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Magic Moments > 1986 > Clive's Arrival Episode 172

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Brendan Maher

Paul arrives back from hospital and Danny asks why he’s back so soon. Shane realises that Zoe took his wallet. Zoe arrives at the Coffee Shop and Daphne tells her to get lost and tells Mike to call the police...

Zoe tells Mike that she’s Daphne’s best friend. Daphne says that she’s nothing of the kind, and she drags Zoe and Mike off into the kitchen. Daphne says she has 150 reasons for calling the cops, and Zoe realises she’s talking about the $150 she owes her. Zoe explains that she didn’t have time to explain before she left, and gives Daphne the money she owes. Daphne says that Zoe never fails to amaze her. Zoe tells her that when she gets off, they’re going to the very best restaurant.

. . .

Helen sees Max in the street and they discuss the new neighbours who’ve moved in. Helen asks how Madge is, and Max says that she would drive any bloke to drink. Madge appears and hugs Helen, saying how good it is to see her. Madge says she’s staying long enough to make sure that Max and the boys get back on their feet. Madge mentions how Ramsay Street isn’t what it used to be, but they’re interrupted by the new neighbour driving off. Max is annoyed not to have seen who it is. Madge tries to get some gossip about the Robinsons and says they can have a nice, long chat soon.

Inside number 26, Paul is removing his sling and exercising his arm. Helen is surprised that he’s rushing it, but Paul says he wants to forget about everything as soon as possible. He says he’s thinking of chucking his job in and he wants to make more of his potential. He shows Helen a five dollar bill and says that in two years, it’ll be five million.

. . .

Shane is ordering a sandwich from Mike, when Daphne comes in with a big box. She says that it’s a surprise. He tells Daphne about his wallet being stolen, and that it had $300 inside. Daphne tells him that she’s just had a loan repaid, so she can give him some money.

Zoe is walking past a betting shop, but she stops for a moment, then decides to go inside.

. . .

Madge is taking some biscuits out of the oven and calls Max in for tea. She tells Max that the biscuits are mum's recipe, but he pretends not to like them, before pocketing a few when her back’s turned. Madge tells Max that she hoped she’d be able to look after him and the boys now that Maria has walked out on him. He tells her that Maria didn’t walk out, she went with his blessing. Madge says she can understand why his pride won’t let his hurt show. She reminds him of what a bad years it’s been, what with Shane’s accident aswell. They start to argue and she says she’s his only sister, she just wishes that they could communicate. He says if she goes home, he’ll write her a nice, long letter.

Outside, Max sees the colourful car belonging to the new neighbour. He goes out back, where Danny asks what he’s doing. Max starts looking through the fence, while also complaining about Madge and her no-good kids. Max sees a pair of hairy legs through the fence, but Danny doesn’t see anything and gives his father a concerned look. The run around to the front of the house and Max starts banging on the door of number 22, saying he’s going to get to the bottom of this. Nobody answers, so he looks in the front window and Danny tries to stop him. They then leave, and once gone, a person in a gorilla suit looks out the window.

. . .

. . .

The gorilla walks down the driveway and sits outside. Danny sees him and goes over and they stand next to each other. The gorilla tells Danny to go away as he’s busy posing for photos. He then takes the head off and introduces himself to Danny, who realises that he does gorillagrams. Danny wonders what his father is going to think of this.

Zoe comes out of the betting shop and rips up a betting slip.

. . .

In the Coffee Shop, Mike and Daphne are busy working and she tells him that her grandfather owns the shop. She asks about his family, but he clams up. Zoe comes in and asks Daphne if she’s booked the restaurant yet and says she’d rather have a night in with a bottle. Daphne mentions Des and Zoe asks if they’re married. Daphne tells her to go away and come back later. Mike asks Daphne if she’s really best friends with Zoe, and Daphne says that she doesn’t have a best friend.

At number 26, Helen is cleaning up and shows Paul a model ship that Rosemary once gave her for her birthday. He says it’s unfair how Helen adopted Rosemary and gave her everything, then disappeared to America with it. Helen says he’s being unfair, and that Rosemary has worked very hard and hasn’t forgotten her family. Paul asks Helen why she even adopted her if she already had Anne, but Helen explains that after Anne was born, she was told that she couldn’t have any more children, but she didn’t want Anne to be alone, so she adopted. Paul says he’s got to hand it to Rosemary for managing to get ahead. Helen tells Paul that he’s getting too cynical and he goes out for a walk.

. . .

Daphne and Zoe arrive at number 28 and Zoe says that the house is fantastic, what Daphne always dreamed of. Zoe starts looking at everything while Daphne tries to stop her and distract her with dinner. Zoe asks where Des is, and Daphne says he’s working at the bank. Zoe then asks how many bedrooms there are and wants to look, but Daphne tells her to pour the drinks.

At number 24, Danny arrives home and asks where Max is. Shane says he’s gone to the pub to escape Madge, who’s in her room. Shane says he heard Madge crying in her room earlier. Madge comes out to say goodnight and Shane asks if she’s ok. She says she is. Danny says that they should talk to her tomorrow, but Shane says they should mind their own business. Danny tells Shane about a girl at work who was talking about the tv show Perfect Match and saying that if a guy took her for a weekend away, she’d do anything for him. Shane says that if anyone’s taking a girl for a weekend in Surfer’s Paradise, it’s him, but he’s broke. He says that if he ever sees the girl who stole his wallet again, there’ll be fireworks.

. . .

. . .

Zoe wants to talk about Des, but Daphne will only say that he’s nice. Zoe accuses her of being secretive and Daphne asks her where she’s staying. She says she wanted to talk about that, saying that she only just arrived and needs to borrow the $150 back to pay for a motel. Daphne says she doesn’t have it. The phone rings and it’s Des, meanwhile, Zoe goes into the bedroom and finds a wedding dress and gets all excited. Zoe works out that there’s going to be a wedding and Daphne explains that Des is superstitious about weddings and is scared. Daphne warns Zoe not to spoil things for them…

Notes: This was the first episode to feature the map credits, which continued in one form or another until 1992.

Summary by Steve