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Interactive > The Perfect Blend 20th Anniversary Vote Results: Favourite Family

1. Kennedy: When they arrived, back in 1994, many people couldn’t see how the Kennedy family could ever rival the Ramsays or Robinsons in terms of popularity. And yet, here we are, 11 years later, with 33% of you voting for them as your favourite family, with the Kennedys receiving more than double the amount of votes of their closest contenders. Originally made up of Karl, Susan, Malcolm, Libby and Billy, we’re now only left with Karl and Susan, as Libby was the final child to leave the show, in late 2004. Karl and Susan aren’t even married any more, but they continue to be two of the most popular characters in the series, with many viewers still hoping to see them reunited.

2. Robinson: The Robinsons – father Jim and his four children, Paul, Scott, Julie and Lucy, along with his mother-in-law, Helen Daniels – made up one of the three original Ramsay Street families. 15% of you voted them your favourite. The family saw many comings and goings but by the time Jim died, early in 1993, they had basically become the Martin family, with Julie and her husband Philip having returned. After Lucy made a brief visit in 1995, we thought that was the last time we would see a character with the Robinson surname. However the family have experienced a resurgence with the recent return of Paul, as well as news that other members of the family will follow this year.

3. Scully: Like the Kennedys, this family received a lukewarm reception when they took over number 26 from the Martin family at the end of 1999. Nowadays, they’re almost as popular as the Robinsons, whose house they bought, receiving 14% of the vote. Originally made up of parents Joe and Lyn, and their three daughters, Stephanie, Felicity and Michelle, the family is now a shadow of its former self. Only Lyn and her baby son, Oscar, remain at number 26, although eldest daughter Steph remains in Ramsay Street, as part of the Hoyland family.

4. Hoyland: Another more recent addition to Ramsay Street, the Hoyland family arrived in 2002 and received 7% of the final vote. Made up of recently-married Max and Steph, as well as his kids Boyd and Summer and sister, Izzy. Reverend Rosie, Max and Izzy’s mum, was the first member of the family to arrive, but she left after a year.

5. Mangel: The Mangel family began way back in 1986 when Mrs Mangel started putting in appearances, complaining about anything and everything, including the pancake competition at the Coffee Shop. Later that year, she moved into Ramsay Street with her never-seen husband, Len, who quickly upped and left her. The Mangel name continued when Nell left, in the form of her son, Joe, who stayed until 1991 and his son, Toby, then remained a resident until 1993. More recently, the Mangel name has returned to Ramsay Street in the form of Joe’s stepdaughter, Sky. The family received 6% of the vote.