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Magic Moments > 1987 > Sally's Arrival Episode 599

Written by Unknown, Directed by Unknown

Daphne tells Des that she’s been thinking about she wants to move in with her dad for a while, during his recuperation.

At number 28, Madge calls in to see Harold, who’s asleep on the couch, and she apologises for waking him up. He says that he wants to apologise to her for the way he treated her earlier, but she insists that he owes her no apologies. He says that it was very unchristian of him to accuse her of spreading those malicious rumours about him. She thanks him and he says that he hopes she’ll be more forgiving to him than he was to her. She tries to hug him, but they’re interrupted by Eileen, who bursts in, causing Madge to knock the plaster cast on Harold’s arm. Eileen apologises and says that she just wanted to bring Harold some cake for afternoon tea, but she’s quite sure it will stretch to three people.

. . .

A woman is standing on the bridge at Lassiter’s, looking over at the Coffee Shop when Henry, who is doing some gardening outside the shop, spots her and goes over. He makes her jump, causing her to drop her hotel key into the water. He says that the water’s freezing, but he’s got a wet suit at home, so he’ll go and get it and drop the keys off at reception for her. She’s amused by the whole thing, and tells Henry that her name is Sally Wells.

At number 28, with Madge gone, Eileen is rearranging Harold’s pillows for him, though he insists that he’s fine. She asks if Madge left on her account, but is really trying to get some gossip on whether Harold has forgiven Madge. He explains that he has, and he’s also forgiven Eileen for her part in the rumour-mongering. He goes on to say that he’s decided to stay in Erinsborough, because he only came to be with Madge and she’s the reason he wants to stay. An annoyed Eileen starts angrily plumping up his pillows again, as Des and Daphne come in the door. A distant Daphne takes Jamie into the bedroom to change him, and Des sits down and tells Eileen and Harold that Daphne’s father took a turn for the worse and has been taken into hospital. He says that Daphne will be going to stay with him in his final months, and he’ll be joining her at the weekends. Eileen isn’t too taken with the idea, but Des says that it won’t be for long, just as Daphne comes out. He apologises, but she says that she knows what he meant. Eileen then announces that she can move into the nursery, as then Daphne won’t need to worry about her husband’s welfare. Although Des tries to put her off, she’s already making plans and off to pack her cases before he can say anything.

. . .

Henry is diving in the water underneath the bridge and Mike, and some customers, are standing on the bridge watching. Mrs Mangel comes along and demands to know exactly what is going on, so Henry explains that a guest dropped her key in the water. Sally then appears with her key and says that Mike managed to fish it out with a pole.

In the Coffee Shop, Eileen has told Mike about the new living arrangements and he’s not happy about having to share a bedroom with Harold. She says that Des is delighted with the plans, then rushes off to the kitchen. Henry then comes in and is about to have a go at Mike, when Sally says hello and offers to buy him a coffee for all of the trouble she caused. He says that it’s a nice neighbourhood and she asks him if he’s any connection to the Ramsay Street she passed earlier. He explains that it was named after his grandfather and says that Paul, who runs the hotel, lives next-door to him and Paul’s brother is married to his sister, Charlene. He then mentions that Daphne, whose shop it is, also lives on the street, and Sally mentions a Des Clarke, whose name she’s been given as the local bank manager if she has any money worries. Henry is confused as Sally then starts asking all about Des and Daphne and their family.

. . .

At number 28, Harold is helping Des to do a crossword, when Daphne comes out and says that Jamie is asleep so she can finally start on dinner. Des sits her down and says that he’ll make beans on toast, but he wants Daphne to rest. She says that it’s lucky that Eileen is coming to stay if that’s the best he can manage, then Harold pipes up and asks if it wouldn’t be easier if Allen came to stay with them, rather than Daphne going there. Des says that then Daphne would have two invalids, a baby and him and Mike to look after. Harold apologises and says that it’s just the thought of Eileen coming to stay. He apologises again to Des, who pulls him up off the couch and tells him to go to his room and get some rest. Once Harold has gone, Daphne tells Des that she isn’t going to change her mind, and she knows that Des only sent Harold away so he could talk her out of it. She says that she won’t let her dad die surrounded by strangers and she just wants him to tell her that he loves her – just once.

Jane arrives at the Coffee Shop to grab some pastries for dinner before Mike shuts the shop. She says that she’s enjoying tutoring Scott, as it’s nice getting to know him outside of his relationship with Charlene. She asks about Mike’s tutoring of Lucy and realises that he’s struggling with his uni work, and having Harold’s snoring keeping him awake all night. He explains about Daphne leaving and says that he’s never going to get through his exams at this rate. Jane says that she might just have a solution.

. . .

At number 24, Madge arrives home with bags of shopping and promptly falls over the wet suit that Henry left lying in the hallway. Henry is amused as Madge screams at him, and he says that it must have fallen off the back of the couch, where it was drying. Madge isn’t amused, but Henry is more interested in the extravagant contents of her shopping bags. She says that she and Harold have made up, and he’s going to stay, so she decided that they should have a little celebration. Henry says that he’s also had a good day, as long as he can make sure that Mike keeps his hands off her.

At number 32, Mrs Mangel finds one of Scott’s books on the couch and tells Jane that she shouldn’t be spending so much time alone with the boy, as people will start to talk. Jane then suggests that maybe there could be a third person at the house, if Mike came to stay during his exams. Mrs Mangel won’t even entertain the notion, until Jane mentions that she’ll have to give all of Harold’s rent money to Des and Daphne, as they’re his landlords now and it would be dishonest otherwise.

. . .

At number 28, Mrs Mangel has called over and explained “her idea” of having Mike to stay, as it’s only fair to share the burden under the circumstances. Mike happily agrees to move in there and Mrs Mangel leaves. Des and Daphne are confused, until they realise that Jane’s over at number 32. They go to change Jamie, and Harold asks Mike if he’s leaving because of him. Mike insists that he isn’t and he says that he’s very happy with the way things have worked out.

At number 32, Mrs Mangel watches from the window as Mike arrives and Jane lets him in. She shows Mike into the lounge room and Mrs Mangel says that there are some rules to be followed if he’s going to stay under her roof. He says that he’s used to doing chores, but she explains that this is different – there is to be clothing worn at all times, nightwear only in the bedrooms and no visiting between bedrooms. Mike and Jane are embarrassed as Mrs Mangel then shows Mike to his room.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Des and Daphne are doing the washing up and they both realise how difficult it’s going to be while she’s away, so they’ll have to make the most of the little time they do have together. They share a kiss, just as Eileen starts knocking at the door. Des opens the door for her and she tells him that he can go and collect the rest of her cases in the morning. She says that she’s packed enough to stay for a while, as they must be prepared for the worst. She then spots Harold on the couch, and starts rearranging his pillows again, as he, Des and Daphne all despondently look at each other.

Summary by Steve