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Magic Moments > 1987 > Clive's Departure Episode 435

Written by John Upton, Directed by Gaye Arnold

Henry recognises a driver from his time in jail and goes to get his own back, but realises that the man is a getaway driver for a bank job. Another guy runs out of the bank and Henry slams his leg in the door and runs off with the money, while telling Clive to call the cops. Clive enters the bank and finds Des knocked out in the office. Henry is chased down to the lake, where he throws the money in the water, and the robber wades in after it, before Henry punches him as the police arrive. Des wakes up and Clive tells him to calm down, but he explains that the thieves have got Daphne and there’s no telling what they’ll do now that the police are involved…

At number 28, the kidnapper grabs Daphne as they hear sirens approaching, but they quickly stop, then the phone rings. It’s Mike, and he asks Daphne to come down to fill in at the Coffee Shop, but Daphne is forced to tell him that she’s busy and can’t come.

. . .

Mike tells Scott that he can’t go, and thinks it’s because of Scott’s newspaper article. Mike suggests that Scott go to the Clarke house now and apologise.

At the bank, Des doesn’t want to tell the police about Daphne, incase the kidnappers harm her, but Clive isn’t so sure. The detective walks over and asks Clive if Des is ok to answer some questions. Clive says that he’s fine, and the detective asks Des if he can fill in a few blanks in this whole story.

. . .

Whilst her kidnapper is looking out of the window, Daphne tries to make a run for the front door, but he grabs her and tells her not to be so stupid. He wrestles her onto the couch, then the doorbell rings, and he tells her to ignore it. She insists that it’ll be her friends and they’ll worry if she doesn’t answer.

Outside the door, Scott is ringing the bell, wondering why nobody is answering, when Eileen arrives. Scott tells her how strange it is, and explains the situation to her, and she says that there’s probably nothing to it, before getting out her key to the house.

. . .

. . .

Inside, Daphne introduces Eileen and Scott as Edna and Mike, which makes Scott realise that something is very wrong. He reaches out to shake the man’s hand, before pushing him down to the floor and Eileen puts a cushion on his head and performs a citizen’s arrest. Daphne phones the police and says that she hopes Des is alright.

At the bank, the detective wants to know why Des opened the safe if the robbers were unarmed. He asks if Des was at home, and Des finally admits that they’ve got his wife. Just then, a constable comes in and says that Daphne is safe. The detective tells Des that they’re going to need a new statement.

. . .

Back at number 28, Eileen is explaining to the police that she’s performed a citizen’s arrest and that she’ll be happy to answer any questions. The kidnapper asks if he can just be taken away from this woman. After they’re gone, Eileen says that they must make sure that this man doesn’t get off on a technicality with his hotshot lawyer and then she almost collapses from the stress. She goes off to tidy up, while Daphne thanks Scott for saving her. Des calls to tell her that everything’s fine, and she tells him that she loves him.

At number 24, Harold, Madge and Charlene are playing cards, while Shane comes in and gives Madge some money toward the house repayments. Everyone is slightly concerned at how long Henry has been out, but Charlene is convinced that there’ll be a simply explanation, and Harold agrees. The phone rings, and Charlene answers, telling her mum that it’s the police, so Harold takes over the call. Charlene reassures her mum, while Shane says that he isn’t surprised Henry’s in trouble. Harold then hangs up and explains that Henry is quite the hero…

. . .

Daphne is at number 26, explaining to Jim what Scott did to rescue her. Jim asks her and Des over for a drink, but she says that she needs to wait for Des to come home, and make sure that Eileen is ok. She leaves, and Scott is happy, saying that they only need to sort out Derek Morris and everything will be fine.

At number 28, Eileen finishes polishing the silver, and asks Daphne if she was a fool to jump in like that. Daphne says she was very brave, then Clive brings Des in and congratulates Eileen on her act of bravery. Clive offers to take a look at Eileen, while Des tells Daphne that she’s the best wife he could ask for.

. . .

At number 24, Charlene is happily recounting Henry’s story of catching the robbers. Shane can’t take any more of it, but Harold tells him to enjoy his moment of glory. Henry says that he’s just happy to have made Madge proud of him, but he found it difficult to dob in his old mates from the prison. Shane leaves to go to his room, and Henry reminds Charlene of how brave Scott was, and how they should maybe try to forget about his newspaper stories.

At number 26, Scott is watching tv when the doorbell rings and it’s Sue Parker, who has come to congratulate him on his brave act. He tries to play it down, but she wants to know how they’re going to celebrate. He says that he doesn’t feel like going out, and offers to get her a juice. In the kitchen, he asks Jim how he’s going to get rid of her. Jim suggests that maybe she’s changed, and he should give her a chance. He gives her her juice, and she asks him about what happened. The doorbell rings again, and it’s Charlene. She says that they need to talk, and he asks her in, but when she sees Sue, she walks out. Scott calls after her to wait, and Sue apologises, but Scott says that he’s sick of Charlene’s bad moods anyway.

. . .

Clive thanks Daphne for dinner, and says that all of his saucepans are packed up for the big move. Mike and Des offer to give Clive a hand with his boxes. Des tells Daphne that there’s going to be an enquiry and things should be ok, as he did everything by regulation. Des and Daphne are getting close, so Clive offers Mike and Eileen a coffee at his place. As they go out the door, Eileen is still complaining about the terrible strain she’s been put under.

. . .

At number 24, Charlene is complaining about Sue moving in on Scott. Henry tells her to ignore Sue. Meanwhile, Harold tells Madge that he’s going to settle in Erinsborough, and has been very impressed with how close everybody is in the neighbourhood. Madge starts telling Harold about a place she’s seen up for sale, while Shane asks for a word with Henry in the kitchen. He tells Henry that $100 has gone missing from his room and he wants it back now…

Notes: Despite getting no goodbye scene, this episode marked Clive’s final appearance as a regular character. Clive was often referred to in the episodes that followed, as he has supposedly only moved to the flat behind his surgery nearby. The character left the area soon after, but returned for a brief stint in 1989, which was intended to set Clive up for his own spin-off series, City Hospital, which unfortunately never materialised.

Summary by Steve