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Magic Moments > 1989 > Cody's Arrival Episode 1100

Written by Unknown, Directed by Andrew Friedman

Henry flies away from Erinsborough for good.

At number 32, Joe and Kerry are arguing about her filling in for Bronwyn at the Coffee Shop. She says that they could use the money, but Joe says that he doesn’t want Harold’s money in his house and is going to get back at him one way or another. Kerry has had enough of their silly feud and says that she wishes he’d let it go. He says that he will let it go – once he’s got even.

. . .

At number 26, in the kitchen, Beverly gets up and Helen tells her that she could have stayed in bed longer. Bev explains that she’s used to getting up for work, but Neil is coping fine with the locum. Todd then comes in and asks if anyone will be home at lunchtime, explaining that he has some free periods and wants to come back and work on the school annual. He says that he’s been asked to co-edit it with Cody Willis. Helen asks why he wants to be alone with Cody, and wonders if he’s lost interest in Melissa already, but Todd says that he doesn’t want to be alone with her, and was hoping that somebody else would be there. Todd explains that he’s worried that she might make a move on him, so Helen agrees to try to be there. Just then, the phone rings and it’s an old patient of Beverly’s, who’s gone into labour. Bev says she’ll leave right away and asks Helen to look after Rhys. Helen explains that she’s busy all day and reminds Bev that she was meant to give up work when Rhys came along. Bev says that she shouldn’t have said yet to Mrs Carter, and Helen suggests that she ask Kerry to babysit.

At the Coffee Shop, Harold is reading the ‘Dear George’ column and Mel asks him if there’s anything interesting in it today. He says that there is, and points out that more than half of the problems seem to be about people in Ramsay Street. He explains to Mel, Paul and Mike that there’s a letter today with a problem that sounds exactly like Henry and Bronwyn, but it can’t have been written by either of them. Harold thinks that someone they know is writing the letters, but Mike and Paul disagree, as Mel looks awkward. Harold remembers when Mrs Mangel used to write the column and thinks it’s possible that someone else in the street is doing it now. Mike then reads out a letter that sounds very much like the situation between Harold, Joe and Kerry, and Harold begins to wonder if Joe is writing the letters. Paul says that if anyone wrote anything about him, he’d take legal action – Melanie looks very worried.

. . .

At number 32, Kerry is on the phone to Sandra Lloyd, the Erinsborough News editor, and explains that she’s confused about how so many of the letters she gets are about people from Ramsay Street. She says that she wrote one of the letters herself – about Joe and Harold – in the hope that it might end their feud, but wonders who could be writing all of the others. Just then, Bev arrives, asking if Kerry can mind Rhys for the day. Kerry explains that she’s just off to the Coffee Shop to work and that Madge has got Sky, but they’ve gone off shopping together. Bev decides to try Mrs Kirkwood instead.

Outside, Hilary ducks out to get the paper, when Bev spots her. Hilary explains that it’s her day off and she’s just going to lounge around the house all day and do nothing. Bev then asks her if she’ll look after Rhys as nobody else is available. Hilary has little time to say anything, before Bev thrusts the baby carriage and the bags at her and leaves.

. . .

At the office, Melanie is on the phone to the newspaper, trying to get back the letter she wrote about Paul. She tries to find out who George really is, but they won’t tell her. Just then, Helen comes in and Melanie concludes the call and tells Helen that she can go in to see Paul. Paul is furious and tells Helen that Gail is refusing to sign the access papers, so he’s thinking about not giving her the house. He admits that he doesn’t want it to go to court as it would drag on for months. Helen suggests that he move home, but he says that he’ll be moving into a suite at Lassiter’s soon and will just have to pay Gail rent until then.

At the Coffee Shop, Joe comes in and is pleased to see how busy it is, as Harold tells him to keep his voice down. Joe takes his sandwich and leaves, as a woman comes to pay and asks Harold for her 50% discount. Harold is confused but the woman assures him that she saw a sign saying that Daphne’s Coffee Shop was offering a 50% lunchtime discount. She says that if she doesn’t get it, she’ll make a scene.

. . .

At number 30, Hilary removes Rhys’ dirty nappy and he stops crying. She is then trying to put a clean one on, when he pees all over her shirt and she accuses him of being thoughtless.

At number 26, Todd arrives back and introduces Cody to his gran. Helen gives them a plate of sandwiches and brings them drinks, as Cody asks Todd if he’s heard anything from Melissa. He says that they write to each other all the time, and Cody starts goading him about American guys and how Melissa is probably cheating on him. Todd looks worried, but assures Cody that Melissa wouldn’t do that.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Harold is arguing with another customer about the 50% discount, but Kerry tells him that he’s just going to have to give in, as everyone seems to have seen this advertisement. The man pays for his food and leaves, telling everyone else not to let Harold welch on the deal. Mike comes up to pay and admits that he didn’t see any ad, but would like his discount anyway. Harold sees that he has no choice but realises that all of his profits are going down the drain.

At number 26, Todd and Cody are arguing over which school photo to use in the annual, and Cody admits that she wants to look good on it. Helen then comes in and explains that she has to leave for an appointment at the gallery, and Todd is worried about being left alone with Cody. Cody then asks Todd if he’s nervous being around her and she points out that Melissa won’t be back for the end-of-year dance. She asks who he’s going to take, and he says that he probably won’t go as he has to get braces on his teeth. Cody thinks that braces are really cool and asks if she can go with Todd, but he turns her down. She acts as if she’s really offended, so he agrees.

. . .

At number 30, Hilary sits down to feed a crying Rhys and starts singing ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ until she decides that it might make him insecure about the safety of his cradle. Just then, Beverly arrives and Hilary admits that she’s realised how much she missed out on with Matt. She thinks that she would have made a good mother.

At the Coffee Shop, Joe arrives to pick up Kerry and is amused to see how flustered Harold is after the day he’s had. Kerry says that she’ll tell Joe all about it as they walk home. It suddenly dawns on Harold that Joe might know more than he’s letting on, and he runs after them.

. . .

. . .

Outside, Joe is laughing about the discounts and Kerry realises that he was behind it all. He shows her the big sign he made up, and then Harold runs out and sees it. He tells Joe that if it’s war he wants, then he’s got it…

Summary by Steve