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When Neighbours began in 1985, one of its first guest characters was Neil Taylor, father to Scott Robinson's girlfriend Kim, played by respected Australian actor Bruce Kerr. Here Bruce shares some of his Neighbours memories...

Can you tell us a little about your career before your 1985 guest appearance in Neighbours?
In the 70s & 80s I had a much higher profile on TV with leads in all Crawford Productions and ABC drama. Series such as Rush, Andra, Beat Of The City, I Can Jump Puddles and Cash & Company. Also was working in theatre both MTC (Melbourne Theatre Company) and Playbox together with commercial shows like The Sound Of Music, Oliver and Butley.

Do you recall how did the role of Neil Taylor come about? Was it just a typical audition?
In those days, I was invited.

Did you enjoy your time on the Neighbours set? Were there any actors you particularly enjoyed working with?
It was too brief to recall - just another gig. Nobody springs to mind.

What was it like to work on the show just as it was getting started? Did anyone envisage how big a hit it would go on to become?
At the beginning there is always a sense of anticipation, but no one dreamed of its success.

Would you ever consider a return to the series?
Why not?

Have you ever been a viewer of the series yourself?
in the late 80s and early 90s I tutored many of the up-and-coming stars, so I did some homework viewing but it would never be my choice.

Having acted on other Australian drama series, such as Prisoner and Blue Heelers, how did Neighbours compare?
There is not a great deal of difference in the feeling when working on long-running series. I had more fun on Prisoner because of such a great bunch of women.

Where did your acting career take you after playing Neil? What are you doing these days?
I just continued as always. These days the bulk of my work is theatre and voice-overs. Although recently completed a telemovie for ABC, Valentine's Day and, of course, Bastard Boys.

With Neighbours now in its 24th year on Australian television, why do you think itís been so successful?
There is nothing surprising in that. We export sun fun drama and teenage life. So while the universe still has teenagers.

Interview by Steve. Added on 15th March 2008