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Magic Moments > 1987 > Shane's Departure Episode 437

Written by Greg Millin, Directed by Steve Mann

Des is on the phone, telling Mrs Young that she should tell Mike the news herself, but then agrees to tell him. He hangs up and tells Mike that he has some news for Mike, and itís very bad.

Daphne wants to know whatís happened, and Des is about to tell her when Mike comes in, complaining that Bouncer canít even find a ball yet. Des breaks the news to him that his father died this morning and Daphne goes over to hug him.

. . .

At number 26, Helen is complaining that the gallery director phoned her and asked when her paintings would be ready, and she hasnít even started to go through her catalogue yet. Jim offers to give her a hand.

Des and Daphne ask Mike if heís ok, and he says he feels like he should be crying, but he doesnít know how he feels. He says he almost feels relieved, and Daphne tells him thatís understandable, as he wasnít a very good father. Mike wants to know why his mum couldnít tell him herself, and asks how he died. Des says that it was a heart attack, and his mother seemed very upset. Mike decides to go and see her, and hopes that he can say certain things to her now that his father is no longer around. He wishes that he could cry, so that heíd know that he loved him. Mike leaves, and Des goes to phone Clive to let him know that they canít help with the move.

. . .

At number 24, Henry gets home from his run, and Shane has a go at him, before he says that he didnít take the money. Madge tells them to stop arguing, as itís a Sunday. She tells the boys that Harold has decided to stick around and it looking for a place, but it wonít be easy to meet his standards. Shane realises heís running late and asks Madge if sheíll hang up his clothes from the machine. Henry offers to help Clive with the move, but Shane tells him heíll only be in the way. Madge then goes to get the clothes from the machine, and finds the $100 in Shaneís pocket. She calls out to Shane to come and speak to her immediately.

. . .

Mike finds his mum sitting out in her back garden. He sits down next to her and she starts crying, and tells Mike that they were having an argument about money, when he suddenly stopped and collapsed. She says that he was dead by the time they got to the hospital, and that she doesnít want to go inside and see the place where he died. Mike offers to take care of the funeral and a notice in the newspaper, and tells his mum that heíll help her through.

Madge is counting out the money she found, and Shane apologises to Henry, and says that he feels bad. Henry asks him to give back his $60 and then theyíll forget about it. Shane gives him some of his money thatís been through the wash, but Henry says he wants his original money back.

. . .

At number 26, Jim is wondering how Rosemary is getting on with the financiers of Disclosure magazine, and Helen explains that sheís going to spend more time at home, as Jane can do a lot of the office work now. Lucy comes in and admits that sheís a bit sad about going to France, and Helen promises that sheíll write everyday.

Mike brings his mum some tea in the garden, and promises that heíll take care of her. She tells him that David wasnít very good with money and they had to keep on borrowing, and now there are a lot of debts. Mike is confused, and he says that heíll defer uni and get a job to help her for a while. She tells him that she always tried to do the right thing, but sometimes her loyalty had to go to the man she married. She tells him that heís so good to her.

. . .

. . .

Shane is ironing his money, and he tells Madge that heís going to move out for a while. Henry thinks itís because of him, and Madge says that she wonít let him go. Shane explains that Paul has allowed him to use the caravan at Lassiterís, and he says that he hates sharing his room, with anyone, not just Henry. He shakes hands with Henry, and says heís going to see Helen to get the keys for the van. Henry apologises to Madge, but says that it didnít seem like Shane wanted to be talked out of leaving.

Jim and Helen are sorting through the paintings in the garage when Shane arrives, asking for the caravan keys. He explains that heís moving out of the street for a while, as number 24 has become a bit crowded.

. . .

Mike arrives at number 32 to see Jane and tells her that he really needs to talk to someone. He explains about his father dying and that heís going to move in with his mother. Jane is shocked, and reminds Mike how happy he is with Des and Daphne, and he asks her to come with him while he tells them.

Mrs Mangel is going through Helenís paintings in the Robinson garage, asking which ones are being thrown out. Jim shows her whatís being thrown away, and explains that Helenís going to paint over the ones she canít get rid of. Shane and Helen come outside, and Mrs Mangel asks Shane if heís moving out because of Henry. Shane walks off, telling Mrs Mangel that heís leaving because heís sick of the neighbours. Mrs Mangel asks if she can take a few clippings from the Robinson garden and says sheíll call back later on. She tells Helen that sheíll have plenty of spare canvases if sheís painting over all of her poorer paintings. As sheís leaving, she bumps into Henry and accuses him of sneaking up on her. Henry asks Jim if he has any spare jobs need doing, and he tells him that he has an old shed that needs clearing out. Henry then offers to give Jim a hand in the garage.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Des offers to help Mike and his mum with their finances. Mike then explains that heís going to stay with his mother, and he wonít be coming back. Des and Daphne are shocked, but he explains that he has no choice, and heís going to defer uni. He says that he needs to be with his family, and Daphne says that she thought she and Des were his family. He says that itís just not the same.

Notes: As with Clive a few episodes earlier, Shane received no proper farewell scene, but was still mentioned often by the other characters. He moved out of the caravan a few weeks later and into a flat, before leaving the area and selling his business on to Henry.

Summary by Steve