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Magic Moments > 1986 > Scott's Return: Part Two Episode 189

Written by Kaye Bendle, Directed by Andrew Friedman

Kelly and the nurse are pressuring Scott into phoning home. Douglas tells Madge that he has a friend who can value her diamonds and he’ll do it for her if he wants her to. Jim answers the phone and is relieved to hear that it’s Scott and that he’s ok…

At number 26, Helen is preparing a bag of clothes for Jim to take to the hospital when he picks up Scott. Paul comes in and is thrilled to hear the news that they’ve found Scott, but they don’t know why he was in hospital in the first place. Paul wants to go with his father, so they leave as Madge comes in and hugs Helen as she hears the news.

. . .

Jim and Paul enter Scott’s hospital room, where they find him asleep. As Jim touches him, Scott jumps up, then apologises, admitting that he’s still a bit jumpy. Paul wants to know what he was playing at, disappearing like that and Scott admits that he was trying to get home but it all went wrong. He says that he didn’t ring as he thought the police would be waiting there to arrest him.

At the bank, Danny gets off the phone and tells Des that Scott’s been found and is on his way home. Danny is going about what an irresponsible schoolboy Scott is, when Zoe comes running in, looking for Des. She tells him that everything got on top of her at the Coffee Shop, so she just locked up in the middle of the lunch hour. Zoe tells him that she can’t cook anything at all except burgers and sandwiches. Des tells her to take everything else off the menu and to never shut up shop again. As Zoe leaves, Danny starts talking about how wonderful Daphne was, when Des tells him to can it.

. . .

At number 26, Helen gets off the phone to Jim, just as Nikki walks in. As Helen explains what happened to Scott, she also asks her niece to never do anything stupid like hitchhiking as it simply isn’t safe. Helen then tells Nikki that her friends from boarding school can come over for dinner if she wants them to.

At the Ramsay house, Madge is telling Danny when to take dinner out of the oven, as she won’t be in that evening. He wants to know where she’ll be, but she says that it’s none of his business, before leaving.

. . .

. . .

Back at number 26, Helen is delighted to see Scott as he comes through the front door with Jim and Paul. Paul complains that he didn’t get such a huge welcome when he came home from hospital. Nikki starts asking Scott why he behaved so stupidly and he explains what happened and admits that he was just scared of returning home. Nikki then says that she hopes he’s learnt a lesson from it all.

At number 28, Des arrives home and finds fish and chips waiting for him on the counter. Zoe then appears in a new dress, which she’s bought for her business dinners with Paul. Zoe then shows off another great deal – some champagne she got on offer at the Coffee Shop. Paul turns up and asks Zoe if she’ll go out with him that night, but in a different dress as her new one is a little too snazzy. He leaves and Des warns Zoe to be careful, as he wouldn’t like to see her or Paul get hurt.

. . .

Madge arrives at the hotel restaurant and waits for Douglas to arrive.

At number 26, Scott is being nagged on the phone by Julie, so Jim helps him out by calling out that his dinner is getting cold. Helen takes over the phone call to Julie…

. . .

Madge is trying to phone the Robinson house, but the line is engaged and she’s starting to get worried.

Helen continues to talk to Julie, before hanging up. As Helen goes to sit down, the phone rings again and Nikki answers. Madge asks Nikki if she can speak to Helen. Madge then tells Helen that she’s concerned, because Douglas hasn’t turned up yet and he has her diamond. Helen is trying to placate her without the family realising what’s going on, but tells Madge to carry on waiting. Danny arrives to see Scott and Nikki asks him why Madge was so upset on the phone just now. Danny is confused, but Helen assures them all that there’s nothing wrong with Madge.

. . .

Madge picks up her bag and leaves her hotel room…

Danny thanks Helen for the dessert she’s given him and he then tells Nikki that she’s looking lovely today. Paul warns him not to bother with Nikki as she’s already found a rich boyfriend called William. In the kitchen, Jim asks a nervous Helen if everything’s alright and she assures him that it is.

. . .

Back at the restaurant, Madge continues to wait for Douglas.

Scott and Danny are discussing Nikki and Scott’s running away from school camp. Scott then asks Danny about his job, and Danny admits that he’s changed and is serious about getting himself a decent career with the bank. Scott tells Danny he’s changed and is talking like a jerk, but they both admit that they’re glad to see the other and they end up arm wrestling.

. . .

At number 28, Des and Paul are waiting for Zoe to get ready, while drinking the champagne that she got earlier. Zoe then runs in looking for a shoe, then returns and claims that she’ll be two minutes. Paul mentions that Daphne never took this long to get ready and Des is annoyed, saying that everyone keeps telling him how much he lost with Daphne. Zoe appears and asks the boys what they think. When Des fails to respond, Zoe goes off to change.

At number 26, Jim asks Helen what she’s plotting with Madge, but she assures him that it’s nothing.

. . .

Madge is still alone at the restaurant, and she gets up and walks out.

. . .

Helen asks Nikki to get off the phone. Danny starts telling Scott to think about the future. In the kitchen, Helen is sitting by the phone when Madge phones. She explains that Douglas has just arrived and is in reception waiting for her…

Summary by Steve