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Magic Moments > 1988 > The 1988 Season Premiere Episode 638

Written by Ysabelle Dean, Directed by Tony Osicka

Paul tells Gail that he loves her, and they finally kiss and make up. Inside the Waterhole, Jim is giving a speech about how much he appreciates everyone lending a hand for the party, and says the drinks are on him - but on one condition: that everyone puts in their car keys. Lucy comes in and tells him about Paul and Gail - Jim announces to everyone that they are back together. Everyone cheers and Jim wishes everyone a merry Christmas. The residents all start docey-doeing around the Waterhole.

On Ramsay Street, Scott comes out of number 26 on his skateboard, and skates around the street, putting a pamphlet in the letter box of number 32 as he goes.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Mrs Mangel is asking Harold to keep a quiche for her at the end of the day, when Scott comes in, carrying his skateboard. Mrs Mangel warns him that “those contraptions” are forbidden within the hotel grounds. He points out that he’s only carrying it, and gives her another pamphlet from his bag. She says that she doesn’t need any junk mail and it’ll be a relief when Scott gets a real job. She hands the pamphlet back to him and says that she’s too busy to read that rubbish anyway, before leaving. Scott is disappointed that her Christmas spirit wore off so quickly, but Harold doesn’t think that she means to be unkind. He then offers Scott a smoothie on the house, and asks him how he and Charlene are managing on their own at number 24. Scott says that it’s bliss, and Harold points out that Madge and Henry seem to be getting on alright at number 26 too.

At number 26, Madge and Helen are taking down the Christmas decorations. Henry then comes in with bad sunburn on his shoulders from doing the gardening and Madge sends him to have a shower, but says that she can’t go home to get the calomime lotion, as she needs an invite from Scott and Charlene. Helen says that she has some in the bathroom and, as Henry leaves, he hands Helen the mail – a postcard from Lucy, who is staying with Rick on the farm. Madge says that it was nice of Rick to remember that he invited Lucy to the farm when they were in hospital, but Helen points out that Lucy sent him a Christmas card to remind him. Madge then offers to take the Christmas decorations out to the garage, although Helen insists that she needn’t. Madge says that she won’t be a burden and she won’t allow Helen to run herself into the ground.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Mrs Mangel is sitting down for morning tea and is furious with Paul and Gail for going off on their honeymoon, especially since it wasn’t even after the wedding ceremony. Scott then leaves, and Mrs Mangel pointedly reminds him not to ride his skateboard outside. Mrs Mangel admits that she’s relieved that Paul and Gail will be back the next day and Harold says that it was lovely to see them reunited just before it was too late. Mrs Mangel isn’t impressed and says that now she’s got Eileen fawning all over Malcolm, not to mention Jane and her unsavoury new romance with Glen Matheson. Mrs Mangel thinks that Glen is smarmy, but Harold says that Jane is sensible and she won’t let Glen make a fool of her.

At the Daniels Corporation office, Jane and Glen are kissing and she tells him to stop, as anyone could walk in on them. He asks her to take a break, but she says that she has to run the office and she has a lot to do, with Paul and Gail coming back. She says that she’ll be able to get more time off once they’re back, but Glen says that his leave is almost over. He tells Jane that he’s going to be flying to New York a lot during the year and wishes that she’d reconsider taking the modelling contract out there, but she tells him that she’s thought it through and she wants to stay in Erinsborough. He says that they’ll just have to make the most of their final night together and have dinner in his hotel room. She isn’t convinced, but he assures her that it’s not just a line he uses on all the girls, so she agrees.

. . .

At number 28, Mrs Mangel arrives, looking for Eileen, but Mike explains that she’s taken Malcolm to see the doctor about his back. Mrs Mangel is disgusted with the way Eileen is running around after him, but Mike thinks it’s quite sweet. Mrs Mangel explains that she’s looking for a recipe of Eileen’s and Mike thinks he knows the one. He gets Bouncer out of the laundry to give him his lunch, then starts looking in the cupboard for the recipe book. Mrs Mangel says that she hasn’t got much time and she’ll come back later. She waves to Bouncer as she goes and is shocked when he stands on his hind legs and waves back. Mike doesn’t believe her, but Mrs Mangel is insistent, though the dog fails to do the trick again. She’s offended when Mike accuses her of being out in the sun for too long and she goes to leave. Mike then goes to answer the phone and misses it as Bouncer once again waves goodbye to Mrs Mangel.

At number 22, Paul carries Gail into the house and throws her onto the couch, as she laughs. They kiss and he says that he should get down to the hotel, but Gail tells him that they have to unpack and rearrange the bedroom furniture first, as they’ll be sharing a room from now on. They fail to agree on whose room to use and start kissing again, but are interrupted by Scott. They thank him for finally making them get their act together and Paul asks if Helen saw them arrive home. Scott says that she didn’t, but Mrs Mangel did and she asked him to remind them to get back to work as quickly as possible. Scott leaves and Paul tells Gail that rearranging furniture will have to wait, as they need to go and see Helen, then get to the office.

. . .

At number 26, Helen is rubbing calomine lotion on Henry’s back and tells him that his skin is going to peel badly. Madge comes in and has no sympathy for her son and warns him not to get the lotion on any of Helen’s furniture. Madge is about to prepare dinner, but Helen points out that she’s running late for work. As Madge goes to leave, Scott, Paul and Gail suddenly burst in. Helen is delighted to see them and asks why they’re back early. Paul explains that he wanted to get back to work and Gail says that he’s a workaholic, but she wouldn’t have him any other way. Paul then tells Madge that her, Mike and Harold’s shares are looking good to sell, so Madge agrees to him selling hers, before telling Henry to make himself useful for Helen. As Madge rushes out the door, Helen tells Paul that Madge doesn’t want to be a burden, but she seems to be killing herself in the process.

At the Coffee Shop, Mike is telling Harold about the incident with Mrs Mangel and Bouncer, and they both agree that she’s probably just been working too hard and needs a break. Madge then comes in and Harold shows her some travel brochures for Europe, suggesting they go there for their honeymoon. Madge tells them both about Paul’s suggestion that their shares have peaked. Harold isn’t convinced, but Madge says that she’s already told Paul to sell hers. Madge leaves and Harold tells Mike that they shouldn’t be too hasty. He decides to phone his friend who put him onto the shares in the first place.

. . .

Later, in the Coffee Shop kitchen, Scott is counting up the money he and Mike made from selling calendars and they have $200 each. Mike is disappointed that it wasn’t more, as he wants to trade in his motorbike and buy a car. He says that he still has a ticket in the hospital raffle and might win a car in that, and he could still make a lot with his shares. Scott asks him why he didn’t just use his trust fund money to buy a car, but Mike says that Des wouldn’t let him use it, so he invested it and can only buy a car from any profit that he makes. They go back out into the shop, where Harold is finishing his phone call. He tells Mike that the shares still have a long way to go before they peak and they’d be foolish to pull out now.

At the office, Gail brings Paul a big pile of mail from the post office box, including a letter from Rosemary congratulating them on finally sorting their act out. Gail then shows Paul a letter from the cosmetic company in New York that Jane pulled out of the contract with, and they both hope that it’s good news, for Jane’s sake.

. . .

At the Waterhole, Jane and Glen thank Madge for lunch and talk gets on to the catering for her wedding to Harold. Madge says that it was supposed to be simple, but Harold is getting rather carried away and she fully expects the Vienna Boys’ Choir to be singing at the reception. Glen makes a comment about Harold not seeming like the romantic type, and so Madge quickly points out that Glen has never married. Glen is worried that he’s offended Madge, but Jane tells him that he’s just not very popular, as most of the locals don’t approve of her dating an older man. Gail then comes in and, after being welcomed back, she says that Paul needs to see Jane urgently about her contract. Jane leaves and Gail sits down with Glen. She says that she’s very happy and he says that he is too, and he thinks that Jane might be the one.

. . .

In the office, Jane sits down and Paul tells her that the cosmetics company want her back in New York by the end of the week. He says that if she doesn’t go, they’re going to sue her for $100,000 compensation.

Summary by Steve