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Interactive > The Perfect Blend 20th Anniversary Vote Results: Favourite Storyline

1. Scott and Charlene’s relationship and marriage: Arguably Neighbours’ most famous couple, the romance between Scott and Charlene received 8% of the vote for favourite storyline. Viewers first saw them together in 1986, although they had known each other since childhood, and before long, they were going against their parents’ wishes by dating. By 1987, they realised that the only way to be together was to get married – and so they did, in one of the series’ highest-rating episodes. Charlene left for Brisbane in 1988, followed in 1989 by Scott, where they’ve since started a family of their own.

2. Lana Crawford comes out: Neighbours’ first attempt to tackle a storyline with a gay teenager was a huge success, with Lana’s storyline receiving just under 8% of the vote. The sensitive handling of Lana trying to deal with going public about her sexuality made her a popular character and the storyline a big hit in 2004. The fact that the show used realistic dialogue and didn’t simply sensationalise the plot was something of a pleasant surprise for many viewers, but it didn’t stop some people complaining that it didn’t make appropriate teatime viewing.

3. Karl and Susan's divorce: A storyline that was already bubbling under the surface in 2003 came to fruition in 2004 and received 7% of votes for favourite storyline. The breakdown of Karl and Susan’s marriage, which had seen several bumpy patches already, was heartbreaking for viewers who had watched them for over a decade. As he moved on with Izzy and she with Tom, it looked like we had finally seen the end of the Kennedys. Many viewers are still pinning their hopes on a reunion, and with Susan now single and Karl’s relationship with Izzy looking decidedly dodgy, it might not be outside the realms of possibility.

4. Max and Steph's relationship: 6% of voters picked Max and Steph’s “will-they-won’t-they” relationship as their favourite storyline from the past 20 years. Things kicked off when he arrived in 2002 and it was obvious that they had feelings for each other, but life kept getting in the way. After they finally got together, it was still a long road to wedded bliss. Nowadays, they’re happily married and trying for a baby.

5. Dee and Toadie's wedding: Just under 6% of voters chose Dee and Toadie’s tragic wedding day as their favourite. It looked like the couple were in for some happiness, after Darcy Tyler had tried, and managed, to split them up. However, they got back together and were happier than ever. After a beautiful wedding, they were driving along a coastal road when Toadie looked away to kiss Dee and lost control of the car. It crashed into the sea and Dee has been missing, presumed dead, ever since.

6. Harold 'returns from the dead': After being swept out to sea in 1991, Harold’s body was never found. Five years later, it was explained why, as Harold turned up in Erinsborough, working for the Salvation Army and using the name, Ted. It was explained that he’d suffered amnesia and spent some time in Tasmania, before being strangely drawn back to Erinsborough when he heard about a job there. A reunion with Madge followed, and Harold has been a permanent fixture in Erinsborough ever since. The storyline received 5% of votes.

7. Tom and Susan's relationship: Having split up with Karl, Susan Kennedy found herself attracted to Lyn’s brother-in-law, Catholic priest, Tom Scully. A relationship followed, but many people disapproved and he decided to leave the church, getting a job as a courier. Although they were happy for a while, things weren’t working as he struggled to cope without the church and decided to leave. The storyline received 5% of the votes.

8. Susan's amnesia: With just under 5% of the vote, it’s another Kennedy storyline, as Susan’s battle with retrograde amnesia comes in 8th place. It began when Susan slipped on some milk and bumped her head, then woke up believing she was 16 again. She became confused and couldn’t remember ever loving Karl, so she decided to get a divorce. Luckily her old feelings came back with time, and they decided to renew their vows later that year.

9. Terry shoots Paul: 4% of voters felt that the 1985 storyline of Terry Robinson shooting her husband, Paul, was their favourite. When Terry’s ex-boyfriend, Charles Durham, was found dead, Paul quickly put the pieces together and confronted his wife over her involvement. Realising she’d been rumbled, she shot Paul in the shoulder and did a runner. Paul recovered in hospital, while Terry was captured and put in prison, where she committed suicide.

10. Madge's death: Madge had been a Ramsay Street regular between 1986 and 1992, and again from 1996 until 2001, and her death, from pancreatic cancer, received 4% of the votes. It all happened very quickly, as she suddenly felt pains in her stomach, then was informed that she only had a few months to live. Those final months were cut tragically short by an infection and she died at home, surrounded by loved ones.

11. Bouncer's dream: Bouncer had grown close to Rosie, the sheepdog owned by Clarrie McLachlan from next-door. When the Mangel family started reminiscing about Joe and Kerry’s wedding one day, Bouncer fell asleep in the corner and started dreaming about his own wedding – to Rosie. This brief scene managed to attract 3% of the votes.

12. The Ramsay/Robinson feud: A storyline that began in 1986, but had its origins decades before, received 3% of the votes. It all began when a card game decided whether the street would be named Ramsay or Robinson. Jack Ramsay won the game, but the Robinsons always suspected him of cheating and it led to many a falling out over the years. The story was revisited in 1997, just in time for Helen to return home and settle the matter by playing Scott and Charlene’s wedding video, moments before she died.

13. Julie's death: She’d been going off the rails for weeks, alienating her own family and showing them up in front of friends. When everyone went away on a murder mystery weekend, Julie decided not to go, but later turned up and argued with Philip about him enjoying himself. The next morning, her unconcsious body was found in the grounds of the hotel, and she later died in hospital. Some weeks later, Debbie started having flashbacks and remembered that Julie had accidentally fallen, and hadn’t jumped or been pushed. The story received just under 3% of votes.

14. Steph battles cancer: When Steph was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, she tried to keep the news from her family and friends for as long as possible and opted to break up with Max, rather than tell him. By the time she was having chemotherapy, Max found out and promised to stick by her. The couple reunited and, a few months later, Steph received the good news that she had beaten the cancer. The storyline received 2% of the vote.

15. Drew's death: After months of trying to win Libby, they were finally happily married and had a son, Ben. Drew was preparing to move up to Oakey and help his dad run the stud farm when a riding accident cut everything tragically short. He died in hospital and Ramsay Street went into shock at losing such a popular and friendly young man. Drew’s death received 2% of the votes.

16. Izzy's pregnancy lies: One of the biggest and longest-running plots of 2004 received 2% of the votes for favourite storyline. When Izzy Hoyland fell pregnant to the mentally unhinged Gus Cleary, she realised that he wouldn’t be able to support her, so she managed to con Karl into believing the child was his. Only a few people found out the truth – Tom Scully, who left town and Darcy Tyler, who wound up in a coma – before Izzy lost the baby. Karl still doesn’t know the truth…

17. Jack and Nina's affair: Nina Tucker was happily involved with Taj Coppin, while Jack Scully was with his long-term girlfriend, Lori Lee. However, Nina and Jack couldn’t resist each other and ended up having an affair. The truth was eventually revealed, but Nina and Jack survived. She dumped him when he cheated on her, but they still found their way back to each other and he recently joined her to live in Los Angeles. Their storyline received 2% of the votes.

18. Did Mrs Mangel kill her husband?: Mrs Mangel’s rarely-seen husband, Len, disappeared one day, but she was too ashamed to admit that he’d run off with another woman. The neighbours drew their own conclusions, however, with many suspecting that she’d buried him in the garden. In the end, she broke down and revealed the truth to Helen, and admitted how lonely she was. This story received 2% of the votes.

19. Jim's death: Close behind Mrs Mangel’s storyline was Jim’s death, with 2% of the votes. Jim had fallen out with many members of his family over his relationship with scheming Fiona Hartman. When he suddenly collapsed one day in the kitchen, Fiona found him, but instead of calling an ambulance, she allowed him to die and went to clear out his bank account. She later returned with Rosemary Daniels and acted shocked...

20. Libby and Steph's bike crash: With Libby’s wedding just around the corner, she and Steph went for a weekend away on Steph’s bike. As they were returning, Tess Bell’s jealous husband, Brendan, was racing across town to confront her and they collided. Steph emerged unscathed, but Libby was critically injured and found out that, as a result, it would be almost impossible for her to carry a baby to full term. Meanwhile, Brendan died from his injuries. This storyline received 1% of the votes.