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Magic Moments > 1989 > Mike's Departure Episode 1108

Written by Unknown, Directed by Tony Osicka

Des explains to Mike that his mother’s been involved in a plane crash in Western Australia and is in hospital in Perth. He offers to help Mike arrange to go up there, but Mike says that his mother never did anything for him, so why would he want to see her now…

Joe is doing some plumbing at number 32, when Lochy and Toby suddenly come running in, complaining that they got dive-bombed by a magpie out in the street. He suggests that they went too close to its nest, but they say that they weren’t doing anything wrong and the magpie is just picking on kids. Joe tells them that maybe they shouldn’t go outside today and they complain that they were going to play cricket. Lochy suggests that they just play it in inside instead, while Joe goes out to the back door, ducks down and makes a run for it.

. . .

At number 28, Des is playing with Jamie when Mike comes stomping through the lounge room, ignoring both of them. Des tells Mike that he’s no fan of Barbara either, but she’s his mother and she could have been killed in that plane crash. He tells Mike that it isn’t healthy to just wipe him from his memory like that and reminds him that, despite everything she’s done, she could be dying. Des says that Barbara would be there if the situations were reversed, but Mike suspects she’d only be there to see what money she could get out of it. Des tells him that this could be his last chance to make peace with his mother, but Mike says it’s already too late, and he goes to his room.

Out in Ramsay Street, Joe is getting the ute ready for work, when Paul arrives home in a taxi and the magpie swoops down and attacks him. Joe rushes to warn him, but is too late and Paul realises that the magpie got him on the back of the head. Joe asks Paul where his car is and he explains that Gloria took it to the supermarket, after pranging her own car. Paul then begins to worry that Gloria isn’t back yet and hopes that she hasn’t done his car any damage. Paul complains that Gloria has his house keys too, and he has some important clients coming over for drinks. Jim comes outside and they both warn him about the magpie, before Paul goes to try and break into his own house. Meanwhile, Jim asks Joe if he can borrow his video camera, as he wants to get some footage of Bev and baby Rhys.

. . .

Inside number 26, Helen gets off the phone, telling Bev that her friend, Susan, died of a heart attack yesterday. She goes on to explain that Susan was the same age as her, but Bev points out that Helen is in excellent shape for her age. Jim comes in with the video recorder and Bev is impressed to hear about his plans for it. Helen isn’t quite as taken, admitting that she prefers photographs, as they’re more practical. Bev goes to put Rhys down to sleep, while Jim tries to show Helen how to use the camera. She tells him that she isn’t in the mood, explaining about Susan’s death. She says that she feels guilty for not keeping in regular touch with Susan and Jim suggests that the recording might keep her mind off it, so she reluctantly agrees.

Paul is sitting outside number 22, waiting for Gloria to return, when she comes walking up the street, carrying a box full of groceries. She tells Paul that his car is fine, but she’s lost the keys. Paul is furious, explaining to her that all the keys to the hotel, as well as his Lassiter’s badge, were on that keyring too. Gloria says that it’s a positive thing, as whoever finds them will know where to return them, but Paul thinks they’re more likely to use them to break into his business and his house.

. . .

At number 32, Lochy and Toby are getting bored of being inside the house and are beginning to fight with each other. They’re worried that they might have to stay inside for weeks and will end up starving. Kerry makes them some head protectors from old ice cream tubs, but they both refuse to wear them, saying that they’ll look stupid. Joe and Kerry tell them that, in that case, they can’t go out, and she decides to run over and warn Des about the magpie, in case he lets Jamie out in the garden.

At number 28, Des is offering to pay Mike’s air fare, but Mike assures him that money isn’t the thing that’s keeping him from going. Des says that it’s almost the end of the school year, so surely Mr. Muir will give him the time off. Mike snaps at Des, telling him to drop the subject as he isn’t going to change his mind. Kerry knocks at the door and tells Des about the magpie, but he explains that he already knew, as it attacked Melanie earlier. Kerry senses that there’s something wrong and Mike explains that situation with his mum. Kerry tells him that he has to go, as the smartest thing she ever did was to sort out her problems with her mother before she died. She tells him that if Barbara dies, he’ll be left with all the guilt and it’s just not worth it.

. . .

At Lassiter’s office, Paul is on the phone to the duty manager, explaining that he wants extra security on the hotel, bars, restaurant and safe tonight. He explains that he can go and get his car, as he had a spare key for it under the bonnet. Gloria overhears and says that she could have driven it home after all, if she’d known that. Paul starts mocking her, before apologising. She tells him that she’s arranged for the clients to meet Paul at 8pm at the restaurant and there’s a locksmith going to the house now. She offers to pay for having all of the locks changed, but Paul says that he’d rather not talk about it at the moment.

At number 26, Jim is videoing Helen and she asks him to stop. He then shows her how to use it and Bev and Rhys come out of the bedroom. Helen is still reluctant and as she starts filming, she apologises, saying that her hands are shaking and she can’t do it. She rushes off, saying that she has to water the garden.

. . .

Toby and Lochy appear from the backyard of number 32, and she’s refusing to wear her helmet. Toby warns her to be careful and she calls him a wimp, just as the magpie swoops down and attacks her, knocking her to the ground. Toby helps her up and she warns the magpie that she’s going to get it back for that.

At number 28, Mike tells Des that he phoned the hospital and his mum is still on the critical list. He says that he’s decided to go there and has booked a flight for the following day. Des suggests that maybe Mike’s presence will help Barbara to get better, but Mike isn’t convinced. He tells Des that he’ll be catching a cab to the airport in the morning. He then thanks Des for helping him through this.

. . .

. . .

Lochy is trying to get back at the magpie by throwing stones at it, but Toby warns her that she’ll just make it more angry. Helen spots her throwing stones, when the two kids suddenly run over the street to warn her about the bird. Helen tells Lochy that it’s cruel to throw stones at an animal like that and asks her to hand over the stones. Lochy is annoyed with Toby for not standing up to her and calls Helen a grumpy old bag before storming off.

At number 22, Paul pays the locksmith, who leaves, and Paul complains that he’s been cleaned out of all his cash. Gloria apologises, assuring him she’ll make it up to him, but Paul tells her he doesn’t want her to, he just think she should be more careful in the future. As she’s unpacking the grocery box, Gloria then finds the keys under the bananas and Paul is furious with her.

. . .

At number 32, Toby comes inside and tells Joe and Kerry that Lochy is climbing the tree outside to steal the magpie’s nest. Kerry is really worried, and goes outside to check on Lochy, whilst Joe follows her to get a good laugh.

. . .

Outside, Lochy is climbing up the tree when Kerry sees her and calls out her name. Lochy looks round then loses her balance and falls down onto the pavement…

Summary by Steve