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Magic Moments > 1988 > Tony's Departure Episode 705

Written by Unknown, Directed by Paul Moloney

Scott shows Paul and Henry a package, which Ross Warner asked him to deliver. He opens it in front of them, so that they are both witnesses and they find wads of cash inside.

Scott spots Charlene coming and happily tells her that he finally has the proof he needs against Ross Warner. Henry is confused and asks his sister what’s going on, but she refuses to tell him, as she goes into the Coffee Shop.

. . .

In the Coffee Shop, Tony tells Sally that he has to leave town, just as Charlene comes in. She gets angry with him, accusing him of being weak and only leaving because Jane knocked him back. He stops her and explains that he has to return home to Perth, as his dad’s had a stroke and they’re not sure whether he’s going to pull through. He admits that he isn’t sure when, or if, he’ll be back and says it’s been great knowing both of them. Charlene hugs him.

At the hotel office, Scott is explaining everything about Ross Warner being dodgy. Paul isn’t sure that they should tell Jim, as he’s known and trusted Ross for years and may not believe any of it, plus there could be an innocent explanation. Paul tells his younger brother to deliver the money and see what he gets in return.

. . .

Back at the Coffee Shop, Charlene is frustrated that, now that Tony’s leaving, her apprenticeship is up in the air again. Sally is also worried that she’ll lose her flat if she can’t find someone to share the rent. Just at that moment, Henry comes in and offers his services as Sally’s new flatmate. He offers to do all the cooking and cleaning and she seems convinced, until she says that, if they lived together, they wouldn’t be able to go out any more, as she has very strict rules about staying platonic with flatmates. Henry looks crushed.

At the engineering firm, Scott returns from delivering the money. He stands outside and opens the envelope containing his next delivery. He reads it, before going inside where Ross tells him that the client, Mr Green, got in touch and was worried because the package had clearly been tampered with. Scott apologises, lying that he dropped it and had to reseal it, but nothing was damaged and he didn’t take anything from it. Scott asks after his father but Ross says he’s out for the day. Scott is about to raise his concerns about some strange things going on, but Ross tells him to hand over the envelope, the return delivery from Mr Green. When he sees that this has also been tampered with, he tells Scott not to interfere in the running of the business, or try to make trouble between him and Jim.

. . .

At number 26, Bev arrives home as Tony is saying his goodbyes and telling Jim that he’ll need to find a new mechanic. Bev offers her sympathy and tells Tony to keep in touch. Jim offers to give him a lift to the airport and Beverly makes sure to remind him that they’re having dinner at Helen’s flat that evening.

At number 24, Charlene is complaining about now having lost her third boss, but is determined not to give up on her dream to be a mechanic, as Madge tells her to consider finding an easier profession. Henry comes in, also complaining – about Sally not wanting him to move in with her. He decides that he’ll just have to show her that he’s the perfect flatmate. Madge wonders why her son wants to move out of home, but he says that he just won’t be able to live under the same roof as Harold.

. . .

At number 26, Scott arrives, looking for his father and Beverly explains that he’s given Tony a lift to his flat and then on to the airport. Beverly says that he’ll be at Helen’s later for dinner, so Scott can talk to him there. Scott is worried as Ross and his wife will be at the dinner party.

Back at number 24, Charlene is growing concerned about the prospect of Harold moving in, as he won’t let them play any good music or have any fun and Charlene wonders if she should take Sally’s spare room instead of Henry.

. . .

. . .

At Helen’s place, Tony has collected his stuff and is en route to the airport. He says his goodbyes to Helen and to Sally, who says that she’s really going to miss having them around. He says that they really did hit it off, once he stopped trying to get her to fall for him. He asks Sally to say goodbye to Jane for him, before going.

At number 24, Charlene and Henry are laying down some ground rules, telling Madge that, when Harold moves in, he won’t be able to tell them what to do, like a parent. They remind her that they’re adults and can decide things for themselves. Madge agrees to have a word to Harold that evening and hopefully they can come to an arrangement. Scott then rushes in, needing to contact his dad, who should still be at Sally’s flat, collecting Tony’s things on the way to the airport. Henry says he knows the number – it’s engraved on his heart!

. . .

At Helen’s flat, Sally admits that she’s going to miss Tony, as she’d really grown to like him and he’s had enough bad luck lately, so she hopes that his father will pull through. Helen answers the phone – it’s Scott, desperate to speak to Jim before Ross does, but Helen says that he’s already gone to the airport.

Later, whilst helping Helen prepare dinner, Sally decides that she’ll have to advertise for a new flatmate – although she cares for Henry, she isn’t sure that they’re quite ready to live together. But Sally admits that she is serious about Henry, as he is quite mature when he’s not behaving like a ratbag. Helen admits that she’s worried about how the dinner party is going to turn out.

. . .

At number 24, they’re all having dinner and Henry suggests that Scott burst into the dinner at Helen’s place and accuse Ross in front of everyone, just like in the movies. Scott isn’t quite sure what to do, so Henry gets serious and tells him to just tell Jim everything he knows. Madge is impressed that Henry can be quite smart when he wants to be.

At the hotel office, Paul wants to take Gail out to a club but she’s busy with work. He tells her that she works too hard, until he realises that she’s actually playing a computer game. She’s frustrated with her progress so Paul takes over, completing the level for her. She’s annoyed, having wanted to do it herself and he reminds her that she did the same thing, finishing his anagram that morning. Gail thinks that Paul just got lucky, and they agree to a rematch after dinner.

. . .

At Helen’s flat, most of the guests are there when Jim finally arrives. Ross asks for a quiet word, telling him that Scott is not working out as an employee, he has a bad attitude and they should let him go. Scott and Charlene then turn up, also desperate to speak to Jim, but Ross says that now’s not the time and it can all wait until the following morning. Scott disagrees, but the whole thing is interrupted by a call from Ross’s son – the engineering works are on fire.

Summary by Steve