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Magic Moments > 1987 > Harold's Arrival Episode 415

Written by Greg Millin, Directed by Peter Andrikidis

Charlene suggests that Madge phones Harold, to check up on where he is. Madge says that she’ll cope fine not knowing.

Shane tells Charlene that she’s being too rough on Paul, but Charlene says that he deserves it for ruining Clive’s life. Shane says he’s going to call in on Clive on his way back from his run. Scott arrives as Shane is leaving, and shows Charlene his finished article for the paper. Scott offers to get dinner ready while Charlene reads it, and Scott says that his article has mass appeal, and might even be turned into a series. Charlene is shocked by it, and says that if it gets published, all hell will break loose. She warns him that nobody will speak to him, and he walks out on her. She stops him and says that this isn’t the way to prove to his dad that he can cut it as a journalist. He says that he feels like a success now after failing his HSC. She apologises, and offers to help him to type it up.

. . .

Clive is sitting out on the back steps of number 22, looking depressed, when Shane sneaks up on him. Clive tries to pretend that he’s fine and is about to go out for a run. Shane asks if Clive’s ok in the house on his own, now that Jane’s gone back to number 32 and asks him to go down to the pub. Clive says that he has a lot to do and asks Shane to leave.

At number 26, Helen says she’s going over to number 24 for an emergency meeting with Madge. Lucy is looking over Scott’s shoulder while they type and he hassles her to leave. Jim asks Scott and Charlene what they’re writing about, but Scott tells him that he’ll be able to read all about it in the paper. Jim warns Scott not to get too carried away, and that he’ll need special training to be a journalist, and that it wouldn’t be a problem if he wanted to repeat year 12. Scott says he’s not going to repeat, and storms off to his room. Charlene apologises on Scott’s behalf.

. . .

Shane, Helen and Madge are gathered, trying to work out a plan to cheer up Clive. Charlene then arrives home, apologising to Madge for forgetting to take dinner out of the oven. They then realise that Clive is always the person to cheer people up, and Charlene suggests that they use that box of stuff that Clive gave her when his Uncle Ted was staying, and that all Madge needs to do is to convince Clive to come over for dinner…

Madge arrives in Clive’s garden to chat to him, and he tries to be light-hearted, but she tells him he doesn’t have to pretend. He says it’s getting a bit lonely, and she invites him to dinner, warning him that she won’t take no for an answer. He agrees, and says he’ll bring some photos of Sam.

. . .

Lucy is still hassling Scott, saying that she’s going to write her own story. He gives her a thesaurus and she asks if it’s a book about dinosaurs, but Scott tells her she can use it to write her story. Charlene then turns up and Scott says that he can’t see her right now, as he’s busy working. She tells him he’s being too serious about his writing, and asks him over for dinner. He turns her down, but says that once this story is finished, he’ll make it up to her.

That evening at number 24, Madge is preparing the table for dinner. Charlene tells her that it looks great, and Madge tells her that Shane has just gone out to pick up some Champagne. Charlene tells her mum that they need to get ready now, and Madge says that she isn’t so sure, and that she’ll feel silly. Charlene convinces her not to worry about what other people think, just for one night. Madge finally relents and Charlene rushes off to the bedroom.

. . .

At number 26, Lucy is asking Helen lots of questions about Rosemary’s wedding, and Helen snaps at her, saying that they’re not going. Jim tells Lucy to go and wash her hands for dinner, and asks Helen why Lucy can’t come. Helen explains that she won’t be going to the wedding, and Jim realises that it’s because of the man she met in America. Helen warns him to mind his own business.

Shane brings Clive into number 24, and Clive asks where Madge and Charlene are. Suddenly, the burst out dressed up as clowns, and Shane tries to make Clive put a clown wig on, but he refuses. Madge lists what they’ve got for dinner, and then Clive gets out the photos of Sam. Madge, Charlene and Shane realise that their plan is already failing.

. . .

At number 26, Scott finally comes out of his room, and apologises to Jim, who is reading the paper on the sofa. Jim explains that he only wants what’s best for him, and Scott sits down to explain that he’s hoping to establish himself and land a cadetship, but if that doesn’t work, he’ll consider going back to school. Helen then comes in and Jim shows her an article about Rosemary’s fiance Gerard, who is coming to town for an exhibition. Helen walks out, and Scott wonders why Helen doesn’t like Gerard.

Clive finishes dinner, and says he’s going to go now. He apologises for ruining dinner and leaves. They realise he’s forgotten his photos and then there’s a knock at the door, so they think he’s come back. Charlene runs to answer, but finds a man on the doorstep, looking for Mrs Mitchell. Charlene realises that it’s Harold and pulls him inside. Madge and Harold are shocked to see each other.

. . .

. . .

Later on, Shane and Charlene are offering Harold drinks, when Madge appears, having removed all of the clown make-up. Madge tells Harold that she could have done with some warning, but Harold explains that Charlene invited him. Madge is annoyed, until Harold says that it’s exactly the sort of thing Madge would have done when she was younger. Charlene asks for the juicy details about their first date, and Harold says that Madge was never home before 9 and always kissed on the first date.

Shane arrives at number 22 to return Clive’s photos, and finds him sitting in the hallway, drinking ginger ale. Shane tells him that some relationships just aren’t meant to be, and that it’s better for everyone like this. He tells Clive that Paul would always have been inbetween them, and Clive says that he’ll never give Paul the time of day as long as he lives.

. . .

Jim tries to talk to Helen about what’s wrong, but she refuses to say anything. He continues to press her, until she tells him to stop. He asks her if the man she fell in love with is Gerard Singer, and she says that she doesn’t know what to do – she’s fallen in love with her own daughter’s fiance.

Summary by Steve