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Magic Moments > 1986 > Rosemary's Arrival Episode 194

Written by Roger Moulton, Directed by Brendan Maher

Clive lies to Beth Travers that Shane is getting married the following week to Daphne. Beth is clearly upset and she gets up and runs off.

As Beth runs into the house, Shane asks Clive what he said to her exactly. Clive explains that he told her he was getting married, and Shane is pleased until he finds out that Daphne’s name was mentioned. Shane is worried that Daphne will find out about the lie, but Clive assures him that she won’t and, if she does, he’ll sort everything out. Shane isn’t convinced.

. . .

Nikki and Scott are walking home from school and she’s showing off her new earrings for the visitor they’ve got coming. Scott thinks she means Rosemary, but Nikki didn’t realise that Rosemary was visiting and is glad to hear it, as her aunt always has the latest New York fashions. Nikki then explains that she bought the earrings to show off to Jane’s brother, William, who’s coming over for dinner. Scott tells Nikki that she must have double-booked, as Danny’s coming over too.

At Beth’s place, Clive goes to collect payment and Beth starts asking him questions about the wedding, wishing that he’d told her in the first place rather than allow her to make a fool of herself. She then starts asking questions about Daphne and Clive mentions that she’s his housemate. Beth seems very interested by this piece of information.

. . .

At the bank, Paul is trying to encourage Des to get over Daphne and go out on a double date with him, Zoe and one of Zoe’s friends. Des reluctantly agrees and Paul is busy telling him what to wear when Shane and Clive come in. Shane is telling Clive that he’s made things worse by lying about the wedding. Paul overhears and asks who’s getting married and Shane announces to a shocked Des that he’s marrying Daphne.

At number 26, Jim and Helen are preparing for Rosemary’s arrival as Nikki comes out in another outfit and asks how she’s looks. Jim tells her that she looks sweet and she’s offended, as she wanted to look sophisticated for William. Paul and Scott wonder why Nikki is so interested in William, and she explains that he’s attractive and well educated. Helen suggests that the boys get dressed up too and Nikki agrees, saying that Rosemary always looks her best. Paul starts complaining about how rude and pushy Rosemary is, but Jim and Helen tell him that he is to welcome her politely and not spoil her visit, as Helen hasn’t seen her in over two years. In the kitchen, Paul is complaining about how Rosemary got him that holiday job, then fired him, and as he does so, Rosemary comes in the front door and hears everything. Jim tells everyone to stop arguing, but Rosemary walks in and tells them not to stop on her account. Helen is delighted to see her daughter and hugs her, as everyone else looks sheepish.

. . .

. . .

At the bank, Des is training Danny, who asks him if he should really be at work after the shock her got earlier. Danny then starts comparing Daphne with Nikki, and Des asks him what happened to Marcie. Danny explains that Nikki’s different, as she’s smart and classy and he’s having dinner with her – along with the rest of the Robinson family. He asks Des if he can leave early to get ready and Des lets him go.

At number 24, Shane is complaining to his dad about the stunt that Clive’s pulled, but Max isn’t surprised as it’s just the sort of thing that he expects from Clive. Max tells him that Clive should go and sort it out with Beth, and Shane says that if he doesn’t, he isn’t going to have a business partner for much longer. Shane then says that Des has also got to hear about it all and he wasn’t too happy either.

. . .

At number 26, Jim brings Rosemary a drink and explains that Lucy is away at the moment, but doesn’t want her to leave until she gets back. Scott asks “Aunt” Rosemary how long she’s staying and she asks him not to call her aunt. Just then, Danny arrives and is busy explaining to Rosemary that he’s a banker now and reads the business digest, when William arrives. Nikki introduces him to everyone, before Helen announces that dinner is ready and they all go to sit down.

At number 24, Shane is trying to phone Beth, but is getting no answer. He tells Max that he has to sort things out with her right away. Shane then decides to go for a drive and goes to get the van keys. Whilst he’s gone, Max answers the door to Beth, who’s brought a wedding present over. Max sits her down and says that she shouldn’t have, he then goes on to tell her that there isn’t going to be a wedding – it was all a story. Beth is shocked and Shane chooses that moment to walk back into the room.

. . .

Back at number 26, Rosemary is complimenting her mother on her cooking and says that she might have to smuggle her back to New York with her. William then asks Rosemary about her business, commenting that it’s nice for women to have an interest outside the home and he asks if she has shares in a boutique. She then lists all of the international business services that the Daniels Corporation provides and William is stunned into silence. Danny starts asking questions about what Rosemary is doing back in Australia, and Helen says that if they let her, Rosemary will discuss business all night. Helen mentions that Anne wasn’t very business-minded at all, and William says that he sees no reason why women should leave the kitchen. Nikki stops him and says that they should all be free to choose. Scott then mentions that his gran, Bess Robinson, is a famous journalist and not all women must stop their careers to have a family. William says that it’s fine for them to dabble in arts and such, but they should keep out of business. Danny says that Rosemary has done better than most men in her field, before Helen stops them all and suggests clearing the plates for the main course. In the kitchen, Rosemary jokingly tells Nikki that although Danny is very nice, he’s a little young for her.

At number 24, Beth is refusing to listen to Shane’s explanations, as she feels stupid and embarrassed. Shane says that it was all Clive’s idea, but then he explains that he’s really in love with Daphne, but can’t tell her how he feels. Beth begins to soften as she realises that Shane is being honest with her. She kisses him and tells him to keep the wedding present, before leaving.

. . .

At number 26, Danny is helping Nikki and Scott with the washing up, when William mentions that they have a kitchen girl to do theirs, as the kitchen is a woman’s domain. Danny says that times have changed and he hands William a cloth to wipe up with. William isn’t amused and he prepares to leave. Nikki goes to see him out and tells Danny that he isn’t funny.

At number 28, Paul, Des, Zoe and Zoe’s friend, Nadine, arrive back with pizza. As Des goes to get some champagne for them all to drink, Zoe suspects that Des is depressed and isn’t really in the mood. Paul assures her that’s not the case but then Des comes back and everyone sits in silence.

. . .

At number 24, Danny asks Rosemary if she might have a place in her new business venture for him. She tells him to stick with the banking for a couple more years, then give her a call. Nikki also asks the same question, but Jim suspects that Rosemary’s business is too cut-throat for a nice young girl like Nikki. Nikki says that women have to be tough in business as men are so prejudiced. Rosemary agrees and suspects the Jim just wants all women to be like Anne. Jim says that there is room for both types of women.

At number 28, Des is complaining to Zoe and Nadine about how stupid he was to lose a great girl like Daphne. Paul tells Des that he’s wallowing, but Nadine says that Paul isn’t behaving like much of a friend. Everyone, however, is surprised when Des gets up to find a photo of Daphne to show them.

. . .

. . .

At number 26, Rosemary is explaining how her business works and Danny is very interested, until a bored Nikki points out the time. Rosemary stops and says that she is feeling a little jetlagged, so Danny leaves, and everyone else goes to bed, leaving Helen and Rosemary alone. Rosemary wonders how Helen manages so much cooking and cleaning, and hugs her mum. She says that she likes to relax when she’s away from the business. Helen asks about her personal life, and Rosemary says that she’s involved with a man named Gerard Singer, but she’s worried about messing it up, like she did with Brian. She tells Helen that she still blames Paul for what happened with Brian, just as Paul walks in. He tells Rosemary that she’s kidding herself – Brian was using both of them.

Comment: Although barely mentioned until a few weeks before her arrival, Rosemary's introduction to Neighbours was a very clever move on the part of the writers. It gave Helen an emotional storyline as they tracked down Rosemary's birth mother, provided plenty of conflict between the members of the Robinson family and kicked off Paul's transformation into the businessman that he still is today.

Summary by Steve