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Between February and June 2013, we asked you to vote for your favourite Neighbours characters from the last decade, to mark Perfect Blend's tenth birthday. The votes have now been tallied, and below are the characters who came in places 10 to 9.

10 - Lou Carpenter (458 Points)

In 10th place is Lou Carpenter, a character who started out as a guest all the way back in 1988, before returning in 1992 as a regular where, despite a quickly reversed axing, he has remained ever since. 2013 marks 25 years since Lou's arrival and what better way to celebrate than see him back at the heart of a Ramsay Street household following the return of his daughter Lauren and her family shortly after voting started. As we watched Lou lend an ear and give advice to Lauren and his grandkids, as well as read up on One Direction, Lou shot up in the polls, being one of two characters to knock Rebecca Robinson & Sonya Rebecchi out of the top 10 at the last minute. It seems clear that after years of being pushed from pillar to post, that seeing Lou back at the centre of Ramsay Street drama, whilst still providing comic relief, we have fallen in love with Lou Carpenter all over again, and let's hope that with the Turners' arrival and a new sparring partner in the form of Sheila Canning, a long future has been carved out for him.

9 - Isabelle Hoyland (495 Points)

A last minute addition to the top 10, Isabelle 'Izzy' Hoyland was clearly given a boost by news that her daughter, Holly, was to land on the Kennedy doorstep, but there's no denying that Izzy deserves her place in the top 10. Izzy's arrival in 2003 caused a rift in the Kennedy marriage, the consequences of which are still seen today, with Holly reminding us and Susan of Karl and Izzy's relationship. The classic femme fatale, Izzy managed to lure both Karl Kennedy and Paul Robinson into her clutches, but as with all the best Neighbours' characters, the beauty of them is their layers, Izzy's need for male company lay with her father's abandonment, whilst her issues with females were down to her turbulent relationship with her mother, so whilst Izzy may have come across as the usual soap bitch, although a first for Neighbours as a regular, her insecurities showed that she was truly three dimensional and even ten years on, Izzy is still following her endless circle of seeking male affection, sending Holly to stay with her father, Karl, so she could go off on a cruise with her new beau. It is this complexity which makes Izzy the iconic character she is, proving to still be a thorn in Susan's side from across the globe, clearly as messed up as ever and truly deserving of 9th place.