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Magic Moments > 1987 > Lucy's Departure Episode 439

Written by Unknown, Directed by Steve Mann

Madge finds out that Harold is going to be moving in with Mrs Mangel and vows that it will not be happening if she has anything to do with it.

Outside the Coffee Shop, Rosemary approaches Paul and he asks her if she had any luck in preventing the article from being published in Disclosure magazine. Rosemary says that she knows that Paul is worried about what will happen to Susan and Sam if the article runs, but she thinks that she’s found a way around it. Although Derek Morris runs the magazine, the money invested in it is from another source entirely. She explains that she’s made an offer to the financiers to buy out the magazine and she should know that afternoon whether it’s been accepted. She explains that she’s still going to fly to France to speak to Jack Lassiter and that, if the magazine deal falls through, she has every confidence that Paul will think of something, as he can be very resourceful when he wants to be.

. . .

At number 26, Scott is studying in the kitchen when Helen comes in, followed by Lucy who is annoyed that she can’t take everything she owns on her trip with her. Helen explains that they’re not going to pay for the excess baggage and sits Lucy down to eat her lunch. Scott asks Lucy if they can swap places and she do his studying whilst he goes to France, but she says no. Lucy asks Helen if they have vegemite in France, and Helen says that they have a couple of small jars in the cupboard which she can pack. Lucy leaves her lunch, and runs off to pack them. Helen then asks Scott how he is and he says that he’s being teased a lot at school as he’s the only one who has to repeat, but the teachers have been great. Helen says that it’s simply because nobody else has the courage to repeat, and she tells him that they’re all very proud. Scott says that he’s just getting what he deserves after writing those newspaper articles.

Paul and Rosemary are still trying to think of other ways to get to Derek Morris, when Mrs Mangel approaches them and asks Paul if Jane is still in the office. Paul tells her to go straight in, and Rosemary then decides that she has to get going. Paul wonders who it was that sold the story to Derek Morris, but Rosemary tells him to let sleeping dogs lie.

. . .

In the office, Mrs Mangel enters and complains that Paul is outside drinking coffee whilst Jane does all the work. She then tells Jane that Harold will be their new lodger. Jane is surprised, as her nan said that she’d never take in lodgers, but Mrs Mangel points out that Harold is a decent man with good morals. Jane then mentions her nan’s morals, asking why there’s a letter waiting for her at home from Disclosure magazine.

At the pub, Jim joins Henry, who is looking at the form guide, and offers him a couple of hours of labouring work if he needs extra cash. Henry thanks him, and Jim points out that it’s probably not the best idea to be gambling if he has no money. Henry says that he’s just desperate to pay his mum back the $1000 he owes her, and is interested when Jim mentions that his business partners owns shares in a racehorse. Jim points the horse out in the guide and Henry wonders if it’s worth a bet. Meanwhile, Harold comes in and tells Madge about his new accommodation. He notices that she isn’t surprised and she says that she already knew. Harold doesn’t think she’s too pleased, but Madge tells him that it’s his decision.

. . .

Back at the office, Mrs Mangel is accusing Jane of stabbing her in the back, but Jane insists that she’s just giving her nan a chance to explain why the magazine is writing to her. Mrs Mangel thinks that perhaps they’re looking for information on Paul and have written to everyone else in the neighbourhood too, so Jane suggests asking a few other people. She then suggests that they go home together and open the letter, but Mrs Mangel says no; it’s a matter of principle. Jane says that only a handful of people could have sold the story about Paul and Susan to the magazine, but Mrs Mangel is only worried about her housekeeping job. Jane asks her nan why she did it, and Mrs Mangel says that the journalist was very convincing, before realising that she’s given herself away. She insists that she wouldn’t do it if given the chance again, but now it’s done and they must deal with that. Paul returns and goes into his office, but Jane doesn’t say anything and her nan thanks her. Jane says that if the article goes to print, she’s going to tell Paul the truth. Mrs Mangel asks her not to and says that once Jane’s had time to think, she’ll change her mind.

In the garage, Helen is showing Scott her paintings and points out one that she’s especially fond of, a painting of the church where she and Bill were married. She tells him that she’s put them in two boxes, with the rejects on the left-hand side of the garage and the good ones on the right.

. . .

At the office, Jane is putting information into the computer and tells Paul that it’s not going to be exact, as many of the investments are from overseas and the exchange rate for the Australian dollar is up and down all of the time. Paul bites her head off, saying that he’s aware and that he doesn’t need a lecture on economics. He apologises as Jane looks upset, then the phone rings and Paul is delighted to tell Jane that their offer on Disclosure magazine has been accepted. Jane is also happy and goes off to type up a sales contract.

At number 32, Harold is making a note of all of Mrs Mangel’s rules on punctuality, cleanliness, etc and then she is shocked when he starts listing all of his rules, which include fresh fruit juice each morning and meals at the same time each day. He also insists that Jane doesn’t play loud music or bring friends back. Mrs Mangel is slightly taken aback. Harold then explains that Madge offered him a room at number 24, but he didn’t want to fuel any gossip. Mrs Mangel agrees, and points out that things are even worse now that Madge is harbouring a known criminal.

. . .

Henry has finished clearing out one of Jim’s sheds and Jim thanks him, and offers him a lift back to Ramsay Street. Henry thanks him, but seems a bit down and explains that he back Jim’s partner’s horse and lost all of his money. Jim apologises for giving him a bad tip, but Henry says that it’s typical of his luck and he should be used to it by now.

At number 24, Harold is telling Madge about how wonderful Mrs Mangel and her home are, as Henry listens to them from the kitchen. He rescues his mother by telling her that the kettle’s boiling and she races off to the kitchen. Henry tells her that after a few weeks living with Mrs Mangel, Harold will be back over at number 24 before he knows it.

. . .

. . .

Jim, Paul and Scott bring Lucy’s cases out to the car and ask her why she needs to take all of her possessions with her. She shouts at Scott and tells him that he’d better not touch any of her stuff while she’s gone. Lucy hugs Paul and gets into the car. Rosemary then comes down the steps and Paul thanks her for getting him out of trouble with the magazine article. Rosemary explains that she’s given Derek Morris a job in publicity in New York, as she never wastes talent when she finds it. She tells Paul that all he lacks at the moment is a clever wife. He wishes her a pleasant flight and goes to the car, where Jim is telling Harold that he’s exporting his daughter. Harold doesn’t see the funny side of it. Helen then tells Rosemary how much she loves her visits, and hopes that the next one will be happier.

At number 32, Mrs Mangel is extolling the virtues of Harold to Jane, and telling her that she’ll need to listen to music on headphones from now on. Jane tells her nan that she’s off the hook with Paul, as the magazine isn’t going to publish the article. Mrs Mangel asks Jane if she would really have told Paul, and Jane admits that she wouldn’t, but she tells her never to ask her about her work again, as she simply can’t trust her.

. . .

At number 26, the Robinsons arrive back from the airport, and Scott runs inside to do some more studying. Helen tells Jim that he shouldn’t feel guilty about Henry making that bet, but he says that allowing Henry to sell her old paintings would make him feel better. As Jim puts the car in the garage, he moves the box of paintings from the left side to the other side. Meanwhile, Helen is getting the post in when Henry approaches her and she agrees to let him sell the paintings, and they can go halves on the profits. Jane also comes over and asks if Lucy got away alright. Helen says that she did, and goes inside, telling Henry that the paintings she wants sold are in the box on the left. Henry and Jane go into the garage and he picks up a painting from the left box, which, since Jim moved them, is now the one containing the good paintings. Henry pulls out the painting of the church and tells Jane that it’s really good and he thinks that he could get at least $50 for it.

Notes: This episode marked Kylie Flinker’s final appearance as Lucy. 10 weeks later, in episode 488, Lucy returned to Erinsborough, played by Sasha Close.

Summary by Steve