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Between February and June 2013, we asked you to vote for your favourite Neighbours characters from the last decade, to mark Perfect Blend's tenth birthday. The votes have now been tallied, and below are the characters who came in places 8 to 7.

8 - Donna Brown (549 Points)

The newest character to appear in the top 10, Donna Brown, or Freedman as she is better known lit up our screens with her kookiness and her big heart. Clearly a favourite amongst the fans, but also amongst cast and crew, many of whom have predicted big things for actress Margot Robbie who is beginning to make a name for herself in the world of film following a role in ill-fated series, PanAm. Donna was a key part of one of the most popular teen groups in recent years, whilst also becoming part of the Robinson and Kennedy households during her time on the show, being one of the rare teens to hold her own in dramatic and comedic scenes, as well as with the senior cast such as Stefan Dennis, Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne. As with her friend Declan, we watched Donna as she fell in love with and grieved for her spouse, in this case, Ringo, but we also saw Donna forge a career for herself in the World of Fashion, creating her infamous Shrugalero before moving to New York, where no doubt she will soon be the talk of the town at Fashion Week, probably for all the wrong reasons.

7 - Stephanie Scully (581 Points)

Biker chick turned jailbird, Steph Scully has made it all the way to 7th place. Whilst the number seven may be lucky for some, Steph was anything but, going from grieving her jailbird boyfriend as he faked his death to grieving her best friend's husband as he died after falling off a horse. We watched happy go lucky Steph face trial after tribulation for eleven years, battling with cancer twice, struggling to conceive and being married to Max Hoyland. But it was two seeds planted on Steph's first day in Ramsay Street that would bring about her departure, firstly, Toadie Rebecchi's love for Steph and secondly, Steph's attraction to Libby Kennedy's men. As Steph witnessed Libby kissing her brother-in-law Lucas Fitzgerald, for whom Steph had feelings, a betrayed Steph found herself running into the arms of Libby's estranged husband, Dan and of course falling into bed with him. In true soap tradition, no dirty deed goes unpunished, so Steph soon found herself pregnant with Dan's child. Being from a Catholic upbringing, plus with her pregnancy already having put her at risk of her cancer returning, Steph felt no choice but to keep the baby, however seeking help from best friend Toadie the pair found themselves entangled in an ever growing series of lies to protect Libby, with Toadie lying by saying the baby was his, then marrying to support their story. Of course, the whole lie was revealed over the radio no less, thanks to Paul Robinson, sending Steph on a downward spiral of destruction and depression. Giving up baby Adam to Dan, Steph turned to ex-Woody and alcohol to forget her pain and try to return to her carefree biker chick days. Sadly though, following a confrontation with Libby, Steph found herself driving straight into neighbour Ringo Brown. Whilst she scored maximum points for taking him out, she also scored a jail sentence for causing death by culpable driving. To make matters worse, Steph suffered a breakdown whilst in prison and lost custody of son, Charlie to ex-husband, Max. Then having returned to Erinsborough upon her release, Steph kidnapped Lucas' child, believing he was Adam and wanting Lucas to be with her as he was before she went to jail. Whilst Steph may have burnt some bridges, most of her old friends knew how ill she was, reconciling with Toadie before she left. Hopefully Steph can return one day to show us that she has rebuilt her life and her family, even if it is just to give her the happy ending she truly deserves.