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Between February and June 2013, we asked you to vote for your favourite Neighbours characters from the last decade, to make Perfect Blend's tenth birthday. The votes have now been tallied, and below are the characters who came in places 70 to 51.

70 - Sienna Cammeniti (16 Points)

Carmella's muffin baking, muffin serving cousin, played by Erin McNaught (now Gleave, aka Mrs Example), what Sienna couldn't do with a muffin wasn't worth knowing, except perhaps multi-tasking. Sienna's tenure was relatively short and uneventful, working in the General Store and a brief spell in Ty Harper's band before eventually leaving for Rome with bandmate Logan. She did promise Lou that she'd be back one day though, so there's every chance she could return to give Vanessa Villante a run for her money...

69 - Rosie Hoyland (20 Points)

An unfortunate position for a woman of the cloth to be found in, but Reverend Rosie was used to those, having been brought in to replace the dear departed Bishop (no, not that kind), Madge. Poor Rosie even found herself in the same situation as her predecessor, the object of both Lou and Harold's affection. Unlike Madge though, Rosie found herself falling for Lou over Harold, although perhaps in the same chalk and cheese way. As Rosie settled into the community, she build friendships and was eventually joined by her grandchildren, Boyd and Summer, then son Max. Maggie Millar's axing shortly after led to an internet campaign to bring her back, to no avail, with many disappointed that we missed the chance to explore Rosie and Izzy's relationship. Rosie's legacy lived on through her family for almost a decade though, and she's managed to remain in the hearts of some of our voters a decade after her departure, scoring higher than those who left more recently.

68 - Priya Kapoor (21 Points)

The least popular Kapoor according to our voters, odd considering Priya seemed to be the most popular whilst she was on-screen. Perhaps it was the affair with Paul turned people against her, or that her death gave Ajay and Rani a boost with some strong material or maybe that she was no longer appearing on screen towards the end of the vote. Priya seemed to bring order back to the High School after Michael Williams' chaotic tenure as Principal, until her affair with Paul destroyed her reputation, but the same affair added spice to her character, although perhaps leaving no option but for Priya to depart. Her ghost may have moved on, but Priya made sure that she lived on and on and on through her play.

67 - Steve Parker (25 Points)

The eldest of the Parker brothers, Steve or Stevo as he was known before arriving on Ramsay Street came in as the best friend of the late Drew Kirk and brother to Stuart and Ned and was actually one of the better fathers to be brought in of recent years, protective but a big softie at heart. Steve's time in Erinsborough was eventful to say the least, being sent to jail (falsely) for the murder of Chris Knight, trying to keep Declan away from his daughter, eating poisoned lasagne, football coaching (Remember "We are the boys from Erinsborough"?) and being the Dr Karl for the animals of Ramsay Street. Like Miranda, Steve's world was crushed when Bridget died following their car crash and left for Oakey, but obviously he has resonated more than his wife to score over 6 times the amount of points than she did.

66 - Rani Kapoor (28 Points)

The second most or second least popular Kapoor, depending on whether you're a glass half full or glass half empty kind of person, Rani has become the object of all of the younger Ramsay Street teen boys affections with Callum and Harley, then Bailey all wanting to date her during her short time on Ramsay Street - maybe smart being sexy really is true. Poor Rani had the misfortune of being the person to find out about her mother's affair with Paul and though she managed to forgive Priya before he death, Rani then had to deal with her last words to her mother being that she hated her. Still, with a few ghostly visions, an old journal entry and a half-written play, Rani has managed to deal with her grief, but will she ever follow her mother's lead and decide once and for all who she wants to be with?

65 - Ajay Kapoor (30 Points)

It's hard the believe that Ajay has been around since 2011 as he's actually had a relatively quiet time in Erinsborough, apart from his feud with Paul, then dealing with Priya's affair and death, somehow though he's been voted more popular than the rest of his family. Ajay has actually become a big part of the community, just through being a nice guy and through his role as a Parent, Councillor, Lawyer and as part of The Right Prescription - he's actually one of the few characters to have relationships or scenes with every household through one of his roles - which perhaps is why he's scored better than his wife and daughter.

64 - Michelle Scully (31 Points)

The youngest of the Scully daughters was last seen nine years ago, but clearly still resonates with viewers, receiving more votes than characters seen this year. It is for her relationship with Connor O'Neill that Michelle is best remembered, so perhaps his recent return has brought back memories of their romance. Last we heard, Michelle was in New York running a bar with Flick and with the last of the Scullys gone from Erinsborough it seems unlikely we'll see her return, but maybe one day we'll hear that she and Connor have reunited and who ever thought we'd see Brad Willis back on Ramsay Street? Maybe Michelle might decide to swap her Big Apple bar for Charlie's.

63-62 - Sophie Ramsay and Bree Timmins (36 Points)

It seems almost too coincidental that Sophie and Bree are in this joint position as they actually have a lot of similarities. Both were the youngest siblings, both underwent a gothic style transformation and both were relatives of a long-term Ramsay Street resident. Neither of them had a particularly easy childhood, Sophie had to cope with losing a mother, whilst Bree had to cope with the revelation that she had been swapped at birth and each often found themselves being the voice of reason as they became embroiled in the latest dramas of their older relatives. Let's hope that both have found happier lives outside of Erinsborough.

61 - Lori Lee (38 Points)

Much like Michelle, Lori has probably benefitted from her connection to Connor O'Neill, through their daughter Maddie, with her off-screen marriage playing a big part of his recent return. Aside from her one night stand with Connor, Lori is best remembered for being cheated on by Jack Scully, finding herself paralysed after an accident at the swimming pool and of course for creating Afro Harold. This mix of storylines has probably helped Lori get to 61st place, which is pretty good considering she was only around for about six months.

60 - Jack Scully (39 Points)

So Jack finds himself with Lori yet again (don't tell Nina!), the womanising eldest son of Lyn and Joe Scully worked his way around the women of Erinsborough, from Lori Lee to Nina Tucker to Edwina Valdez to Izzy Hoyland before falling for corrupt cop, Mac - whilst dating whom he developed an addicition to "partying" [pronounced drugs], before finally reuniting with Nina in Los Angeles. Aside from his womanising, Jack stepped up when his family needed it, helping Steph with her breast cancer diagnosis, taking over the family business after Joe departed for Bendigo and helping Lyn realise that her planned move to be with Joe was no longer what she wanted. But of course, Jack will be forever remembered for his love of Ricky Martin. Yes Jack, we know that was your poster...

59-58 - David Bishop and Sindi Watts (40 Points)

These two characters both departed in 2005, with less than happy exits. David died following the bombing of the Lassiter's joyflight and Sindi headed of to a psychiatric hospital after experiencing paranoid delusions, sad endings to their time on Ramsay Street. Having both initially appeared as guest characters, David in 1988 and Sindi in 2002 the regular stints of these characters were less than happy, despite their often comedic lives. David lost his business, home and lifestyle, then his wife, Liljana, cheated with Paul Robinson, whilst Sindi was humiliated by Rocco Cammeniti after she ended their relationship, before considering selling herself to Gary Evans to pay for Stuart's operation to restore his sight and finally suffering a relapse of the delusions she'd suffered as a teenager. Despite all this, both continued to provide much comic relief throughout their time on the show, and whilst David may have had a less than happy ending, we learnt in 2012 that Sindi and Stuart were happily married, running the Parker family farm in Oakey. Let's hope that somewhere the waves are crashing between David and Lil, united forever.

57 - Boyd Hoyland (47 Points)

It's hard to believe that it's six year since Boyd drove Sky out of Erinsborough and whilst he may have been behind the steering wheel, he certainly took a backseat in the episode, with it very much focussing on his ex-girlfriend. Their joint departure somehow seemed fitting though, although Boyd had been around since 2002, his relationship with Sky upon her return in 2003 is what saw his character come into the forefront of storylines. We had already seen Boyd with his first girlfriend, Heather, but Sky was his first real love, experiencing real relationship dramas and developments. In true soap style we then saw Boyd develop a brain tumour and as revelations of both Boyd and Sky's infidelities came out, they moved on amicably as friends. Although Boyd's next relationship with Janae Timmins led to marriage, it was again another infidelity, with Glenn Forrest, that brought it to an end and soon after he waved goodbye to Ramsay Street. Little has been heard of Boyd since then, but hopefully he was continued with his medical training and somewhere Dr Hoyland is treating his patients, body and soul.

56-55 - Katya Kinski and Sheila Canning (55 Points)

Who knew that Katya Kinski was so popular? Considering she left in 2007 after just over a year on-screen, Katya has done well to beat more recent or more longstanding counterparts. Katya arrived as her father, Alex was dying and during her brief stint managed to date the psychotic Robert Robinson, revisit her past life as a car thief and develop feelings for Max Hoyland and Ned Parker. Just as it seemed things couldn't get worse for Katya, she departed Erinsborough for Adelaide and began dating Paul McClain. No doubt they're enjoying a happy life together, full of scintillating conversation.
Neighbours' newest matriarch, Sheila is clearly increasing in popularity, remaining quite low until the final stages of the vote, Sheila suddenly shot up to her final position as she found her feet and her comedic one liners kicked in, especially as she took over Charlie's, keeping her boss, Paul Robinson, in check. Had the vote continued for longer, Sheila would no doubt have been in higher ground. Let's hope she continues with her perfect blend of heart and comedy as Sheila is the kind of character that the show has long been missing.

54 - Daniel Fitzgerald (59 Points)

No-one ever expected that when guest character, Daniel Fitzgerald departed in 2000 that he'd return seven years later to fill the shoes of Pepper Steiger (not literally!). Fitzy as he became known became popular with his students, colleagues and neighbours for his all round nice guy, action man, super teacher persona and as he fell in love with and married Libby Kennedy he seemed destined to be embroiled in one of Ramsay Street's most important families. Sadly it was the closeness of this connection that led to the breakdown of their marriage as Dan felt smothered by his in-laws, particularly as Susan acted as surrogate mother in order for Libby to give Dan a child of his own. Her subsequent miscarriage following an argument with Dan was the final nail in the coffin, the irony being that Dan had been the catalyst for all these problems some years earlier, having gone clubbing with friend, Tess Bell. As Tess' estranged husband, Brendan went looking for them in a rage, he caused the accident which led to Libby's issues in carrying a child to term, and subsequent hysterectomy. Dan's legacy, however, was his one night stand with Libby's best friend, Steph Scully, which produced baby Adam, and led to the breakdown of a decade long friendship and the destruction of Steph's life. A tragic accident off-screen led to Dan being unable to father any more children, however we know that he is living in Sydney with Adam, the only person to benefit from the mess he left behind.

53-52 - Serena Bishop and Ty Harper (68 Points)

Serena Bishop had an eventful life to say the least, somehow managing to be born before her parents had even met, then having arrived in Erinsborough managed to fall victim to Chris Cousens who tried to seduce her, recording their encounter against her will, although luckily Serena realised and escaped his clutches. After a relationship with Stingray, against her father's wishes, her next step though was to fall in love with a boy who turned out to be her half-brother before finally falling for Connor O'Neill, who himself had stolen from the bikini store she co-owned. Serena eventually forgave him, but of course her happiness was short-lived as she was presumed dead following the bombing of the Lassiter's joy flight. Although Serena survived the plane crashing into the cold waters of the Bass Strait, she appears not to have made it to safety, although you never know with the Bishop family.
When you think of Ty Harper, the first word that springs to mind is Unforgettable, not because he was an iconic character, but for his duet with Rachel Kinski which was played over and over and over throughout his year long stint. His music and his relationship with Rachel pretty much define his time on the show, although he did manage to feature in one memorable scene where, in true Neighbours' comedic style, Libby and Steph perved on him as he mowed the lawn topless. It is fitting that he left Erinsborough to be reunited with Rachel in England, where I'm sure they are singing Unforgettable at every christening, wedding, funeral, birthday, bar mitzvah and barbecue they can get to. Altogether now... "And I want you to know you're who I wanna be..."

51 - Nina Tucker (69 Points)

From one musical artist to another and neither in the top 10 as at 51 is Nina Tucker. She was born to try apparently and she's done well to get higher than the rest of her teen group, considering her stint was tragically cut short by Delta Goodrem being diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2003, however such was Delta's commitment to her fans and the show, she returned having battled her illness to film four episodes the following year to conclude Nina's story, plus an additional scene, aired in 2005, which saw Nina reunited with Jack Scully in Los Angeles. Last we heard they're still together, with Nina making an appearance in the 20th anniversary documentary, thanking Harold and Lou for their help and promising Lyn that she was looking after Jack.