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Magic Moments > 1988 > Lou's Arrival Episode 694

Written by Unknown, Directed by Kendal Flanagan

Madge tells Harold that she went out with another man a few times whilst she was in Brisbane, but it wasn’t a stranger, it was a man that Harold already knows. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door and Madge answers it to find Lou Carpenter standing there with a big bunch of flowers.

Harold is shocked as Lou passionately kisses Madge. Madge asks Lou if he remembers Harold and Harold suddenly realises that it’s Lou from high school. Lou says that Jelly Belly Harold hasn’t changed a bit. Harold points out that he isn’t the only one who’s expanded slightly with age and Lou says that Harold now has some competition for Madge. Harold storms out, just as Charlene appears and asks what all the yelling is about. Madge introduces Charlene to Lou, who goes to get his bag and hand out a few gifts to everyone.

. . .

. . .

At number 26, Jim and Beverly have Paul and Gail over for dinner and are talking about the deal with Mr Udagawa. Paul explains that Mr Udagawa’s company is prepared to put up another $250,000 but they need to find an investor to provide the rest, and they’re looking at a few people at the moment. Gail explains that they’re running a competition to see who can find the investor first. Jim thinks that it’s a good way to start an argument. Beverly then explains that Todd and Katie are staying over at Emma’s and they’re surprised that Katie even went, as she hates Emma. Paul remembers how Lucy and Julie used to give all of his girlfriends a hard time, and mentions to Jim about his new responsibilities as a family man. Jim mentions that if there are any more babies in the house, they won’t be his, as he and Bev have come to an agreement not to have any children together. Bev, however, doesn’t look too happy about that prospect.

At number 24, Henry and Scott are pretending to be delighted with their loud, matching sweaters, but Charlene is more enthusiastic about the set of socket spanners that Lou bought for her. Madge is blown away by the expensive necklace he’s bought for her, but she says that she can’t accept it, as Harold would never forgive her. She goes to speak to Harold and Charlene says that Harold doesn’t deserve Madge. Henry says that Madge has waited this long to marry Harold, so she’s not going to change her mind now. Lou then points out that if there’s one thing he’s learnt from being a used car salesman, it’s that the sale isn’t complete until they sign on the dotted line.

. . .

At number 32, Harold tells Madge that Mrs Mangel is out visiting Eileen and Jane has gone dancing with Tony, so they have the house to themselves to air their grievances. Madge tells Harold that she has no grievances to air. Harold says that he does – he’s shocked that Madge would go out with a scoundrel like Lou, but Madge says that she only met Lou by accident, when her dad bought a used car from him. She says that she returned to Erinsborough as soon as Lou started to make romantic advances, but she can’t ask him to leave now, as he has business in town. Harold says that he can’t trust the man who ran all the betting rings at school, and doesn’t think that Lou will allow their engagement to stop him from trying to steal her away. He asks Madge not to see Lou, but she refuses, and says that Harold is still annoyed about the time Lou tied him up behind the bike sheds. She says that Lou still knows how to show a woman a good time, which is something Harold seems to have forgotten, before leaving.

At number 24, Lou realises that he should get going and Charlene suggests that he stay at number 24. He says that he’s booked into the hotel and tells Madge that he’ll come to see her at the Waterhole during her shift. He sneaks in a quick kiss with Madge before leaving, and Charlene says that she bets Harold never kisses Madge like that. Madge is relieved that he doesn’t, as she’d end up with permanently bruised lips. Once Madge had gone to bed, Charlene and Scott wonder if Harold is on the way out, but Henry hopes not, as he doesn’t like Lou, as he reminds him of someone.

. . .

At number 26, Jim asks Bev why she suddenly went so quiet during dinner. She says that she’s fine and asks Jim why he wants to be a grandfather, but not a father again. He suddenly asks if she’s pregnant and she says that she isn’t, but what if she wanted to be? He says that she wouldn’t have time in her busy career to have a baby, even if she wanted to.

The next morning, at number 24, Charlene is complaining about working on Saturdays. Henry says that at least she gets to knock off at lunchtime, and then tells an annoyed Scott that they’ve got gardening bookings for most of the day. Madge then comes in, followed by Harold, who is still sure that Lou is going to try every trick in the book to steal her away. Harold then reminds Madge that she wanted a lift to work, and she reminds him that he offered – she’s perfectly capable of walking. Charlene says that at least Lou takes notice of Madge and doesn’t take her for granted like some people. Charlene leaves, as Madge gets her bag and tells Harold to hurry up or she’ll be late. Once they’ve all gone, Henry sits down to eat, but Scott says that he has to do the dishes, while Henry hangs the washing out.

. . .

At number 26, Bev is getting ready for work, as Jim prepares to go and play squash, but can’t find his racquet. Bev finds it for him and, as he goes, she says that she’s changed her mind since last night and she does want a baby – the sooner, the better.

At the garage, Charlene arrives, complaining about having to work on a Saturday. Tony says that he doesn’t enjoy it either, as it used to mess up his time chasing girls when he was an apprentice. Charlene asks him if he’d go out with a girl if she was messing him around. He says that he would, if he really liked her, until someone better came along. She tells him about the situation with Madge, Lou and Harold, and Tony tells her that she’d be better off taking advice from someone who’d had a bit more success with their love life.

. . .

At number 26, Bev is apologising about never really thinking about children before they got married. She tells Jim that having Lucy, Todd and Katie around has made her realise what she’s going to be missing out on. Jim says that he’s been through it all several times and doesn’t want to again, and Bev accuses him of being selfish. He says that she’s also selfish to suddenly change her mind after the wedding. He reminds her that Paul and Scott will probably have children soon and then she might be happy, but she says that they won’t be her grandchildren, so it’s not the same. She tells him that she isn’t going to change her mind about this.

At the garage, Tony is dancing, badly, when Charlene comes in and catches him. She laughs and he says that he needs all the practice he can get before the competition. She hands him his lunch, then the phone rings and she answers – it’s Lou. He wants to discuss the situation with Madge and Harold, so they arrange to meet for lunch at the Coffee Shop. Charlene suddenly realises that Harold is working that day, but it’s too late, as Lou has already hung up.

. . .

At The Coffee Shop, Harold serves Paul and Jim. Jim tells Paul that he’s not going to back down where Beverly’s concerned, but he’ll still have to tread carefully. Just then, Lou comes in and Harold appears from the kitchen. Lou is amused to see Harold in his apron, so Harold decides to throw him out. Paul intervenes and reminds Harold that they don’t throw out hotel guests without a very good reason. Lou orders a strawberry milkshake and, when he learns that Paul is the hotel manager, he says that he has a business proposition for him. Paul and Lou leave to chat in the office, while Harold complains to Jim about Lou.

During their gardening job, Henry is counting how much money he has in his wallet and Scott is complaining about him not pulling his weight. Henry goes over to Scott and says that he has to go and buy some concert tickets – it’ll only take half an hour and he can pick up some lunch for them on the way back. Henry quickly runs off and Scott isn’t impressed.

. . .

. . .

In the office, Paul agrees to advertise Carpenter’s Cars, but he isn’t sure that there’ll be too many hotel guests wanting to buy second-hand cars. Lou explains that he’d like to raffle off one of his cars in the shopping complex too, as it would raise a lot of publicity for his new Erinsborough car lot. Just then, Gail comes in with Madge, who is in her full uniform and not happy to see Lou. She mentions a problem with the pub roster, then quickly leaves. Lou then tells Paul and Gail that he knows Madge and Harold from school, and that Madge Ramsay is the woman he’s going to marry, as what Lou Carpenter wants, he gets.

Summary by Steve