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Magic Moments > 1987 > Tony's Arrival Episode 628

Written by Unknown, Directed by Chris Sheil

Des and Malcolm are just getting to know each other, when there’s a knock at the door. Des thinks it’ll be the pizzas he ordered, but when he answers, Eileen is standing there and, as she comes in, she’s stunned to find Malcolm there.

Malcolm decides to leave and Eileen tells him not to come back. Des tries to apologise to his mother but she can hardly speak. She then decides to leave. She reminds Des that he promised not to see his father, but she obviously shouldn’t have had any faith in her son’s word.

. . .

At number 24, Henry is cleaning his shoes in preparation for Sally’s return, and Charlene wishes that he wasn’t in such a good mood, as it’s really annoying. Madge thinks that Henry should put this much effort into his work, but Henry says that he can’t wait to see Sally and he’s even been given the morning off to go and meet her bus. Just then, Eileen arrives at the door, in tears, and Madge quickly sends the kids out so that she can find out what’s wrong.

At number 28, Mike is trying to convince Des that he’s not to blame for what happened. Des wishes that Eileen hadn’t turned up at that precise moment, but Mike reminds him that his mother is the one who brought him up and she’s the one he has to worry about right now. Des doesn’t think that his dad was all that bad, but is furious with himself for messing things up. Henry then arrives and says that Eileen is at his place, in tears, and Des explains what happened, and that Malcolm is missing. Henry is furious as he’s got Sally coming all this way for nothing, but Des says that he doesn’t care right now, he’s just concerned about his mum.

. . .

At number 24, Eileen thanks Madge for listening to her and she says that Malcolm won’t be allowed to worm his way back into her life this time. Des arrives and asks if he can have a word with his mum, but Eileen thinks that he’s shown where his loyalties lie. Madge lets him in and he explains to Eileen that, although he promised never to see him, Malcolm came looking for him. Eileen announces that if that man is going to be in Erinsborough, then she’s taking the next plane back to Perth. Des is shocked that she would leave Daphne and Jamie just like that, but she insists that she won’t bargain for her family’s attention with that man. Des relents and agrees not to see Malcolm again. Eileen tells him that there’ll be no second chances this time, but Des promises not to see his father.

At number 28, Des gets back to find Henry and Mike still there, waiting to see how things went. Des explains that he spoke to his mum and agreed not to see Malcolm again. Henry starts badgering him about Sally and where Malcolm might be staying, but Des snaps and tells him to shut up about the whole thing, before storming out.

. . .

The next morning, at number 24, Charlene is wishing Scott luck as he prepares to go and sit his final exam. As they dawdle, Madge tells them to hurry up or they’ll both be late. Henry then comes in, back from the bus station, and says that Sally wasn’t there yet, so he’ll have to go back later. He starts talking about Sally again and Madge reminds him of the trouble he’s already caused in the Clarke family, and not to make things worse. He says that it’s ok for her and Harold, as they’re used to each other, but for him and Sally, everything’s new and exciting. He says that it’s the best feeling in the world.

At the garage, a man arrives and starts chatting to Charlene, telling her how pretty she is, and she offers to punch him in the mouth. He starts reeling off more facts about her, where she lives, who she’s married to, so she threatens to call the police. He then explains that he’s looking for Jim Robinson. Charlene says that he’s not there, so Tony assumes that he must be at his engineering plant. Charlene asks the man for his name and he gives it as Sean Penn. Charlene isn’t amused. He then tells her it’s Tony Romeo and she still thinks that he’s joking, but he says that it’s pronounced Ro-may-o and he hates it when people get it wrong. She tells him that she hates it when people waste her time, so he says that he’ll leave her to it.

. . .

Henry is driving back to the bus station, when he spots Sally walking along the pavement. He gets out and hugs her, before offering to drive her, as he’s still got the rest of the morning off. She explains that she’d really like to see her dad, but Henry tells her that there’s been a bit of a hiccup. Sally is annoyed and asks what’s happened.

In Jim’s office, Tony introduces himself and explains that he was put onto Jim by Greg Cooper, who’s doing well back in Perth now, thanks to Jim’s help. Tony explains that he was born in Erinsborough, before his family moved to Perth, but now he wants to see some of the country. He asks Jim if he’s filled Greg’s old position as he’d like to recommend himself. He hands over his resume and Jim is impressed, but says that he really needs someone who’ll stick around, and Tony has already admitted to being a drifter who wants to see the country.

. . .

At the garage, Scott arrives and tells Charlene that he’s finally finished school and he thinks the exams went a lot better than the previous year. He says that he’s going to try and get a job soon, before everybody else does. Charlene tells him about the Tony guy, who was in earlier and how slimy he was. She says that she feels sick just thinking about him. Just then, Jim arrives with Tony, who he tells Charlene is to be her new boss.

At the Coffee Shop, Scott follows Charlene in, and she’s decided that she’ll have to give Tony a chance, as Jim wouldn’t hire a creep to work with her. Madge and Mike then ask Scott how his final exam went and Charlene says that he’ll probably finish in the top 10%. Mike tells him that uni is where the hard work begins, but Scott says that he’s not going to uni, he’s going to look for a cadetship once his exam results come through. Mike and Scott go into the kitchen and Madge asks Charlene why she had such a long face when she came in. She says that she’ll tell Madge all about her new boss, later.

. . .

At the bank, Des apologises for keeping Henry and Sally waiting. Sally’s upset that Malcolm has shot through again and asks Des why he didn’t make him wait. Des explains that situation with Malcolm and Eileen and he says that he can’t help them look. Henry offers to help Sally look for Malcolm, and Sally apologises to Des for putting him in such an awkward position. Henry and Sally decide to go and get a coffee, and Sally tells Des that she’ll be sticking around for a few days, as it’s nice to be around family. Des agrees, and quickly mentions that Malcolm is in Stanfield. Henry and Sally smile, and thank Des.

. . .

. . .

Outside the Coffee Shop, Mike serves Scott and Charlene and jokes about getting a huge tip now that Scott is going to be out there earning money. Henry and Sally arrive, and Sally mentions that she’s hoping to get a cheap deal from Paul at the hotel, if she stays in the staff quarters. Charlene mentions that she just saw Paul heading to the car park, so Sally goes to follow him. Henry watches Sally and tells Charlene and Scott that she’s the greatest thing she’s ever seen. He then spots a guy chatting to Sally – it’s Tony. Tony tries to chat up Sally, as Charlene tells Henry that he’s her sleazy new boss. Henry runs over and tells Tony to find someone else’s girlfriend to chat up. Sally is mortified and Tony walks over to Henry and pushes him in the water.

Summary by Steve