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Magic Moments > 1986 > Charlene's Arrival: Part Two Episode 235

Written by Ginny Lowndes, Directed by Mark Callan

Scott is walking down Ramsay Street when he spots someone trying to get into the front window at number 24. He runs up there to stop them and gets a punch in the mouth for his efforts. Madge then runs out to see what all the fuss is about, and is shocked to find that the “burglar” is actually her daughter, Charlene.

Madge asks Charlene what she’s doing there, and she explains that she was just trying to get into the house when Scott jumped her. Madge says that she was only out the back, but didn’t hear the door. Charlene then says that it was her dad who taught her to box, and that she hitched a ride down to Erinsborough with Charlie Smith. Madge is horrified, and Charlene shakes hands with Scott to apologise, obviously sorry as he leaves. Madge then sends Charlene inside for a shower and a change of clothes.

. . .

. . .

At number 22, a furious Daphne gets off the phone from seeking legal advice and tells Clive that she’s still getting nowhere. Shane arrives and tells Daphne that he doesn’t want all of this to spoil the wedding. Clive suggests to Daphne that she make the building owners keep her in the shop by increasing business so much that they’d be mad to let her go. Daphne thinks it’s a great idea and runs off to get changed.

Scott arrives at the Coffee Shop and tells Mike that he was punched by Lenny Mitchell. After establishing that Lenny’s a girl, Scott waits for Mike to laugh, but he says that he has enough of his own problems right now. He tells Scott about his parents stopping their financial support, and things are only going to get worse if Daphne loses the shop, as they’ll both be out of jobs. Mike then decides to go and see his parents and asks Scott to fill in at the shop for an hour.

. . .

At number 24, Max and Danny come inside and Max asks Madge who’s holed up in the bathroom. Madge explains that Charlene has come to stay, and the woman herself then appears and insists on being called Lenny. Madge says that there’s no need to change a perfectly good name, but Charlene says that she’ll flatten anyone who doesn’t call her Lenny. Max is amused to hear that Charlene punched Scott and then Shane arrives home and hugs his cousin. Madge wonders why her daughter has come to visit, then Charlene drops the bombshell that Fred has moved Susan into the house – and Susan is expecting a baby.

At the Coffee Shop, Clive and Daphne arrive, and Scott reluctantly tells them that Mike has gone to see his dad. Although Clive wants to go over there and help, Scott says that Mike wanted to go it alone. Clive decides to stay and asks Scott how business has been. Scott says that it’s been very quiet and Clive wonders if Daphne should just cut her losses and get out. Daphne wants to at least try and increase business, so Clive suggests some kind of contest as publicity. He wonders if they could get someone to eat a bike, but nobody is particularly taken with that idea.

. . .

Back at number 24, Madge is furious with Charlene for embarrassing her like that, and accuses her daughter of being tactless. Charlene wonders if Madge has told anyone about Henry being in prison, and Madge says that she went to see him and he said he didn’t want her to visit any more. Charlene thinks that it’s no wonder, if she went on at him like she always does. Madge tells Charlene that if she’s going to stay, she’s going to have to learn to hold her tongue. Charlene accuses Madge of not liking her and walks out, leaving Madge in tears.

Mike is at his parents’ house, but there’s no answer at the door. He then sees his mum returning with some groceries. She smiles when she sees him and realises that he’s come about the money. Mike asks if his dad hit her and she avoids the question, simply stating that David has certain attitudes about things and it’s very difficult to change his mind. He asks how he’s going to afford to go to teacher’s college now, but she tells him that he’s on his own. Mike reminds her that he was saving up to help her escape, but she simply says goodbye and walks away. Mike leaves and Barbara watches him, sadly, as he goes.

. . .

At number 24, Charlene is bored watching tv and asks Danny to take her somewhere, but he isn’t keen. Charlene keeps pestering him and Shane suggests that they go to Daphne’s Coffee Shop. Danny finally relents when Max offers him some money. After they’re gone, Max says that Charlene is getting a lot like Fred, and Madge agrees, saying that the girl has clearly been allowed to run wild. Shane says that he’ll check on them when he goes to pick up Daphne later on, and Madge decides that even Charlene couldn’t get into much trouble with Danny around.

At the Coffee Shop, Scott, Clive and Daphne are going through an alphabetical list of foods, looking for a theme for their contest. Clive suggest gherkins, but nobody finds that very appetising. Charlene and Danny arrive, complete the introductions, then join in with finding a contest theme. They all finally settle on pancakes and orange juice, then Mike returns in a bad mood. Daphne takes him to one side and asks how things went with his parents. He says that he doesn’t want to discuss it and, as he walks off, Charlene has obviously taken quite a shine to him.

. . .

At number 24, Madge is angrily tidying up and Max suggests that she just return home to Coffs Harbour and get a place of her own, with Charlene and Henry. He also suggests that she take a look at herself before criticising others. Madge tells him that she’s done everyone humanly possible to give her kids a good start in life.

At the Coffee Shop, Charlene is trying to chat to Mike about school, but he’s not really interested, so she goes back to join the others. Clive is explaining the contest rules; the two entrants must cook their own pancakes and squeeze their own juice, the ones who manage it quickest are the winners. He then shows Daphne how to squeeze juice by passing an orange from under his chin to her. At that moment, Shane walks in and asks what the hell is going on. He asks to speak to Daphne in the kitchen.

. . .

In the kitchen, Shane simply asks that he be involved in all of the fun and games. He insists that he isn’t jealous of Clive though. Daphne says that he seems to be asking her to give up on the Coffee Shop, which is the only thing she’s really ever owned and made a go of. Shane admits that he’s worried that she’ll soon be the one supporting him, and asks her when she’s going to marry him. She suggests that they marry in two months’ time and he hugs her, but she doesn’t look too sure.

At number 24, Max is heading off to bed, but Madge is worried about where Danny and Charlene have got to. She decides to go out and look for them, but Max reminds her that it’s a big city out there and she’s being ridiculous. She admits that she’s worried about Charlene getting herself a reputation. Max warns her that she’s going to turn Charlene against her if she carries on, but Madge insists that although she’s been strict, she’s never been unfair.

. . .

At number 22, Shane gives Daphne a goodnight kiss at the door and leaves. She slowly walks inside and flops down on the couch. Clive then comes downstairs and checks that everything’s ok. She says that they’ve sorted things out and even set a wedding date, but she isn’t sure. She admits that Shane’s a great guy, but he’s jealous of every guy she ever goes near. Clive asks her if she’s sure she’s doing the right thing by marrying him and Daphne says that she can’t change her mind now.

. . .

At number 24, Shane arrives home, with Madge sitting up waiting for Danny and Charlene. He says that he and Daphne have set a wedding date and Madge is pleased, but her mood soon changes when Charlene and a drunken Danny burst in. Charlene explains that they were dancing at Lassiter’s and the ensuing argument then wakes up Max, who demands to know what’s going on. Charlene and Madge then continue to argue until Charlene blurts out to everyone that Henry is in prison, and Madge tells Charlene that she has to leave immediately.

Summary by Steve