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Magic Moments > 1987 > Rob's Arrival Episode 445

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Tony Osicka

Des in in Lassiterís gym, and when heís left alone in there, he decides to try out some of the more difficult equipment. He finds that he canít even lift most of the weights and gives up.

Jim then walks into the gym and is surprised to find Des there. He asks him if heís done a warm-up, and tells him to take it a bit slower. Des comments that it all depends on how fit you are, and carries on using the exercise bike.

. . .

Gail arrives at the office, and Helen shows her in to see Paul. Paul is on the phone, trying to fend off Mrs Mangel. He hangs up, and tells Gail that he hasnít made a decision about the job yet. She explains that she was just in the area, and wondered if Paul would like lunch with her. They agree to meet later, and she leaves. Helen then advises Paul that Gail is perfect for the job, but Paul says that she used to be a bit tough when they worked at the airline. Helen says that there are times when she could thump him.

Madge arrives at number 32 to pick up Harold. He goes to get his jacket, while Madge snoops around, and comments that itís so tidy, almost like nobody lives there. He says that the dust used to play havoc with his sinuses, but now heís fine. He tells her that heíd like her to help him choose a location for his new business Ė a health food shop. He explains that itís important to him that they choose the shop together.

. . .

Back in the gym, Jim suggests that he and Des swap equipment for a while. Jim adjusts the bike to make it more difficult, while Des watches him.

Paul and Gail go to the Coffee Shop for lunch and Daphne immediately starts to have a go at him about allowing Des to use the gym at Lassiterís. She says that Des is going to hurt his back again if heís not careful, and sheíll blame Paul. Daphne goes into the kitchen, and Paul explains about the feud with Jim and Des. Des then comes in and tells Mike that the gym was great, but Daphne interrupts and drags him to the kitchen. Paul explains that this is the sort of cabaret that they put on every lunchtime. In the kitchen, Daphne tells Des of her concerns about his health. He tells her that this is just something he has to do. She tells him to get checked over by Clive first, and then stick to a proper training schedule.

. . .

. . .

Rob Lewis walks into the office and Helen starts talking to him about the neighbourhood watch, but he says thatís not what heís there about. He asks why Paul hasnít given Gail the job yet, and Helen explains that theyíre at lunch. Rob is surprised to hear this.

Paul and Gail have finished lunch, both vowing that theyíre never going to marry again. Mike comments to Daphne that Gail seems nice. Paul says heíll pay for lunch, as if Gail were to pay, it might look like a bribe. Rob then comes in and congratulates Gail on getting the job. Paul explains that he hasnít decided yet. Rob then starts barking orders at Daphne, and Gail tells him that he should say please occasionally. He tells her that she should find a better job elsewhere.

. . .

. . .

Madge and Harold are looking around a potential site for his shop. She explains that itís quite a nice shop, but thereís no parking nearby and thereís a supermarket close by. He is impressed with her spotting those things, and they head off to look at the next place.

Paul answers the phone to Rosemary in Paris, who has sealed the deal for them buying Lassiterís from Jack Lassiter. Gail comes in and sits down while Paul talks. He hangs up and tells her the news and she explains that she came to apologise for what her father did. He says that heís going to need her around more than ever now, and sheís the best person for the job. Sheís delighted and thanks him.

. . .

Paul is waiting for Helen at the Coffee Shop, and Daphne brings him their coffees. Helen then comes in, and Paul explains that heís gathering all the staff together to tell them the news. Madge and Harold come in, and Harold explains that he thinks heís found the perfect venue for his shop on the other side of the Lassiterís complex. Paul takes him out for a chat about it, and tells Madge about the staff meeting that afternoon. Madge wonders if itís bad news, but Helen assures her that it isnít. She tells Helen about Harold constantly asking her opinion and Helen thinks that sheís lucky to have a second chance with him.

Later on, Des comes into the Coffee Shop and tells Daphne that heís going to be late as heís going for another workout. Daphne is furious and explains that she saw Clive today, who had warned Des not to over-do it. Jim comes in and asks Des how he is after all that exercise. Des says heís going for another workout now, and Jim doesnít think that twice in one day is wise. Daphne asks Jim to go and make sure Des is doing things properly, but Jim isnít sure, until Daphne gets annoyed. She tells Mike that heís going too.

. . .

Jim is at the office, telling Helen heíll be late home. Paul comes in and Jim congratulates him for taking over Lassiterís. Jim leaves, and Paul starts winding Helen up, saying that he isnít sure Gail is right for the promotions manager job. Helen is furious with him, until he says that he hired her.

Mike goes into the gym and finds Des trapped under some weights. He helps him, and Des asks Mike not to say anything to Daphne. Mike then shows Des some warm-up exercises and Jim comes in to join them. Des tells him that theyíre going to have a run at the oval the following morning.

. . .

Harold is going through his expenses and tells Madge that he wants the shop to be a family concern. He says that he has something to ask her, and hopes it will be second time lucky. He then asks her to marry himÖ

Summary by Steve