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Magic Moments > 1987 > Lucy's Return Episode 489

Written by Unknown, Directed by Unknown, Produced by Philip East

Channel Ten: 14/05/87, Five: 21/09/88, UK Gold: 15/09/94,

The police have turned up at the Ramsays to question Henry over the ice cream robbery the night before. Madge is distraught, particularly because Mrs Mangel is there to witness the whole thing...

At the Robinsons, Scott is annoying everyone with his guitar playing; having been allowed to stay home for school to welcome his sister Lucy home. Jim and Helen discuss the fact she has been away for such a while and how much they have missed her, although she sounded a bit grouchy on the phone. Helen, fed up with Scott’s strumming, makes him a deal – if he takes out the garbage she won’t tap dance on his guitar. Madge walks in and tells Jim and Helen about Henry being questioned. She is very upset and Jim and Helen are supportive. Madge says she doesn't know where he was the night before. Jim calls the police station to see what he can find out.


Gail is sitting outside the coffee shop, being served coffee by her ex husband Jeremy, who is clearly wooing her, calling her beautiful and then expressing his concern about her entering into a marriage of convenience with her boss Paul. Jeremy says she is being a hypocrite – she is telling him to be open and honest, and yet she is being fake putting on this engagement with Paul for the benefit of a business deal with Japanese businessman, Mr Udugawa. Jeremy then insinuates they can go away together once his racing car number 13 is ready to be sold, but he doesn't know where he will find the money to finish the car. Paul comes along and interrupts, saying he needs Gail for work. Gail leaves for her duties, and Jeremy is clearly formulating some sort of plan.

Back at the Robinsons, Jim says the police suspect Henry because he has no alibi and refuses to say where he is. Madge insists her son is innocent.


In the office of the Daniels Corporation, Jeremy comes in to speak to Paul, telling him he refuses to allow Gail to have anything to do with this fake engagement now they have reconciled. He says he needs money for the car, and reminds Paul he controls what Gail does. Paul retorts that it’s up to Gail and he can always tell Mr Udugawa that Gail broke the engagement – he would understand. Jeremy comes back with the fact that the Japanese are honorable people and such a businessman wouldn't appreciate knowing that he had been duped. He says that if Paul agrees to provide some money for the car, he 'probably' wont tell Mr Udugawa about the lie.

At the garage, Madge is telling Charlene about Henry being at the police station. Charlene is adamant that Henry hasn’t done anything wrong, and has the bright idea of calling Sue Parker, who will know more detail about Henry has been up to.


Paul is chucking Jeremy out of the office, saying he will not tolerate blackmail and that Jeremy is lucky he doesn’t call the police. Jeremy says that all they were doing was having a friendly discussion. Paul doesn't agree and furthermore he wants him out of the hotel. Jeremy agrees to leave but still threatens Paul with telling Mr Udugawa the truth. Paul slams the door behind Jeremy and calls Gail over from the hotel.

The Robinsons are off to pick Lucy up from the airport. Helen decides not to go in the car with them because of Madge. Then Scott comes off the phone and says that the flight has arrived early – they rush off to pick up Lucy.


Over at the Ramsay house, Madge and Charlene are discussing Rob letting Charlene have time off work to deal with the Henry situation. Sue arrives and expresses her concern about Henry. Charlene then says she will provide an alibi for Henry – Madge forbids it, saying she won’t have two kids in jail. Madge goes off and Sue offers to place a false alibi with the police for Henry and then leaves. Madge comes back and Charlene confesses all. Madge is horrified.

Sue is walking along and gets picked up by Warren Murphy who offers her a lift to the police station. He warns Sue not to lie for Henry – he is a thief on parole after all.


Gail comes into the office and Paul tells her about Jeremy's attempted blackmail. Gail defends him, saying Jeremy is no extortionist. Paul retorts he has ordered him out of the hotel and he would have called the police if it hasn't been for Gail. He then goes a step further, telling Gail he thinks that Jeremy is playing her for a fool, when she is such a smart girl. Gail tells him not to interfere in her life.

Jim and Scott call from the airport, saying they can’t find Lucy. Helen answers and says that Lucy is already home, having taken a taxi. Jim says they will be home shortly, and once he has hung up, Helen mutters that he shouldn't bother hurrying.


At the Ramsay house, Sue and Warren turn up and tell Charlene and Madge that she couldn't go through with the alibi and lying to the police. They leave and Madge says she blames herself for not providing a good home life for Henry when he was a kid.

Scott and Jim pull up the driveway, and Jim is commenting poor Lucy must have been terrified wandering the airport on her own.


They enter the house and Jim is just thrilled to see his daughter, commenting on how much she has grown. Lucy moans she didn’t want to come back and hates Erinsborough and that Jim has ruined her life by making her come home. Jim orders her to go to her room and not come out until she has decided to stop being a little brat.

Featured Regular Characters: Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Gail Lewis, Madge Mitchell, Charlene Mitchell

Guest Cast: Kate Gorman as Sue Parker, Ben Mendelsohn as Warren Murphy, Tim Elston as Jeremy Lord

Trivia Notes
• The character of Lucy Robinson returns to the cast after an absence of 50 episodes, now aged by two years and played by Sasha Close

Summary by Michelle

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