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Magic Moments > 1989 > Beverly's Departure Episode 889

Written by Unknown, Directed by Tony Osicka

Harold is about to tell off a young woman in his shop for bringing her own food, when he realises that it’s his daughter, Kerry.

Kerry stands up and introduces Harold to his granddaughter, Sky. Harold is moved to meet her and Kerry admits that she was on her way to meet him, but had no idea that they would bump into each other like this. Harold sits Sky on his knee, and tells Kerry how much she worried him, especially when she didn’t reply to his wedding invitation. She apologises and says that she moves around a lot and never received it. He asks her if she and Sky would like to stay with him and she happily accepts, and is surprised to hear that Harold’s new wife, Madge, is at work. She asks what Madge does and Harold, not wanting to admit that his wife is a barmaid says that she… serves over a counter.

. . .

At number 26, Todd and Helen ask Beverly for help with a jigsaw puzzle they’re doing, but she tells them that it’ll have to wait, as she’s got ironing to do and it already running late. Jim then comes in, surprised that Joe was actually quite polite to him outside. Helen suspects that he might have worked things out with Noelene. Bev then asks Jim if he can finish off the ironing whilst she goes and finishes packing for her trip. Jim is pleased to hear that she’s decided to go and that Helen’s decided to accept some help from the family and neighbours while Bev is away.

At number 24, Madge wonders why Harold is in such a bad mood, what with Kerry and Sky staying. Harold says that he’s always been worried about how Kerry would turn out, and how she’s here, he’s shocked by how irresponsible she is. He tells Madge, who completely disagrees, that he’s very disappointed in his daughter. Kerry then appears, having got Sky off to sleep, and thanks Madge for letting her stay in Charlene’s room. She says that she’ll probably just sleep on the floor, as she couldn’t manage on a proper bed after all these years. Harold isn’t too impressed and starts making digs at his daughter, who checks that she isn’t imposing. She says that she won’t have tea, as she only drinks herbal, and Harold points out that he’s the same. He asks if Kerry remembers anything at all about him, and she says that a lot of memories are starting to come back. Henry then bursts in and is introduced to Kerry. Neither Harold nor Kerry looks very comfortable as Henry says that it’s nice to have all the family together.

. . .

At number 22, Mark has come ‘round, looking for Jane, but Gail says that she doesn’t know where Jane went. He explains that things were going well, until his snobby mother got involved and told Jane that she wasn’t good enough to marry a Granger. Paul and Gail are surprised, and Mark says that his mother seems to think that having money gives her the right to walk all over people. Mark comments that life would be a lot easier without money, something which Paul strongly disagrees with. He then asks Mark to stay for dinner, so that they can all take each other’s minds off their problems.

Later on, over dinner, Paul is asking Mark whether he’s ever thought about investing outside of the US. Mark says that they’ve often thought about it, but haven’t found anything suitable. Gail isn’t impressed, and Mark isn’t too keen either, as Paul starts talking about his plans to buy out the Australian end of the Daniels Corporation. Paul ignores Gail and carries on talking, but Mark tells him that he’s not really interested, as he’s too worried about Jane. Paul carries on, until Gail stops him and points out that Mark really isn’t interested in cutting business deals right now.

. . .

At number 24, Henry, Kerry, Madge and Harold are having dinner. Kerry is talking about all of the places she’s been to, and Henry wants to hear more, but Harold says he’s heard enough for tonight. Kerry asks what her father would rather talk about, and he suddenly brings up the issue of Sky’s father. Kerry explains that he simply didn’t want a baby, and she did, but she has no problem with it if Sky wants to track him down one day. Madge then stops Harold, who is horrified, and Henry wonders why Madge is being so polite when she won’t even let him move in with Bronwyn. Madge tells Henry to shut up, and asks Kerry to talk more about her travels. Kerry then mentions that she’s been back in Australia for a few months, and Harold is shocked, as she didn’t even come and see him with his granddaughter straight away. Henry quickly breaks the tension by giving Kerry a kiss and welcoming her to the family.

At number 26, Helen, Jim, Bev and Todd are also having dinner. Bev thanks everyone for helping and announces that she’s finished packing, so she just needs Jim to take her to the airport now. Helen mentions that Paul and Gail will be coming over to say goodbye, and that Paul is still having trouble raising the cash to buy out Rosemary. Jim says that he’ll manage to sort it out; he always does.

. . .

At number 24, Henry chats to Harold about Sky and Kerry, and says that he’s surprised about how different she is from David. Harold admits that he doesn’t know where he went wrong with her – he always tries to set a good example but he’s clearly failed as a father this time. Henry disagrees, but Harold says that Kerry goes against everything that he holds sacred. Henry points out that kids often turn out to be different from their parents, and he says that his mum has always accepted him, even after he was in prison. Harold says that it’s different with Kerry; she’s deliberately chosen her lifestyle. Harold then apologises to Henry for burdening him, but Henry says that it’s fine – they’re family after all. Harold starts to blame himself again, but Henry tells him that he’s an alright bloke.

At number 22, Paul is still annoyed that Mark turned him down for the business deal. Gail says that he wouldn’t have agreed, regardless of what’s happening with Jane, as he just wasn’t interested. Paul then starts to blame Gail, saying that she could have tried a bit harder. He says that they just need the extra 20% - $40,000 – for the deal and that it’s hardly any money at all. Gail starts to get annoyed and mentions that they have to go and say goodbye to Bev.

. . .

At number 26, Bev is saying goodbye to Helen and telling her to keep up with her exercises. Helen assures her that, with half of Ramsay Street watching, she has no choice. Paul and Gail then arrive and Gail says it’s a shame Bev has to go, as she really wanted a chat. They then decide that Gail should go to the airport too, but Paul decides to stay with Helen. Jim, Bev, Gail and Todd leave, and Paul helps Helen to the sofa and starts complaining about being short of the money for his investment. He then suggests that Helen borrow against Home James and help him make the shortfall, as she’d be making more than enough to cover the interest. Helen is intrigued and asks to know more.

At number 24, Harold and Madge are on the sofa and she says that she’ll miss having Henry around. Harold agrees and, despite his not agreeing with Henry and Bronwyn living in sin, he thinks that Madge has done a good job with her son. Kerry appears and asks if she can get a drink for Sky. Madge shows her where everything is in the kitchen, when she suddenly spots a spider and starts screaming for Harold to get something to hit it with. Kerry stops her and picks it up to take it outside. Harold is suddenly very impressed with his daughter for showing such compassion.

. . .

. . .

At number 26, Helen is looking over the figures for the investment and agrees to speak to her solicitor the next morning. Just then, Todd, Gail and Jim return, and Todd is complaining that Gail was crying at the airport. They ask what Paul and Helen have been up to, and Helen explains that she’s going to be Paul’s final investor. Gail and Jim are horrified that Paul would stoop to using his own grandmother like that and Paul acts sheepishly when Jim asks if that was the reason he wanted to stay behind with Helen. Jim tells Paul to get out, as he’s sick of the sight of him.

Notes: This episode marked Lisa Armytage’s final appearance as Beverly. Six weeks later, in Episode 919, the character returned, played by Shaunna O’Grady.

Summary by Steve