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Magic Moments > 1985 > Terry Shoots Paul: Part 2 Episode 168

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Max Varnel

Daphne gets blood on her skirt while discovering Charles body. Lucy asks Helen to organise the party. Charles' girlfriend calls the police and tells them Daphne killed him. Lucy yells out that there's blood on Daphne's skirt. Paul tells Terry their relationship is over. Jim enters number 30 and sees Paul lying on the floor...

Jim asks Paul where Terry is and Paul says Terry did this to him. He phones for an ambulance. Jim gets some blankets for his son's wound, and Paul says he thought they'd have a chance if they went to the police together but everything about them was a lie. He hands Jim Terry's ring, and asks him to tell Daphne he's sorry.

Daphne is at the police station and Des arrives to see her. They hug as he tells her not to worry. Des believes her when she says she didn't kill Charles. Daphne explains how scared of Charles Terry was.

At number 26, Helen and Max head out and Lucy comes out to see Danny and Scott in the living room. Danny tells Lucy to be brave, and says Paul's had an accident. Lucy asks if Paul's going to die but Danny assures her he won't. Lucy knew she shouldn't have told Terry where it was, and Scott asks her how she knew about it. She explains that Daphne had a gun in her house and told her not to tell anyone. They tell her it isn't her fault.

. . .

Daphne tells Des she's thinking of silly things and asks him to go home but he won't leave until she goes with him. She confesses how frightened she is and Des tells her not to be scared. Just then Shane arrives and he embraces Daphne. Shane thanks Des for looking after her.

Danny makes Scott and Lucy a drink and they try to get Lucy to go to bed, but she won't. They try to cheer Lucy up but she yells at them saying that means it's worse. They joke about funny things that have happened to Paul over the years and Danny assures her he'll be okay.

Jim and Helen are at the hospital with Paul. He says he has nothing to say to the police. Helen leaves and Jim presses that Paul will have to talk about it whether he likes it or not. Daphne's still at the station, and Jim wants to know why he's protecting Terry. Paul says that she couldn't settle down with him, because he couldn't satisfy her craving for excitement whereas Charles had fast cars and lots of money. Terry made a tape of Charles boasting about all the things he's done. She thought having the tape meant he couldn't do anything to her and killing him was the only way out. Paul laments that he wasn't good enough for her either, and asks Jim to leave.

Max tells Helen in the corridor that Daphne's allowed to go. At number 28, Daphne arrives back and Harry makes her a cup of tea. Daphne says she needs a shower and will then go to bed. Jim, Helen and Max arrive at Number 26 to see Danny, Scott and Lucy asleep on the couch. Jim picks Lucy up and carries her to bed. Helen offers Max some tea but he declines and he and Danny leave. Scott says he can't go to school after what's happened and he wants to see Paul. Helen thinks Paul is too depressed and Scott says he tried to let him know what was happening. Jim asks Scott what he means. He says that he thought Terry was having an affair. Jim yells at Scott for not telling him, saying that if he had, all of this could have been prevented.

At Number 24, Max mentions how much he liked Terry to Shane and Danny. He never thought she would kill anyone. Shane thinks she became so tangled up in things that she could see no way out.

. . .

The next morning, Harry wakes up Des by turning on the juice machine and hands Des some orange juice. Daphne comes out and gets herself a glass. Shane comes in and says Daphne looks better. He's realised how much Daphne means to him. They kiss before Shane heads off for work. Des has decided he's going to take a couple of days off work and look after Daphne. She then says she has to tell Helen something and marches over to the Robinson house.

Over at number 26, Scott and Lucy leave for school and say goodbye to Helen. Jim is eating his breakfast and Helen wonders if she's doing the right thing by sending them to school. She muses that she must have had "lonely old fool" written across her forehead when she gave Douglas all her money but Jim says he has some more bad news. In order to raise some money to help Douglas out, he had put the house up as security.

Max and Danny are having breakfast at 24 and Danny notes that there is no coverage of the incident in the newspaper yet. Max defends Terry, saying he likes her, she's a good worker and was a good kid. Shane comes in whistling before announcing that he and Daphne are back together. He adds that he's been offered a flat and that he and Daphne can move in together. The phone rings and Shane answers. Kate is on the phone. Max rushes up to speak to her. She asks if he wants to go out with her again tonight and agrees to meet him again.

. . .

. . .

At number 26, Helen tells Daphne that they haven't got a roof over their head thanks to Douglas and Daphne suggests selling her paintings. She tells Helen there's a market for her work, and Helen should call her.

Harry leaves a note for Daphne at number 28 as she comes back in. He says he had a phone call whilst she was out. He can't cope with living in suburbia and asks Daphne to look after the coffee shop. He hands her the note but warns that she can't open it until she needs to. She helps him with his bags and the taxi arrives. They say goodbye and he heads out the door.

Jim goes to see Paul at the hospital, and says he has some bad news - Terry has been arrested and charged with murder. Paul replies that he doesn't give a damn.

. . .

Summary by Billy

Special thanks to John Manley for the screen captures