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Magic Moments > 1989 > The 1989 Season Premiere Episode 877

Written by Unknown, Directed by Unknown

Jane and Mark come back in and Mark asks if he can make an announcement – Jane has agreed to be his wife. Everyone is thrilled, but Des looks a bit put out. Harold says that this would be a good time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and they all sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas.

It’s the New Year and Henry and Nick are lying on the beach, happy to have nothing to worry about. Henry admits that he isn’t concerned about Bronwyn getting a new boyfriend, as he’s impossible to replace anyway. Nick then says that he still hopes to find him one girl in a million, and Henry points out that she could be on that very beach. Nick notices two girls sitting just up the beach from them and they start smiling. The girls then start waving, and Henry waves back, before realising that the girls are actually waving at their boyfriends, who are just walking up behind Henry and Nick. Henry quickly pretends that he was just shaking some sand out of his hair.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Joe and Toby come in, dressed the same way, and with Toby mimicking everything his father says. They order two pies from Edie, who Joe calls ‘Duchess’ and she asks him not to use that ridiculous nickname on her. He asks her not to pile vegetables on the plate and Toby agrees. Edie is shocked by the poor nutrition the boy must be getting, then she complains that she has no staff and no dishwasher and she doesn’t know how she’ll manage. Joe tells Toby that he knows a way to win Edie over and can get her a cheap dishwasher.

Back at the beach, Nick and Henry are watching the girls and their boyfriends playing in the water. Henry thinks that most women really prefer a decent personality to good looks. Just then, Des, Jamie and Sharon arrive and Nick isn’t too pleased to see her. Des suggests that Nick and Sharon take Jamie for a play in the water. Sharon asks Nick if they can just be friends and get back to normal with each other, but Nick jokingly accuses her of never being normal in the first place. Meanwhile, Henry asks Des if Bronwyn might be coming. Des says that she’s on her way, with her new boyfriend. Just then, Bronwyn walks up and Henry is shocked to meet her new boyfriend, Russ.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Toby goes outside to play, just as Jane comes in. She says that Noelene’s been on the phone to Madge and is going to be coming down with Ted to pick up Toby. Joe is upset, as he was really starting to bond with his son and had almost hoped that Noelene would never come back for him. Jane suggests asking for weekend access, as it’s his right as Toby’s father. Toby then comes back in and asks if they’re going back to work, but Joe says that they need to have a little chat first.

Back at the beach, Henry and Nick are bringing back ice creams for everyone and Henry is complaining about what a meat head Russ seems to be. Nick says that he seems ok, and Henry accuses Nick of being a meat head too. Russ is bragging to Des about his prowess as a cricketer when Henry brings over the ice creams, accidentally dropping Bronwyn’s on her leg. As he goes to wipe it off, Russ tells him to stop, as nobody except him is allowed to touch his girlfriend’s leg. Henry points out that he was Bronwyn’s girlfriend once, and Russ says that he won’t hold that against her.

. . .

Later, at number 28, Henry tells Bronwyn that he can’t believe that she’s serious about Russ. Bronwyn says that she isn’t, she’s just been going out with him. She asks Henry why he cares, when they stopped going out ages ago. Henry accuses her of using guys then not caring as soon as the relationship is over – Mike, Tom, himself – but Bronwyn is offended. Henry storms out, saying that he doesn’t want to know her anymore. Meanwhile, Des and Joe come in the back door and Joe is trying to convince Des to buy a cheap dishwasher from him. Des finally agrees and Joe leaves, as an upset Bronwyn hands Jamie over to Des and walks out.

At number 32, Joe comes in and checks that all of the food is ready for the barbecue. Toby then says that he doesn’t want to go home, he wants to stay with his dad. Joe says that they’re already discussed this – there’s no way he can stay for good, even though it’s what they both want. He says that they’ll still be able to visit. Toby says that he doesn’t want a new dad either, but Joe promises him that everything is going to work out.

. . .

At number 30, Sharon is brushing Arthur and Edie is complaining about all of the sand she’s dragged into the house. She asks Sharon why she needed to go to the beach anyway, when they’ve got a perfectly got pool. Sharon says that it’s dirty, but Edie says that she’s been cleaning it, then she realises that she can smell smoke. Sharon says that Joe is having a barbecue and Edie is horrified that her clean washing is going to get covered in smoke.

Outside, Joe and Toby are cooking the food when Edie and Sharon come out onto the balcony. Edie complains about the smoke, so Joe complains that Edie’s nose is trespassing on his property. Sharon laughs and Edie points out that the washing is her bed sheets and she’ll have to wash them herself next time. Sharon is horrified and grabs the hose and points it over the fence. Joe and Toby’s barbecue goes out, just as Edie grabs the hose from Sharon. When Joe sees Edie holding the hose, he warns her that he’s going to get his own back and she won’t like it.

. . .

. . .

Inside, Joe is furious and Jane tells him to calm down, just as Noelene and Ted arrive. Toby hugs his mum and Noelene then introduces Joe and Jane to Ted. Jane quickly makes herself scarce, hugging Toby before she goes and Joe goes to get drinks for everyone. Whilst he’s gone, Noelene tells Toby to hug Ted, but he doesn’t want to. Ted says he’ll give Toby a hiding instead, so Toby hugs Ted and quickly returns to his mother. Ted says that he’s the boss now and tells Toby to sit down. Joe then comes back in with the drinks as a scared Toby looks over at Ted.

At number 24, Nick is trying to convince Henry to come out to a concert with him. Henry is still depressed about Bronwyn and doesn’t feel like going out. Nick then points out that Bronwyn probably isn’t sitting in on her own, all depressed, on a Friday night, so Henry suddenly leaps up and runs to get changed, saying that he’s going to crack on to the first girl he sees.

. . .

At number 28, Bronwyn is helping Jane try on a veil for her wedding to Mark. Bronwyn is complaining about Henry and Jane points out that it means that she probably still cares for him. Jane is glad to be marrying Mark, so she’s free from all the hassles of dating. Jane goes to try the wedding dress on, but rushes off to the bedroom to change when she sees Des arriving home. Des comes in with a chicken he won at a raffle and asks Bronwyn if she’ll be home to cook it. Bron says that she’s broken up with Russ, so she won’t be going anywhere. Just then, Jane walks out, in the wedding dress, and Des is blown away, saying that Mark is one lucky fella.

. . .

At number 32, Joe, Toby, Ted and Noelene sit down to eat, and Noelene suggests that Joe could have Toby every other weekend and during some school holidays. Ted says that Joe’s probably happy to be getting rid of Toby now, and Noelene decides that they can discuss arrangements later on. Toby then starts to try and get some sauce for his sausages, but Ted tells him to put the bottle down. Toby carries on, and gets some sauce on Joe, which he finds amusing, but Ted hits Toby and goes to do it again, when Joe stops him. Joe sends Toby to his room and Ted tells Noelene to go and get Toby, as they’re leaving. Noelene tells Joe that he can forget about having access, but Joe stops them both and says that if they try to take Toby, he won’t be responsible for his actions…

Summary by Steve