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Magic Moments > 1990 > Pam's Arrival Episode 1261

Written by Don Battye, Directed by Chris Adshead

Melanie realises that Roger still has feelings for his ex-wife and ends their engagement…

At number 28, Melanie is upset about the break-up and has convinced herself that she’s never going to meet the right man. Matt tries to tell her that she will eventually, and that Roger just wasn’t the one and she was better to find that out now rather than after the wedding. She says that she feels so stupid and he agrees that she is, if she wastes her tears on someone like Roger. She tells him that her whole world has fallen apart and he just wouldn’t understand. He reminds her that he’s been through his own break-up recently, but he’s not going to be jumping off any bridges about it. She realises that he’s right and she’s going to be strong and independent from now on. Just then, Des comes in and says that he has some good news and some bad news. Melanie only wants the good news, so Des says that Doug Willis has bought the house. Melanie and Matt look shocked and Des goes on to explain that Doug wants to move in as soon as possible. Melanie is horrified, but Des assures both of them that they’ll have no problems finding somewhere else to live. Melanie runs off in tears to her room, saying that nobody cares about her any more. Matt explains to Des about Melanie dumping Roger and not coping very well with it, and Des points out that Mel always seems to need someone there to care for her, which then gives Matt an idea…

. . .

At number 26, Jim and Bev come in the front door, in the midst of an argument, as Helen is preparing dinner. Jim explains that Bev has taken it upon herself to invite the Willis family to dinner, but Bev explains that it’s only Doug and his wife and she invited them because they’ve bought number 28 and will soon be the new neighbours. Helen says that it’s fine and she’ll just have to thaw out some more chicken. Bev says that she won’t need much extra, as Todd is going to study at the Willis house with Cody. She then points out that Jim is annoyed about Doug coming over, after the disastrous camping trip, and Jim shouts from the lounge room that it’s only going to lead to trouble having Todd and Cody living next door to each other.

Matt is helping Madge and Gemma get their groceries out of a taxi and he’s explaining about how he and Melanie need to find somewhere else to live. Madge says that she hopes they won’t have to go far and she goes inside as Matt stops Gemma for a chat. He tells her that he’ll bring her tapes over later, but she tells him that there’s no rush. He says that he’ll be packing anyway, so he might as well sort things out. He then watches her with a smile as she goes inside.

. . .

At number 28, Des apologises to Melanie about the house and tells her how sorry he is that she split up with Roger. She says that she feels like a fool after everyone tried to warn her off Roger, but Des points out that they were just concerned to see her rushing into a marriage with a man she hardly knew. She realises that she just has to snap out of it and start thinking about herself more. Des tells her that she should only look for a relationship when it’s right for her. He points out all of the positive things in Melanie’s life – her looks, her friends, her job – and tells her that she has a lot to look forward to.

At number 26, Doug arrives and introduces his wife, Pam, to Jim and Bev. Pam is impressed with their tidy house, saying that their place looks like a bomb hit it. She thanks Bev for inviting them over, saying that she couldn’t find her own kitchen for all the mess. Bev and Jim go to get drinks and help Helen in the kitchen, who’s just burnt her finger and is having trouble making a sauce. Back in the lounge, Doug tells Pam that Cody reckons that Bev isn’t a very good cook. Pam is disappointed as she’s so hungry. In the kitchen, Helen starts cursing about the sauce, while Jim tells Bev not to mention the camping trip. In the lounge room, Doug tells Pam to make conversation about the fish they caught on the camping trip, but not to mention the kids. Bev sends Helen in to say hello to Pam and Doug, and she warns Jim that he better make some pleasant conversation tonight. Jim says that he’ll be trying to set some ground rules about the kids that they should be happy to go along with, if they’re reasonable people.

. . .

. . .

Later in the evening, everyone’s laughing at one of Doug’s terrible jokes and Pam says that she can’t take him anywhere and wishes she’d never picked him up in her cab all those years ago. Helen is intrigued mentioning that she has an interest in a hire car firm, and Bev wants to know the full story, but Pam says that maybe she’ll tell them when they know each other a little better. Pam mentions the camping trip and Jim quickly gets uncomfortable so he goes to get another beer for Doug. Whilst he’s gone, Bev mentions the kids, a subject which Pam and Doug aren’t too willing to discuss. Pam then asks Bev about her marriage to Jim and how they met, and Bev explains that she had to remove a shard of metal from Jim’s rear end after an engineering accident. They’re all laughing about, but Bev tells them not to say anything as Jim is rather sensitive. He’s confused as he comes back in and everyone is in fits of laughter.

. . .

At number 28, Matt has given Melanie one of the kittens that Joe found at the dump. Mel is delighted, but Des points out that it might make it harder for her to find a flat now. Melanie says that she wouldn’t want to live somewhere if they didn’t like animals, so she doesn’t care. She tells Matt how clever he is for finding her something to cuddle. Matt says that he should have kept one for himself, not that Gemma wants to cool things between them. Des tells him that women can be like that sometimes, and they sit and watch Melanie introduce the kitchen to her stuffed pig. Matt asks Mel what she’s going to call the kitchen and she’s decided on Clarabel. Matt points out that it’s a boy kitten, so Mel decided to call him Trev and Matt gives her another gift – some cat litter.

At number 24, Madge is baking a pie and complaining to Gemma about how Paul is expecting her to come up with entertainment for The Waterhole. Gemma mentions Matt, asking Madge if she thought that he seemed a bit unhappy earlier. Madge says that Matt always seems unhappy and that he has a bit of a James Dean complex. She then starts talking about Paul again, saying that any decent act she can find is going to cost three times what he’s willing to pay. She decides that she’ll just have to take up sword swallowing and book herself.

. . .

At number 26, over dinner, Pam compliments the wonderful dinner and Jim explains that Helen was the cook. Pam suddenly says that she thought it would be Bev and Doug glares at her. Pam quickly changes the subject and asks about Ramsay Street and the local council. Jim mentions that someone on the council tried to form a splinter group earlier in the year and everyone struggles to keep a straight face. Helen then mentions that it will be wonderful for Todd and Cody to be so close, but Jim disagrees. He reminds Helen of the problems they had with Scott and Charlene and says that it would be good to set some ground rules from the start. Pam and Doug are uncomfortable and he quickly changes the subject, asking Bev what sort of complaint he’d need to get her to make a house call.

At number 24, Matt arrives to return Gemma’s tapes, just as she and Madge are finishing dessert. He explains that he can’t stay as he’s looking for somewhere to live, and mentions that he’s thinking of moving from the suburbs closer to the city. Gemma tries to put him off the idea, but he has an argument for every potential problem. After he leaves, Gemma accuses him of being smug, but Madge says that he was perfectly pleasant and asks her if she’s regretting calling things off with him. Gemma assures her aunt that she isn’t and she couldn’t care less what Matt does from now on.

. . .

Back at number 26, Doug is still busy flirting with Bev and asking if she’s as good with her brain as she is with her hands. Pam asks Helen if she’s talented like that and Helen explains that she paints. Doug says that Pam tries to paint the house, but ends up painting all of the shrubs around it and she kicks him under the table. He tells Bev that he might need medical attention, but Pam calls him a sook and says that he complains even when he hits his hand with the hammer. Jim is surprised that Doug would make such a mistake but he says it’s only when he’s distracted, looking at Bev. Pam then tells a story about how Doug was once up on the roof fixing the guttering when he got up on the ridge and started serenading her, before falling off the other side and landing in the pool. Everyone except Jim laughs and Doug tells Bev that if the pool had been empty, he probably wouldn’t have been there that day. Jim doesn’t seem to bothered about that prospect.

At number 28, Mel is apologising to Matt and Des for being such a pain lately, whilst they play cards. Matt points out to her that she better have Trev housetrained by the time they move in together, but Mel announces that she doesn’t want to share any more. She tells Matt that she wants to be independent and come and go as she pleases.

. . .

. . .

At number 26, Doug and Bev are having a good laugh together, whilst Pam and Helen are chatting. Doug then drops his napkin and he and Bev both lean down to pick it up and end up holding hands. Jim shouts out that he’s had enough and tells Pam that he doesn’t know how she puts up with it, but he isn’t going to stand for Doug acting like some kind of loverboy. He says that Doug has been trying to undermine him for weeks and he’s had it.

Summary by Steve