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Magic Moments > 1990 > Dorothy's Arrival Episode 1153

Written by Unknown, Directed by Kendal Flanagan

Matt arranges some cushions on the lounge room floor and tells Lee that their first night together is going to be very special. She pulls away from him and tells him to leave her alone…

Lee apologises and says that she isn’t ready to sleep with Matt yet. He says that he would never do anything to hurt her, but they’ve been going out for months now and he doesn’t quite understand why she’s so scared of him. He says that he wants to be with her and she says that she does love him, but she isn’t sure what she wants. She explains that she’s only ever had one boyfriend before, and they didn’t sleep together. He assures her that he won’t pressure her into anything and they hug.

. . .

At number 24, Sharon is helping Ryan with his maths homework as Nick listens in. Sharon then says that it’s hard to believe that Ryan is Lochy’s brother. He thanks her for introducing him to Kirsten, who he’s going to take to the school dance. Nick comes and sits with them and says that he hasn’t decided who to take to the dance. Ryan suggests that Nick and Sharon go together, but Sharon says that she already has someone lined up and she storms out of the room, as a concerned Helen watches from the kitchen.

At number 26, Helen comes in the back door and tells Nick that, if he hurries, he’ll catch Sharon leaving for school. He goes and Helen sits down, commenting that it’s very quiet. Jim explains that Bev’s gone to work and Todd has gone to meet Josh, so he has the place to himself. He says that Todd and Bev are avoiding each other after she banned him from getting a trail bike. Helen says that Madge and Harold will be back soon and she hopes that there won’t be an atmosphere when she moves back. Nick then returns and says that he just noticed a curtain moving at number 30. Helen convinces Jim to contact the police.

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Melanie arrives, sent by Des, to talk to Gloria. Mel explains that everyone at Des’ meeting was very impressed with the lunch Gloria set out for them, especially for the price and they want her to do another one. Gloria is horrified, but Melanie quickly talks her into doing it and doesn’t give her a chance to say no before leaving her with the address.

At the garage, Jim asks Matt if he’s ready for trade school next week. Matt admits that he’s a bit down about Lee, and Jim then mentions that Nick saw a curtain move at number 30, but he checked it out and couldn’t find any evidence of a burglary. He says that he called the police anyway. Just then, a woman drives in and starts telling her car that one of them is going to have to go. She asks Jim if he can do anything with it and he says that it looks like it’s blown a cylinder. She asks if he’s clairvoyant, but he says that he could tell from the sound of the engine. He says that it might be a big job and she says that it’s a hire car, so they can take care of that, she just needs a patch up job to get her back on the road quickly. She suggests using a rubber band or a piece of string, then grabs her bag and leaves, saying that she’ll be back in half an hour.

. . .

. . .

At the Coffee Shop, Gloria and Lee are complaining at cross purposes – Gloria about the catering and Lee about finding somewhere new to live. Lee goes to phone one of the places in the paper, and Gloria goes outside and starts a similar conversation with Matt, as Gloria tells him to keep on trying. Matt thinks she’s talking about sleeping with Lee, but then realises she’s talking about finding somewhere to live. Lee has no luck with the paper and Gloria says that Lee will have to mind the shop so she can cook up the banquet for Des. Once Gloria is gone, Matt explains that Jim has contacted the police about number 30, so he’s going to have to go and collect their stuff. He’s worried that if they’re caught, Edie Chubb might have them charged with trespassing.

At number 26, Ryan is apologising to Nick for trying to set him up with Sharon. Nick says it’s fine and explains that he and Sharon were an item a long time ago, but they’re just mates now. He then tells Ryan that it’s him that Sharon likes. Ryan feels like an idiot for not realising and wonders if he should ask Sharon anyway. Nick thinks that it would only make matters worse and suggests that Ryan just ignore the situation and Sharon will eventually get over it.

. . .

Matt is walking up Ramsay Street when he notices Mel talking to a couple of cops outside number 30. He turns to leave but Mel calls him and runs over to say that there’ve been reports of burglars at the house. She asks what Matt’s doing there and he says that he just popped by in his lunch hour to check on the house. Mel leaves to get back to work and Matt looks over at the cops, worried.

At the Coffee Shop, Lee is clearing tables and she goes into the kitchen where Gloria is packing the food for her catering job. She says that she had to cut a few corners, so she used meat loaf instead of beef fillet, made a crème caramel from the packet and used onion instead of leek in the potato and leek soup. She asks if anyone at the shop has ordered the soup, and sends Lee out to get the woman’s opinion. It’s the woman from the garage, who says that the soup is inoffensive. When she finds out that Lee didn’t make it, she says that it’s awful and nothing like the soup she had in France and just orders a black coffee. Lee goes into the kitchen and tells Gloria that the customer thought it reminded her of her time in France. Gloria is thrilled and starts staring at the perplexed customer.

. . .

. . .

At number 24, Helen is doing the books when Sharon and Nick burst in. She’s furious with him for telling Ryan the truth, when Jim arrives with a letter for Nick, from London. He realises that it’s from the art scholarship selection committee and he asks Helen to open it. She tells him he’s been accepted and is on his way to London.

Later on, Sharon is showing Helen another dress that she might wear to the formal, and Helen encourages her to sit down and eat some dinner. She asks Sharon about this boy she’s supposedly taking to the formal and Sharon makes up a boy called Marc Devereux, who’s new to the school, then runs off to try a different dress.

. . .

At number 28, Gloria calls in to try and find out the opinion on the food she made. Des is working back late, but Melanie says that she spoke to him earlier. Gloria is convinced that they hated the food, but Mel says that it was all fine. She then admits that she got the order wrong and they just wanted sandwiches for their meeting. Gloria realises that she went to all that trouble for nothing.

At number 30, Matt and Lee are walking around with candles and are relieved that they’re stuff is still there. Matt thinks that they should take it and leave, but Lee doesn’t know where they’re going to go in the middle of the night. She suggests staying for another couple of nights – or Matt could go and stay with the Robinsons. Matt asks if she wants them to split up, but she says that she isn’t sure what she wants to do. Matt agrees to stay at number 30, but reminds Lee that they need to be careful.

. . .

At number 24, Ryan arrives to see if Sharon got home alright. Helen says that she isn’t back from the dance yet and Ryan says that she left hours ago. He explains that he doesn’t know a Marc at school and that Sharon arrived without a date. He tells Helen that he feels terrible about not realising the way Sharon felt. Helen says that he’s going to have to talk to her and he admits that he’s not looking forward to it.

Summary by Steve