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Magic Moments > 1988 > Sharon's Arrival Episode 780

Written by Malcolm Frawley, Directed by Tony Osicka

Des arrives to talk to Pete, who explains that he just wasn’t good enough for the institute of sport. Mike then hangs up the phone and tells Pete that he can stop lying, as he’s just spoken to Rachel, who told him the full story…

Pete relents and says that he couldn’t just walk out. He says that he tried so hard, but overdid it and injured himself. He says that the doctors kept putting him off, so he started training again and really wrecked his leg. Mike and Des want to know why he didn’t tell anyone. He explains that he just needed some time alone to get over it. Harold then arrives, followed by a young girl who sits down to order. Mike tells Pete that he’s still the local hero and that won’t ever change.

. . .

At the office, Paul is dictating a letter to Jane, who stops him and says she can’t keep up. Paul asks if he’s going too quickly for her, and she apologises, but he says he’s just got so much to do. Bronwyn then arrives to remind them both about Jamie’s party. Bronwyn and Jane discuss what they’re buying as presents. Madge then arrives to complain again about the pub uniforms and then gets into a discussion about the party food. Paul asks them if they can have this conversation another time, and tells Bronwyn to leave. Madge goes too, while Paul asks Jane if they can finally finish these letters now…

Des and Pete agree that they can call Pete’s absence from the bank “compassionate leave”. Mike hopes that Pete will get over his disappointment and wonders if he should ask him for a night out or something, and Des decides to ask him to Jamie’s party. Harold brings some food to the girl at the table, while Mike asks if he can leave early to go shopping for the party. Harold thinks about a present for Jamie, while the girl goes to pay her bill and realises she has no money. Mike and Harold go into the kitchen, and the girl tries to do a runner.

. . .

. . .

In the Coffee Shop kitchen, Harold is telling the girl that he hopes she’s learnt her lesson. She says that she doesn’t need a lecture and her money must have been stolen. Mike then comes in with more dishes for her to wash, and Sharon is amazed by all the work she has to do. She says that Harold reminds her of her old high school principal and introduces herself as Sharon. She says she’s travelling around Australia while she writes her first book. She says she’s 20, but looks younger and her family were all killed in a plane crash. She says she was brought up in a convent and is going to dedicate her book to the nuns. Mike then leaves for the party, and Sharon says she’ll send Mike a copy of the book.

Paul finishes dictating the letter to Jane, who says she’ll get it done before leaving for Jamie’s party. Paul is annoyed, telling her that he doesn’t want her rushing her work, but she promises it’ll be up to her usual standard. Paul apologises for his bad mood and she says it’s fine. He explains that the pressure is really getting to him lately. The phone rings and it’s Pru from reception, so Paul has to leave. On his way out, he says that they’ll both make sure to go to the party, remarking that he’s surprised that Jane wants to go, what with her crush on Des. She says she’s over it, but doesn’t look completely convinced.

. . .

At number 28, Mike, Bronwyn and Des are preparing for the party, and Madge arrives with the cake and a gift. She picks up Jamie to give him a kiss. Scott and Pete then arrive and Scott says that Charlene sends her love. Madge asks Pete how he is, and Scott quickly drags her away. Mike says there’s a present from Sally there too.

At the Coffee Shop, Sharon is listing everything she washed, and Harold reminds her that she shouldn’t eat and run. She shows him that she’s also cleaned the kitchen and asks if she can have some cake as her payment, then goes to leave. She assures him that she really did lose her money and he gives her a couple of dollars for the bus. She says she has a relative nearby where she can crash.

. . .

At the party, Paul and Jane arrive. Paul says that Gail’s on her way too, then the phone rings, so Scott answers. Des thanks Jane for coming and comments that it must be quite difficult, then Scott says that Jim’s been held up but will be there soon. They then show Jamie his cake and Des blows out the candle.

Harold arrives and apologises for being late, saying he had a spot of bother. Harold then gives Jamie his gift – a Scout cap. Madge asks Paul if she can have a word about the pub uniforms. She says that the men in the pub have been making lewd remarks, and Paul says that the tourists love them, so he’ll have to think about it. Bronwyn asks Jane about her modelling career, and wonders if she could be a model too.

. . .

Outside, Scott and Pete are discussing his problems. Pete says that he has no idea what to do with all the money everyone raised, and Scott suggests donating it to the Olympic fund. Scott suggests that Pete think about trying for the next Olympics, but Pete says it’s all over.

Sharon arrives at number 28, looking for Bronwyn. Sharon is surprised to see Mike and Harold at the party, and Bronwyn is very shocked to see Sharon, explaining to everyone that it’s her little sister. Bronwyn takes Sharon aside and asks what’s going on. Sharon explains that since Bronwyn left, it’s been terrible at home, so she’s run away. She explains that Aunt Edie came to stay and their dad and brother are just making a mess and expecting her to tidy up behind them. Jane asks Bronwyn is everything’s ok, and Bron decides to take Sharon to number 32 and ring their father.

. . .

. . .

Later that night, Madge and Harold are leaving the party, followed by Scott and Pete. Des and Jamie go to sit down and Des gets Daphne’s old music box. He opens it and plays the music to Jamie, telling him that mummy sends her love too.

. . .

At number 32, Bronwyn is on the phone to her dad. She hangs up and tells Sharon that everyone has been worried sick. Sharon insists that they were all treating her like a servant, and Bronwyn agrees that Sharon needs a break, so she’ll ask Mrs Mangel if she can stay for a while. Sharon says she’s not going back to Narrabri at the weekend, she’s in Erinsborough to stay.

Summary by Steve