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Magic Moments > 1988 > Bronwyn's Arrival Episode 764

Written by Unknown, Directed by Steve Mann

At the 50s night, to the sounds of Suddenly by Angry Anderson, Scott and Charlene are reunited under the glitter ball…

At number 26, Helen emerges from the bedroom and tells Jim and Beverly that Katie went out like a light as soon as her head hit the pillow. Todd says that he’s not tired at all, but Jim says that if that’s a hint about staying up late, it’s not going to work. Todd says that Jim’s just annoyed because everyone laughed at him. They laugh about Harold singing a hymn at a 50s night, but admit that his singing did seem rather good after they heard Henry. Todd heads off to bed, and Bev says that he had a ball. Helen agrees, and admits that a lot of people seemed to enjoy themselves, particularly Scott and Charlene. Jim says that it’s good to see that the pair have finally come to their senses.

. . .

At number 24, Charlene admits to Scott that she thought he’d never speak to her again. She says that the 50s night was the last place she wanted to go, and Scott agrees, before apologising for giving her such a hard time. He says that he loves her and will never stop, and they kiss. She says that he’s amazing and she’ll never risk losing him again, she’s not that dumb. Scott jokingly says that he’s not sure about that, and they start play-fighting, as Madge comes in, pleased by the scene of laughter that awaits her. Charlene tells her mum that she was pretty good on the stage as a back-up singer, and was better than Henry. Madge says that everyone enjoyed themselves and it was more fun than fighting, so Charlene suggests that her mum go and make up with Helen the next day.

The following morning, Jamie is refusing to eat and Des thinks that he’s being punished for going out and leaving him again that evening. Mike asks if he’s found a babysitter yet, but Des admits that he hasn’t and wishes he could get out of his business dinner. He says that he’s going to make up for it by spending the day with Jamie – first stop, the supermarket. He asks Mike to join them, but Mike has too much study on.

. . .

At number 26, Madge arrives at the door, just as Jim and Beverly are leaving. Bev says that Helen is in the kitchen, so Madge walks through and the two women coldly greet each other. Helen asks Madge if she’d like a cup of tea and Madge says that she would, and she’d also like to apologise – if Scott and Charlene can make up, then so can they. Helen admits that she hates it when they fight, and Madge reminds her of the arguments they used to have and they always vowed they’d never let it happen again. Madge admits that she was relieved when Scott came to his sense, but Helen defends him, saying that he wouldn’t have blamed him if he hadn’t taken Charlene back. Madge says that Charlene and Steve was no different to when Scott kissed Jane, but Helen disagrees. Madge says that she’s not going to stand there and allow her daughter to be insulted, before storming out of the house.

Des is pushing Jamie in his pram across the supermarket car park and starts loading the car with bags of shopping. Meanwhile, nearby, a mother is telling off her daughter for misbehaving and says that sulking won’t make it any better. The girl wanders off, as Des goes to put a bag in the car and it splits. As he picks up the contents, the girl spots Jamie’s pram and walks over, telling Jamie that he’s been very naughty, and sulking won’t make it any better, before pushing the pram away.

. . .

At number 26, Todd comes into the kitchen and opens the oven to see if the biscuits are ready. Helen snaps at him to close it, and Todd asks how long they’ll be, as Katie is hungry and she wants to feed the guinea pigs. Helen snaps again, saying that she’s not going to feed her biscuits to the pets. Todd asks why Helen’s in a bad mood and she tells him she’s not, and to go back outside and wait. Jim and Bev then get back with the groceries and Jim opens the oven too. Helen says that the biscuits will never be ready at this rate, and Todd says that Helen’s in a bad mood. Helen finally apologises and admits that her conversation with Madge didn’t go too well, as she said a few things she shouldn’t have. Helen apologises to Todd, but says that, if she’ll forgive him, the biscuits are probably ready.

Back at the supermarket, the woman is looking for her daughter, who leaves Jamie’s pram and goes. A girl is walking by and spots Jamie in his pram, with nobody else about. She starts talking to Jamie, asking where his mum is. She calls out and, when nobody replies, she takes Jamie inside to get the staff to make an announcement. Des, meanwhile, is frantically running around asking all of the shoppers if they’ve seen a kid in a pram.

. . .

At number 24, Scott and Charlene come in from working on the car, talking about how great it’ll be when they have their own wheels. Charlene says that their biggest problem has been having everyone else around, breathing down their necks. They start to talk about renting their own place and decide that, if they start saving now, they’ll soon have enough for a bond and a few months’ rent. Their romantic moment is interrupted by Madge coming in with the vacuum cleaner, telling them not to sit around with their dirty overalls on. Scott starts joking about Madge and Helen not making up and it could be the start of World War 3, but Charlene tells her mum to go and make up with Helen, as it’s no fun losing your best friend.

Back at the supermarket, Des is still racing around in a panic when he spots the girl pushing Jamie towards the supermarket. He runs over and grabs his son, as the girl tells him that she’s not going to let him just take the baby; he could be anyone. Des proves that he’s the father by telling her what Jamie is wearing under his jumper, but the girl still isn’t impressed that Des left his son sitting around in the carpark. Des tries to explain but the girl walks off, telling Des that he shouldn’t be allowed to have kids and wishing Jamie luck, as he’s going to need it.

. . .

At number 24, Madge is polishing the silverware when she’s interrupted by a knock at the door. It’s Helen, with some biscuits and an apology. The two women make up, but Helen can’t stay as she has more baking to do. Once Helen leaves, Charlene emerges from her bedroom to see if they’ve made up. Madge says that they have, and wonders if Helen said anything about her. Madge says that she didn’t, and asks why Charlene wants to know, but a guilty Charlene says that she was just wondering.

At number 28, Scott is trying to help Mike with his study, but Mike isn’t concentrating as he’s bored. They joke about Henry’s singing, as Des returns complaining that Jamie almost got kidnapped. He tells Scott and Mike about what happened in the car park and says that this girl was very rude and just kept on hassling him. He says that he’s never met such a tyrant and if he ever sees her again, she won’t know what’s hit her.

. . .

At number 26, Charlene arrives to visit Helen and asks for a chat. They go to sit down and Charlene says that it’s about the fight between Helen and Madge. Charlene says that they were only angry because of what Charlene did with Steve Fisher and she’s sorry. Helen insists that she doesn’t need to apologise, but Charlene insists that she didn’t just hurt Scott with her actions. She says that she’s learnt from her actions – she’s not as grown up as she thought she was, and she loves Scott even more than she thought she did. She says that, from now on, she’s going to work at the marriage, and Helen says that Scott’s very lucky.

. . .

At number 28, Des is running late for his dinner and wondering where the babysitter is. Des goes off to check on the laundry as Mike answers the door to the babysitter. It’s the woman from the car park, who introduces herself as Bronwyn Davies. Mike calls Des, to introduce them and they’re both shocked to realise who the other is…

Summary by Steve