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Magic Moments > 1986 > Max's Departure Episode 245

Written by Dave Worthington, Directed by Paul Moloney, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Ten: 02/05/86, BBC One: 13/10/87, UK Gold: 08/10/93

Danny and Shane are both full up from testing Madge's pancakes, when Max walks in, having been taking lessons with Helen, and presents them with another plate of pancakes. He's slightly hurt when they both run out of the room...

At number 26, Jim arrives home for lunch, but Helen hasn't prepared anything, as she's been so busy helping Max. She offers to make a sandwich, but Jim says that he'll get something at the coffee shop. Helen then mentions that she's planning a lamb roast for the weekend, but Jim says that he won't be there - a client in the mountains is having some trouble with the equipment, so he's going up there to see him, and thought he'd make a weekend of it. Helen wonders if he's going alone - at first, he thinks she's hinting that he should take the children, but then realises that she's talking about Zoe - but he insists that he'll be going on his own.


At number 24, Max is shouting out the door after the boys, trying to get them to come back and try his pancakes. He turns around to find Madge laughing, and blames her for the whole thing. She says that she didn't force Shane and Danny to eat her pancakes - but Max thinks it's just like when they were kids, when she used to turn people against him. She points out that she just used her charms, which were always preferable to Max's loud and insulting personality. He tells her that he's going to win the pancake competition, but she just laughs at him. Once Madge has gone, Max tries one of the pancakes, but isn't very impressed.

Back at number 26, Helen is on the phone to Mrs Armitage, assuring her that she and Madge are still good friends, when Eileen arrives. She complains about Mrs Armitage and her constant gossiping and rumour-mongering, and says that people have been talking about the scene out on the street last week with Bradley and Gavin. Helen thinks that most people are capable of minding their own business, but Eileen starts talking about how Bradley should be allowed to see his father, and how Andrea has led Des astray. Helen is clearly getting ready to go out, but Eileen sits herself down in the kitchen and starts asking Helen if she's worried about Jim running about with that younger woman. Helen eventually gives in and says that she'll put the kettle on.


Jim arrives at the Daniels Corporation office, and Zoe excitedly tells him about the film she wants to see, telling him that it's showing on Sunday. He explains that he can't go, as he'll be away, and Zoe assumes that she's going with him, but he tells her it's a business trip. She then assumes that his family have been telling him to stay away from her, but he assures her that it's nothing like that, and that he thought she'd be bored on her own whilst he's tinkering with machinery. She tells him how much she loves tinkering with machinery, and he agrees to let her come with him.

At number 28, Andrea is writing a note for Bradley, and preparing to go out, when Eileen turns up. She's brought a gift for Bradley, but she sees the note and can't believe that Andrew is going out and leaving Bradley to fend for himself, after everything that's happened recently. She suggests that she could look after him, or that Andrea could postpone her trip out - Andrea has to go, so she reluctantly allows Eileen to wait at the house, and look after Bradley when he gets home. Eileen rips up the note, and insists that Bradley will be just fine.


Later, Bradley arrives home, surprised to find Eileen there, and suspicious of her story that his mum had to go out. He doesn't approach her when she offers milk and cookies, but is more interested by the present she's brought for him. It's one of the Masters of the Universe toys that Bradley collects, but it's the wrong one. He says that Des is going to get the right one for him tomorrow, and Eileen talks about how kind and generous her son is, and how he was always bringing home strays to look after - but they always died, as they were separated from their parents. Eileen tells him that it takes a very special kind of person to go begging, like Andrea did with Des, but she only did it to protect Bradley, and she hopes that he'd do the same to protect his mum.

At The Waterhole, Jack is sitting at the bar when Andrea arrives, saying that she was just out doing some shopping and thought she'd pop in for a drink. She starts chatting to Jack about how her father was a miner, but he quickly sees through her story and asks if Paul's sent her here to do this, as she knows nothing about mining and is too young to be chatting up an old bloke like him. He then says that he'll have another drink, if Paul's the one paying for it.


Back at the office, Zoe returns from her lunch break, and she's been shopping - she tells Paul that she saved $70 in the sale, and she put them on her credit card. Paul says that he's got some overtime for her - which will no doubt be good news for her bank manager - but it's on Saturday, and she explains that she's going away this weekend. Helen then arrives to see Paul - she tells him that she's been in touch with some people about the limo, and it's looking like it might be a good business idea. She also asks Paul over for dinner - he isn't keen, but Helen thinks that Paul and Jim need to break the ice at some point. Paul agrees, but says that he could only do tomorrow night - Helen says that Jim will be away for the weekend, and Paul looks over at Zoe.

At number 24, Max is making pancakes, as an amused Madge files her nails and watches him. He tries to toss them, but then end up on the floor. Max then takes a call from a client, but has to turn it down - Madge tells him that he should be more polite to his customers, and tells him to clean up the floor. She also points out that the heat is very high, and his pancake might burn, but he ignores her, thinking she's deliberately giving him bad advice. As they continue to bicker, Max fails to notice that the pan behind him is smoking, and Madge has to point it out to him.


At number 28, Eileen is talking to Bradley about how this situation could push Des to breaking point, and Bradley and Andrea would have to leave. She also thinks that it must be difficult for Bradley, not knowing his real father - Bradley doesn't think that Gavin cares about him, but Eileen says that he does, and that Andrea could be in very big trouble for taking Bradley away from him. Eileen points out that, if Bradley continues to refuse to see Gavin, then he might report Andrea to the police - and so Bradley reluctantly agrees to meet his father.

Eileen and Bradley arrive outside Lassiter's hotel, and she assures the boy that everything will be fine, as they go inside. Nearby, Jack is asking Andrea how much Paul offered to pay her for her services - she says that he's giving her $500, plus another $1500 if she succeeds, and she explains that she didn't want to do it, but she's desperate for the money. Jack tells her that he doesn't blame her, and that she should go and collect her wages - he'll see to Paul.


Gavin lets Eileen and Bradley into his hotel room, and she says that she'd had a nice talk with Bradley and he's happy to come and see his dad. Bradley remains silent, and Eileen goes to the bathroom to freshen up. Gavin tells Bradley how much everyone back home is missing him, and suggests that they go back together, but Bradley wants to stay with his mum. Gavin says that Andrea has no right to keep Bradley, and shows his son some legal papers, which say that Bradley has to be with his dad. He explains that Andrea has broken the law and she could go to jail for a long time, so Bradley agrees to go back to Perth. Eileen then reappears, and is delighted to hear the news - she suggests that they go and tell Andrea, but Bradley runs off to the bathroom. Gavin thanks Eileen for her help, but she looks a little concerned.

At the Daniels Corporation office, Paul is teasing Zoe about her romantic weekend away, when Jack arrives to see Paul. He says that he's been speaking to Andrea, and has decided that he doesn't want to live out his days in the big city, so he's decided to sell. Paul can barely hide his delight, and shows Jack out, saying that he'll have the papers drawn up immediately. Zoe isn't too impressed, and asks if she can leave early - Paul asks her to pass on a cheque to Andrea when she sees her. Zoe declares that clearly Andrea has no conscience either.


Back at the hotel, a worried Eileen is waiting for Bradley to come out of the bathroom, and Gavin is packing, telling her that he'll probably head straight back to Perth with Bradley, once they've seen Andrea. An unhappy Bradley finally comes out of the bathroom, and Eileen says that everyone's ready to go now.

Andrea arrives back at number 28, where Zoe is trying on her new dresses. She hands over the cheque, but Andrea is more concerned about Bradley. She's unable to find him anywhere, but Zoe insists that he'll be fine with Eileen - she'd never let anything bad happen to him. Andrea looks unconvinced.


Outside the hotel, Gavin puts his bags into the boot of the car, and then lets Bradley in. He gets into the car, and Eileen walks around to the side, but finds the passenger door is locked. The car then speeds off, with a worried Bradley looking back at Eileen, who has a horrified look on her face.

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Zoe Davis, Helen Daniels, Eileen Clarke

Guest Cast: Regina Gaigalas as Andrea Townsend, Bradley Kilpatrick as Bradley Townsend, Bruce Kilpatrick as Gavin McKinley, Alan Hopgood as Jack Lassiter

Trivia Notes
Final appearance of Francis Bell as Max Ramsay
Max's final words are "Me? Petty? I'm a reasonable bloke, you ask anybody around here, I'm noted for my reasonableness."
Although there is no indication that Max is leaving, he calls Madge two episodes later, to tell her that he's at the airport and is flying to Brisbane to reconcile with Maria. The sudden exit was due to Francis Bell allegedly walking off set, after a pay dispute with the producers. Max's scenes in the pancake competition are covered by Helen the following week, and then Ramsay brother Tom arrives in episode 251 to take the place of Max in other planned storylines
Past character Mrs Armitage is mentioned
Gavin is staying in room number 7 at Lassiter's

Summary by Steve

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