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Magic Moments > 1987 > Gail's Arrival Episode 443

Written by Christine McCourt, Directed by Tony Osicka

Barbara explains to Mike that she’s going to use the money from David to live her own life. She’s going to let the house and take a trip around the world. Mike is shocked and says that they could have been a proper family. Barbara says that it’s not because she doesn’t love him, and suggests that she give him some money. He says that he doesn’t want it. Des then says that Mike can move back into number 28.

The next morning, Daphne is reading a report in the paper about pregnant women, when Mike comes in with all of his stuff. He explains that his mum wanted to close up the house as soon as possible. Daphne goes to get Bouncer, who is delighted to see Mike.

. . .

Outside the Robinson house, Helen is telling Scott that she’s going to leave work early so that she can make a start on Mrs Mangel’s portrait. Scott admits that he can’t believe that Helen let Mrs Mangel con her into it. Jim then runs down to tell them that Lucy just phoned, and that Bradley gave her some flowers at the airport. He says that Lucy just spent the whole call talking about Bradley, and is worried that the trip won’t be educational. Scott leaves for school, and Jim admits that he can’t believe his little girl is so far away from. Helen reminds him that she’ll be back before he knows it.

At the office, Helen and Paul are looking over the list of applicants for the job of Paul’s assistant, when Jane comes in and explains that there’s a Miss Lewis in reception about the job. Paul says that she isn’t on the list, but Helen is impressed with her showing some initiative and asks Jane to send her in. Helen goes to work in reception, and Jane brings the woman in. Paul turns around to get some files, and then he realises that the woman is Gail. She is surprised too, and says that if she’d known it was him, she wouldn’t have bothered.

. . .

. . .

Mike is feeding Bouncer in the Clarke garage, and Daphne says that Bouncer is thrilled to have Mike back. Mike admits that he always thought that his mum would want him around with his dad gone, but now he realises that she only wanted him there to help earn money. Daphne tells him that he means a lot to her and Des, and they should have a meal to celebrate. She suggests inviting the whole Robinson family to thank Scott for saving her from the kidnappers. Mike decides to invite Jane too, and they wonder how Helen is getting on, painting Nell’s portrait.

At the office, they both admit that they’re surprised to see each other, and Paul explains that he’s been working for Lassiter’s since he left the airline. She tells him that her marriage to Jeremy fell apart, and she’s left him in Queensland. She says that’s why she came back and needs a job. He suggests that they chat about things over dinner. She tells him that she’s staying with her father and they arrange a time. Gail leaves, and Helen asks if that was Rob Lewis’ daughter. He says it was, before going back into the office. Jane and Helen realise that that’s all they’re going to find out.

. . .

Gail sits down in the Coffee Shop and start chatting about her job hunting. Daphne is surprised to hear that Gail wants to work with Paul, but Gail admits that she knows Paul well, as she used to be his boss at the airline. She goes on to say that her father is Rob Lewis, who owns Erinsborough Mechanics. Daphne explains that she only knows him to say hi to. Daphne then asks Mike to watch the shop while she goes to chat to Jane about dinner.

Paul finishes up with the interviews, and Helen asks Paul how many of them he asked out to dinner. He says that they’re old friends, then Daphne comes in. She asks all of them if they can come to dinner, and Helen offers to come early and help with the preparation. Paul says he’s like to come, but he has other arrangements. He goes off into the office, and Daphne asks what that was all about. Helen says that she’s explain later…

. . .

At number 28 that evening, everyone is gathered and Des quietens them all down so that he can make a speech. He says that he has to award Scott with a prize for bravery, and gives him a gift. Scott tells them how grateful he is, and opens it to find car seat covers for his new car. Des then tells Mike how glad they are to have him back as a big brother for their new baby.

At Lassiter’s restaurant, Gail tells Paul that she won’t fall to pieces if he doesn’t hire her for the job. She says that she could always work for her dad, even though he’s a bit of a tyrant. She reminds Paul that he was terrible at taking orders from a woman, and he admits that he prefers being boss. Gail then says that if he’s so successful these days, she’d better order the lobster.

. . .

Back at the dinner party, Scott asks Helen if he and the others can go back to number 26. Helen says that it’s a bit rude, but Daphne tells them that it’s fine. Scott, Charlene, Mike and Jane leave, and Jim is glad that they can finally get some piece. Daphne tells Helen that she’s been reading some books about parenting, but Des says that they should speak to Jim about it. He asks Jim if he can still keep up with the kids at his age, and the two of them then start arguing about who is the fittest. Helen suggests a game of cards to shut them up.

The card game is under way, and Des and Jim are getting very competitive. Des is taking his frustrations out on Daphne, and Jim takes great pleasure in mocking him.

. . .

At number 26, Charlene is telling Jane that she’s having trouble finding a job and she walked out of an interview this morning. Jane tells her that she has to try, and Charlene gets annoyed with her. She then apologises, and admits that the pressure is getting to her a little. Jane says that her job is working out well, and she likes working for Paul. Mike comes in and is surprised to hear how well Paul and Jane are getting on.

Over dinner, Gail admits to Paul that she is putting on a brave face, but is struggling to cope with the end of her marriage. She says that she’s a lot happier on her own for the time being. Paul says that he feels the same way since Terri. He says that he’s enjoyed their night out, and he’ll let her know about the job. They agree to keep in touch even if she doesn’t get the job.

. . .

Jane, Scott and Mike are all talking about their plans for uni, and Charlene isn’t very impressed. Jane admits that she might give uni a miss and stay on at her job. Scott tells Charlene that she’s lucky not to have to go. Charlene goes off to make some more coffee, and the others talk about how great it is to feel like they’ve got some control over their life, while Charlene listens in.

. . .

The card game continues and Des is getting more and more upset. Daphne asks for a word with Des in the kitchen, and she tells him that it’s just a game, and she’s very embarrassed by him. Helen suggests that they call it a night, and she leaves, while Daphne sees her out and apologises. She then goes straight to bed, leaving the two men to battle it out between them…

Summary by Steve