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Magic Moments > 1986 > Nikki's Arrival Episode 177

Written by John Upton, Directed by Vince Martin

Clive asks Madge to work for him at the animalgram service and take messages. Madge isn’t sure, especially about how Max will feel, but Clive convinces her that it’s reason enough to do it. Madge is at the prison and is told that Henry doesn’t want to see her anymore. Paul arrives to visit Shane and the two finally shake hands and make up.

At number 28, Des is waiting for Daphne to get home, trying to act like he’s not worried. She comes in and notices his odd behaviour. He says that he went to head office today. She immediately suspects that he’s been sacked and flies off the handle, telling him that he has to fight for his rights. When she finally quietens down, having insulted most of the street during her rant, Des explains that he was just kidding and he actually got promoted to manager of the local branch of Pacific Bank. By this point, Daphne is so worked up that she storms off, slamming the bedroom door behind her.

. . .

At number 24, the next morning, Madge is tidying the kitchen table. She goes to make a phone call, then bursts into tears, just as Clive comes in. He asks what’s wrong and offers to make tea, with Madge ordering him to heat the cups first – she’s given up on Max and Shane, but her standards haven’t slipped. He makes her laugh, telling her that he wants to promote her from taking bookings to dressing up as a gorilla.

At number 26, Helen is preparing to paint when the phone rings. It’s her niece, Nikki. Helen complains that she hasn’t seen her since the wedding, so Nikki offers to come over that afternoon. Just as Helen is ready to start painting again, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Clive, who’s come to introduce himself to Helen and starts trying to get some business out of her in any way he can. She’s amused, but refuses, and Clive then mentions that Madge seems very down at the moment. Helen sees Clive out, telling him that she hopes she’ll see the real person, and not just an act, next time they meet.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Des gently asks Daphne if she’d like any toast. She’s refusing to speak to him, so he tells her that, as well as his promotion, he also got a week off work for their honeymoon. She forgives him and they share a kiss. He tells her how funny it was last night when she flew off the handle and she agrees. He tells her that he loves her.

At number 26, Madge and Helen are having a coffee when Daphne calls in. Helen introduces the two of them, and Madge immediately brings up the fact that Daphne used to be a stripper, telling her that she should take up some charity work before becoming a bank manager’s wife. Helen points out that Daphne already does, and is a counsellor to half the local kids at the Coffee Shop. Madge makes a hasty exit and Helen tells Daphne that Madge can be quite ignorant. She then shows Daphne a drawing she did of Douglas Blake and how angry he makes her. Daphne asks her why she drew it then, and Helen says that she has her reasons.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Clive arrives and starts asking Mike where he got the black eye. Mike claims that it was from a football at school, but neither Clive or Daphne are convinced. Mike leaves to head back to school and Clive asks Daphne if he can put a poster for his animalgrams on the notice board. He then suggests using a gorillagram at the wedding that week, but she isn’t at all convinced and forces him to buy some food if he’s going to hang out in the shop.

Mike is sitting on a bench by the school oval, on his own, when another student approaches him. Mike tells him to get lost and the other guy leaves, commenting that it’s no wonder that Mike has no friends if that’s his attitude.

. . .

At number 28, Nikki and Helen have just been looking at Daphne’s choice of wedding dresses as Des tries to get some peace reading the newspaper. Daphne then arrives home and women start talking about the wedding, so he gives up. Danny walks in to pick up some papers he left there, as Nikki and Helen leave. Danny asks Des if there’s been any word about him getting a promotion as he needs the extra money to impress Marcie. Des breaks the news to Danny that he didn’t get the job, as the promotion actually went to Marcie.

At number 24, Danny is telling Madge what’s happened. She’s busy laying the table and says that Des clearly has no common sense if he’d promoted a junior girl over a Ramsay. Clive then phones and asks Danny to go an extra job as a gorillagram that evening, but Danny refuses, then lies to Madge that it was just a friend calling. Madge wants Danny to confide in her, but he explains that Daphne is the only one that seems to understand. Madge describes Daphne as “shop-soiled” and tries to stop Danny, but he says that he’s going to talk to her now.

. . .

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Helen and Nikki sit down and Mike comes over to take their order. Helen introduces herself and Nikki to Mike, and Nikki starts asking Mike what he’s studying. She then questions him about the black eye and he quickly excuses himself to get their drinks. Nikki comments that Mike seems a lot nicer than Danny. Helen asks Nikki about school, then asks how Laura, Nikki’s mother, is. Nikki says that she hasn’t been in touch for a while and they don’t seem to have much contact these days.

At number 28, Daphne asks Des if she can read the social pages of the newspaper when he’s finished, as she needs to know about that sort of thing if she’s going to be a bank manager’s wife. She mentions that she had words with Madge today. Des is furious and storms off to speak to Madge, just as a surprised Danny arrives at the door.

. . .

At number 24, Madge is preparing for dinner when she finds Danny’s bag on the floor. She goes through his wallet and is surprised by how much money is in it. Des then storms in, demanding to know what gives Madge the right to speak down to Daphne. Madge thinks that the bank should know about Daphne’s past, but Des says that if it ever came down to a choice between Daphne and the bank, he’d quit his job.

At number 28, Danny is asking Daphne how he can impress Marcie. Daphne tells him to just be himself, but he says that he’s going to have to save up and take her on holiday.

. . .

Helen is visiting a private investigator. In his office, she explains that her family thinks she’s gone to see an art dealer and she asks how long it’s going to take to find the man. The investigator, Rawlings, explains that he’s very experienced in such work. Helen then shows him the drawing and says that she wants Douglas Blake found, as quickly as possible.

Summary by Steve