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Magic Moments > 1987 > Henry's Arrival Episode 430

Written by Wayne Doyle, Directed by Andrew Friedman

Henry arrives at number 24 and Charlene is delighted to see him, but Shane and Madge are far less enthusiastic. Shane leaves, and Henry hugs his mother, who says that she’s glad that he’s free but he can’t stay with them, as she’s washed her hands of him.

Henry asks Madge is she really meant what she just said. He assures her that he’s changed now and is going to make a fresh start, but Madge doesn’t believe a word of it. He tells her that he needs her help if he’s ever going to find his place back in society, and assures her that the gambling in prison was simply a way to pass the time. Madge turns away, and Charlene realises that she really means it this time. Henry goes to get his stuff, and thanks his mum and sister for everything they’ve done for him. As he turns away, he coughs a little and Madge asks him if he has a cold. Henry just smiles.

. . .

At number 26, Bouncer has been ripping up the sofa cushions when Jim gets home and finds the mess. Helen then emerges from the kitchen with a dustpan and brush and explains that Mike gave Bouncer to Lucy to look after and now she’s cleaning up the damage. Jim then broaches the subject of Rosemary, but Helen says that she hasn’t heard from her, and feels terrible for coming between her and Gerard. Jim tells her that she can’t help who she falls in love with, but Helen says that she should have walked away sooner. Jim assures her that Rosemary will understand eventually as Helen wishes that she’d never met Gerard in the first place.

Back at number 24, Henry is eating lunch with Charlene and Madge, who reminds him that he’ll still have to go once he’s finished eating. Henry presents his mum with a purse that he made for her in prison and then asks about his dad. Madge explains that they’re now divorced and Henry blames all of his problems on his father, calling him a no-hoper. Madge says that seems to be something of a family trait, before apologising. She then tells Henry that he should go. Charlene tries to stop him, but Henry says that he realises that Madge has enough problems without him hanging around. Madge is close to tears as Henry leaves.

. . .

Outside, Jim is trying to fix the car, when Helen comes out, on her way back to the office and says she’ll pick up some dog food on the way home. As she leaves, Henry walks up to Jim, who remembers him from when he used to spend Christmas holidays in Ramsay Street. Henry asks how the Robinson family are doing, and tells Jim that he was an excellent father, unlike Fred. Jim tells Henry that he should come over for dinner, but Henry explains that he’s leaving town to make a fresh start. He offers to help Jim with the car, in return for a lift to the bus station.

At number 24, Charlene runs in and tells Madge that Henry is still in the street, helping Jim, and she can stop him, it’s not too late. Madge tells her not to bother. Charlene goes to look out of the window and announces that they’ve got the car going, and this is Madge’s last chance to tell Henry to stay. Madge looks at the purse that Henry gave her, then tells Charlene to go after him.

. . .

. . .

Outside, Jim is just pulling out of the driveway when Charlene runs out into the street and stops them. Jim stops at the end of the street and reverses back. Charlene smiles and tells Henry that he can stay, and Henry is delighted. Jim welcomes Henry to the street for a second time and reminds him to call in for dinner. Charlene and Henry then run back into the house.

Inside, Madge watches the kids coming back up the stairs and wipes the tears from her eyes. She sits down as Charlene and Henry come in, and he thanks her and tells her that she’s done the right thing. She warns him that if he gets into any kind of trouble between now and the next blue moon, he’ll be gone.

. . .

At the Daniels Corporation office, Paul is on the phone to Rosemary, trying to get her to reconsider selling the business. He hangs up and complains to Helen that Rosemary won’t discuss what her plans are, and she’s leaving to return to America the following day. Helen decides to go and visit Rosemary, but refuses to speak to her about the business, telling Paul that he needs to start thinking about someone other than himself. Jim then arrives and tells Helen not to bother buying dog food, as he’s already picked some up. Helen explains that she’s going to visit Rosemary, and Jim offers to call in on her first and try to soften her up. Helen isn’t sure that it’ll work, but allows him to go anyway.

In her hotel room, Rosemary is in the middle of packing when Jim arrives. She tells him that she’s busy, as her flight leaves early the next day and she’s booked into the airport hotel. Jim says that he just wants a chat, so Rosemary lets him in, but warns him that if he’s come to discuss Helen, she has nothing to say.

. . .

Later, Jim is trying to tell Rosemary that he understands how she feels, but this isn’t some kind of plot to undermine her. She admits that perhaps she’s overreacted in threatening to sell the business and make Paul unemployed, but her other reactions were perfectly reasonable. She asks Jim how he’d feel and he says that he’d be hurt and angry, but she has to think about Helen’s feelings. Rosemary says that she doesn’t care about Helen’s feelings. Jim reminds her that it was her that introduced Helen to Gerard and their feelings grew despite of everything else. Jim tells her that Helen’s love for Rosemary was always the strongest thing, and now she can’t cope with Rosemary turning her back on her.

Back at the office, Paul and Helen are wondering why Jim is taking so long. Paul starts to complain about how he’s going to lose everything if Rosemary pulls out, and Helen reminds him that she’s set to make a few losses herself. Paul assures her that he understands what she’s going through. Scott then arrives, looking for Jim, as he needs some money for new schoolbooks. Helen reminds him that he should have saved some money from the stories he sold to the newspaper and storms out. Paul gives Scott the money he needs and tells him that Helen doesn’t mean it, she’s just got a lot on her mind.

. . .

Charlene is showing Henry around Ramsay Street, and decides to take him to the Waterhole, where Madge works. Henry finds this hilarious, and compares it to him becoming a welfare worker. Charlene says that everyone in Ramsay Street is friendly, before correcting herself as Mrs Mangel approaches, carrying her groceries. Henry offers to help her and Mrs Mangel is charmed, before Charlene tells her who he is. Mrs Mangel laments the drop in moral values in the area and goes off inside, as Charlene drags Henry off to the pub.

Later, Madge is putting the rubbish out when Mrs Mangel approaches her for a word about her son. Madge pretends to be horrified that Henry would even dare to stroll down the street in broad daylight, and Mrs Mangel doesn’t like her tone. Mrs Mangel then suspects that Henry has escaped, but Madge assures her that he’s served his time and he deserves a fair go. Mrs Mangel is shocked that Madge subscribes to such left-wing thinking and thinks that criminals simply get worse when they go to prison. Madge walks away, but Mrs Mangel calls after her that Henry hasn’t changed; a leopard never changes its spots. Madge continues walking, but it’s clear that Mrs Mangel has hit a nerve.

. . .

At Lassiter’s, Scott runs into Sue Parker, who apologises for being rough to him at school and asks him to join her. She says that she’s starting as a trainee at the bank, and offers to buy him a milkshake. He sits down, realising that it’s probably the best offer he’ll get. Just then, Charlene and Henry appear, and she points out the Coffee Shop, and suddenly spots Scott and Sue. Charlene says that she’s glad she doesn’t go out with Scott any more, as his standards seem to have dropped.

. . .

In the office, Jim tells Helen that he tried, but Rosemary’s mind appears to be made up. Helen thanks Jim, and decides to go and talk to her herself. She walks out into reception and finds Rosemary already standing there. Helen tells her daughter that hurting her was the last thing she wanted to do. Rosemary starts crying and they share a hug.

Summary by Steve