing since you finished filming with Neighbours, and what are your plans for the future?
I recently finished doing a stage performance in Docklands for a Macau - Search for a New Dimension conference. My role was mime acting throughout the whole show and a major solo singing performance. So now that's over I have been continuing with my music. Because I was raised up from a MUSICAL family I have always been into stage shows, spotlights and songwriting. And in the past few weeks I completed making my 6th original song and have posted 3 of them on Youtube - "hunbeautilous". I have always wanted to do music internationally with productions from over seas, therefore I make songs with Korean lyrics and song with English lyrics and hopefully one day I'll be able to show them off to the world. *thumbs up* - *fingers crossed*

As it begins its 25th anniversary year on Australian television, what do you think is the secret to Neighbours’ success?
Haha, I'm a young 16 year old turning 17 who has been on the show for nearly a year and this is all I know... Neighbours' secret ingredient is.... using people. People who aren't any different from anyone else in the world. People who live the same life, do the same things, act the same way as most people do in the real world. The stories that are being played on screen are similar stories to REAL situations in REAL life and THAT is what attracts our attention. Because it's real. Everyone has neighbours. And we just happen to be...... Neighbours.

Interview by Steve. Added on 16th February 2010