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Features > Recurring Dreams by Callum, David, Edd and Steve

Earlier this year, we finally saw Dr Veronica Olenski step out of the hospital and into a story of her own, after 11 years as a recurring character. And it's inspired us to think up some plots for a few of the other characters who rarely get more than a couple of lines...

Nurse Jodie Smith
Who? Jodie Smith, the caring nurse with the no-nonsense attitude.

Why? We've seen that she isn't afraid to back down from an argument, be it with Dr Karl or opposing footy fan Rebecca, but we still know very little about what makes Jodie tick...

How? During her first day off work in over six years, Jodie is enjoying an iced vanilla latte at Harold's Store when she bumps into Karl, suspended from work following his latest breach of patient confidentiality. They get chatting and, as they're both heading to the bank, they decide to walk together. Once there, they've barely had time to get out their chequebooks when two armed men burst in and tell everyone to get down on the ground. Karl manages to pull Jodie into a nearby office where they hide under the desk together and wait. As time passes, the situation outside seems to quieten down, but the close proximity between Karl and Jodie leads to them gazing into each other's eyes... they're just about to kiss when a shot rings out...

Tim Collins
Who? Sleazy lawyer Tim Collins has managed to just about upset everyone on Ramsay Street over the years and has always been a constant thorn in the side of Toadie.

Why? Itís hard to believe, but there was a time when Tim and Toadie worked well together and occasionally socialized with one another. Those days may now be over, but there must be a more personable side to Tim?

How? After Samís rather hasty exit from Ramsay Street, Paul has been struggling at the Erinsborough News to determine what he legally can and cannot print. However as this is Paul, heís been printing most things anyway, risking lawsuit after lawsuit. Itís meant that Rebecchi Legal has been raking it in as Toadie takes on case after case, undercutting rival Tim with his cheaper charges. With Tim Collins & Associates facing financial ruin, Tim has to give up some of his job perks, including cancelling his exclusive gold account with Lassiters. Paul soon finds out about Timís woes and in a moment of spontaneous compassion, offers Tim a role at the Erinsborough News as their legal advisor. Tim reluctantly accepts and begins his new role at the paper. Initially some of Timís new colleagues at the paper are up in arms that heís been hired, but after a short while Susan discovers a likeable side to Tim. After a heart-to-heart Tim reveals that heís never found that someone special and despite everything thatís happened to his business of late, his failure to settle down with someone special will always be regarded as his biggest mistake. However Susan says itís never too late to find love and sets Tim up on a number of hilarious dates.

Kyle Canning
Who? Kyle Canning, Erinsborough High's resident rebel without a cause.

Why? He's constantly causing trouble for everyone around him, but just why exactly does he behave so badly?

How? Whilst out for a Sunday stroll, Sunny and Zeke are surprised to see Kyle, in a shirt and tie, emerging from the famous Anglican Church on Church Street. They then see Kyle's dowdy mum Marjorie and his imposing stepdad Greg, who loudly berates his wife and stepson as they return to their car. The next day at school, Sunny quietly asks Kyle whether Greg is always so mean to him, and Kyle angrily pushes her to the ground and storms out of the school. When Dan hears about the incident, he goes to the Canning house and finds Kyle and Marjorie standing over Greg's lifeless body, a knife on the floor next to him. But did Kyle really murder his stepdad?

Detective Alec Skinner
Who? Detective Alec Skinner, who's been investigating criminal activity in Erinsborough for years; from Lyn Scully's shoplifting to Paul Robinson's numerous murder accusations.

Why? Skinner's a tough cookie when he's on a case but we've seen hints of his softer side when he's revealed his wife Trish suffered post natal depression and had to go through expensive hospital treatment in 2006...

How? To celebrate Trish getting the all clear from the hospital, Alec decides to treat her to a romantic holiday on a tropical island. Sadly for Skinner, Paul Robinson turns out to have booked the beach hut next door with girlfriend Rebecca Napier. Things get even more awkward when Trish and Rebecca realise they were arch enemies at school. The Skinners and Robinson/Napiers spend a week staring daggers at each other over cocktails and squabbling over sunbeds but when Alec accidentally burns his beach hut down with his barbecue, Paul kindly invites the unfortunate couple to kip on his floor. Alec and Paul have a good laugh about how easy it is to set fire to things and the foursome soon become firm friends over a few dozen pina coladas.

Detective Michaela Morris
Who? Detective Sergeant Michaela Morris, who's been the bane of Paul's life since 2008, investigating him when he as much as sneezes.

Why? DS Morris clearly takes her work very seriously, but we wonder what she might be like away from the police station.

How? After replying to a lonely hearts ad in the newspaper, Toadie is surprised to walk into Charlie's and find Michaela sitting at a table waiting for him. After a couple of dates, Toadie realises that things aren't really going to work out between them, but she's not prepared to give up just yet and starts following him home from work, deliberately 'losing' evidence tapes from his interviews and making silent phone calls. Toadie's attempts to report her also come to nothing, as she covers the whole thing up, and he's alarmed when he comes home one day to find Callum tied to a chair, while Michaela douses the house in petrol. Popping over to give Toadie some wrongly-delivered mail, Paul smells petrol, then hears Michaela's voice and, with barely a moment to think of his own safety, he kicks down the door, knocking Michaela to the ground. While Toadie and Callum are taken to hospital, Paul can barely conceal his grin as he watches his arch-nemesis taken away in a police car.

Dr Jeremy Levi
Who? Dr. Jeremy Levi, who we've seen treating the psychiatric problems of the Erinsborough residents since 2004, and there have been a few. He was also indirectly responsible for the conception of Holly Hoyland, prescribing fellow Doctor, Karl Kennedy with a trial of a sleeping tonic, which Izzy accidentally gave Karl too much of, causing him to hallucinate and mistake her with Susan.

Why? He's ever the professional Doctor and regularly trying to get inside the heads of our favourite residents - we wonder what he'd be like with them outside of the incredibly similar looking corridors & rooms of Erinsborough & District Hospital.

How? After bumping into former car dealer, Lou Carpenter, who was visiting the hospital for a routine check-up, Dr. Levi asks his old friend, Lou to find him a new motor as his old one was stolen from the hospital car park & written off. After a few dud starts with some old bangers, Jeremy (or Jezza as Lou calls him) asks for something vintage. Lou comes back with an old rag-top sports car, Jeremy is initially reluctant, thinking it unsuited to an old man like him, however after a little gentle persuasion from Lou, he takes it for a spin. Heading along the coastal road, they arrive at the beach, where instantly the car attracts the attention of some young women. Soon after, Lou finds himself wishing he'd found something bigger than a two seater as he finds himself stranded at the beach as Jezza and his new lady friend drive off into the sunset, at least until someone in Ramsay Street next needs their head read.