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Magic Moments > 1988 > Eileen's Departure Episode 691

Written by Chris McCourt, Directed by Kendal Flanagan

Des calls out for the nurse, as he thinks Daphne’s coming out of her coma. The nurse runs in, followed by Beverly, who Des picks up and spins round in excitement. She tells him to put her down and she runs over to help the nurse, as Daphne goes into cardiac arrest. Bev tells Des that there’s nothing they can do. She and the nurse leave, as Des cries ‘No’ and holds on to Daphne’s body.

It’s two weeks later. Des is sitting by Daphne’s grave, telling her about the flowers he’s brought for her – some carnations from Jim’s garden. He says that he can’t think of anything to say to her, but it probably wouldn’t matter, as she didn’t marry him for his conversational skills. He starts to cry, then apologises and says it just seems to happen, even when he isn’t thinking about anything sad. He says that one minute, he’s fine, then he falls to pieces. He stands up and looks up at the sky and says that it’s a funny old world.

. . .

. . .

At number 28, Eileen is in the back garden, knitting, when Sally comes in and says that she was knocking at the front door for ages. Eileen apologises and says that she’s fine, but she doesn’t know what to do about Des – he’s gone to visit Daphne’s grave again and he just isn’t coping. She says that the bank need to know when he’ll be back at work, but she simply doesn’t know. Sally says that she has to get back to The Coffee Shop, but had hoped that Des would come to dinner with her and Tony that evening. Eileen says that it’s a nice thought, but Des won’t go out, he won’t even pay any attention to poor Jamie. She breaks down in tears, saying that she’s his mother and she should be able to do something at times like these, but she can’t get through to him at all. Sally goes to call Beverly, as Eileen tells herself that she cannot fall to pieces – not now.

At The Coffee Shop, Harold is talking to Helen, and explaining that for the past few weeks, Madge seems to have lost interest in him and he just needs to know what’s going on. Helen assures him that she knows nothing about it, when Sally returns. She explains that she didn’t get to see Des, but Eileen was there and in a complete mess. She says that she called Beverly and Eileen was packed off to hospital and that Des is spending all of his time by Daphne’s grave.

. . .

Des is still by Daphne’s grave and he says that he can’t think of much else to say, except that he loves her, but she already knows that. Mike then turns up and Des is surprised to see him. Mike says that he should be at The Coffee Shop, but he had a feeling that he’d find Des there. He offers Des a ride home on the bike, but Des says that he’s going to stay. Mike tells him that everyone’s worried about him and it’s not going to bring Daphne back by spending so much time by her grave. Des says that he knows that.

At The Coffee Shop, Mike arrives and apologises to Sally for being late. He says that he’s been with Des, at the graveside. Sally explains to Mike that Eileen’s been taken to hospital and admitted, as she’s having a breakdown, and that Madge is looking after Jamie. Mike feels terrible and wonders how Des is going to take the news.

. . .

At number 28, Madge is telling Des that there’s no need to worry about a thing – both Eileen and Jamie are going to be fine. She explains that Eileen was admitted that afternoon, but there’s no point in visiting her, as she’s under heavy sedation at the moment. She hands Jamie over to Des and goes to make a start on dinner. Des sits down with Jamie and spots the music box on the table. He opens it up and notices that the ballerina has snapped off, so he asks Madge what happened. She says that she and Jamie were listening to it earlier, when Jamie grabbed the ballerina and pulled it off. Des gets upset and hands Jamie back to Madge, before going off to try and fix it.

At number 26, Todd and Emma are doing their maths homework when Katie comes in. She asks Todd when they’re going out to get some food from The Coffee Shop. He tells her that they have to finish their homework first and she stomps off. Emma thanks Todd for helping her, and says that she’d upset that Lucy had to go away to college, but now she’s glad, because it’s given her and Todd a chance to be friends.

. . .

At number 28, Des has fixed the music box and he apologises to Madge for yelling at her. She says that it’s fine and asks him if he’d like to take Jamie, but they’re interrupted by Mike arriving home. He says that Harold gave him the afternoon off because he couldn’t concentrate. Madge hands Jamie over to Mike and suggests that they take him to see Eileen that evening, as she’ll be worried. Des says that they can’t visit her, as she’s under sedation. Mike then suggests that Des go back to work, as it’ll take his mind off things. Madge agrees, and says that she, Helen and Beverly can all look after Jamie, but Des doesn’t want to talk and he walks out, telling them all to get off his back. Mike and Madge both admit that they’re worried about the way Des is shutting Jamie out at the moment.

At The Coffee Shop, Harold gets off the phone to the hospital and reports back to Sally that Eileen is fine, but under heavy sedation. He then looks through the real estate section of the newspaper and complains about the prices, telling Sally that if Mrs Mangel loses her divorce settlement, he’s going to be left homeless. Katie, Todd and Emma come in and Todd orders a quiche to take away and three chocolate milkshakes. Harold then notices some leftover food on their table and quickly rushes to clean it up so that Todd isn’t tempted to steal again. Todd is offended and he decides that they should leave, telling Harold to stick his stupid order.

. . .

At number 28, Helen arrives and asks how Des is. Mike explains that he’s gone over to Eileen’s unit, to see if he can find some different photos of Daphne. Mike admits that it’s like Des is obsessed and it would be much easier to move on if there weren’t so many reminders of Daph around the house. He says that the bedroom hasn’t even been touched, as all of Daphne’s clothes are still there. Helen suggests that she and Madge could sort through them for the charity shop, as it’s probably too painful for either Des or Mike to do at the moment.

Outside The Coffee Shop, Harold is complaining to Sally about Todd’s behaviour earlier. He says that young people these days have no respect for their elders and they wouldn’t have spoken like that when he was young. He continues to rant and Sally bursts out laughing, saying that he sounds just like Georgette, from the Dear Georgette column in the newspaper. Harold is stopped in his tracks and goes back inside saying that obviously this Georgette is a very wise person.

. . .

At number 26, Katie is sitting outside on her own, when Todd brings her some milk and asks her what’s wrong. She says that they’re going to get into trouble for not buying the quiche and that Todd doesn’t care about her anymore. He says that he does, but things are different to how they were in Adelaide, as they’ve got Uncle Jim and Aunty Beverly to look after them now. Katie says that she’s talking about Emma and that Todd doesn’t talk to her now that he’s got a girlfriend. They’re interrupted by Sally, who’s brought a quiche over for them. She says that it was her idea and that Harold was out of line for what he said. Todd agrees, and says that Harold’s going to really get what’s coming to him one day.

. . .

At number 28, Helen and Madge have finished packing up Daphne’s clothes, when Des gets home and asks what’s going on. Helen explains and Des is furious and asks what gives them the right to do that. Helen quickly leaves, and Madge says that she’ll go too, once she’s finished preparing Jamie’s dinner. Mike tells Des that he’s got to snap out of this as it’s not healthy and he obviously doesn’t give a damn about his mum or Jamie. Des tells Mike that if that’s the way he feels, he can pack his bags and get out. Madge is shocked and tells Des that he can’t throw Mike out after everything he’s done and Mike says that he’s not going to leave.

Notes: This episode contained the final Neighbours appearance of Myra De Groot before she was taken ill and unable to continue with filming. The character was still referred to as being around, before leaving for a European tour with Sally in episode 725. Myra passed away on Easter Monday 1988.

Summary by Steve